Duane Schoon
Since 2009
Works in Sarasota United States of America

Moving light in front of the camera. Long exposures always looked like canvas's when I took them, they always seemed like something was missing. I first experimented with a sparkler on a 30 second exposure, I drew a Christmas tree in front of me, used it for cards that year, and they were well recieved.
Thats when the passion grew to experimenting with any different light that I could find, led lights, glowsticks, the light up pirate sword you get at the fair. I liked the way they were working, but I wanted more, so I bought undercar neon lights. I like them. Alot...
But soon enough, I wanted more. I soon discovered steel wool. Well, I didn't discover it, nor did I discover it in photography, I just discovered its uses in MY pictures. But anyway, Now I am searching for the next light in my arsenal. Always on the search