Dario Puccini
Works in New York, New York United States of America

I was born in Como, Italy.

The banks of Lake Como had and still have an emotional impact on my creativity as well as my life. As a teenager, the deep green color of the landscape surrounding the lake in summer, and the emerald color of its water piqued my curiosity and understanding of the language of colors. As autumn arrived with its transitional colors, I felt that life it should take me beyond the beauty of the lake. My life, indeed, unexpectedly changed course. In fact, I started traveling abroad. I lived for a while in England. But, the sound of the Mediterranean culture and its way of life was calling me. So I decided that Naples, Italy was my next move. Wow! Back to my own country an its "colorful" crazy way of life. A few years later, I moved to The United States where I proudly became a naturalized citizen.


A canvas is a limited space with unlimited potential. In other words, expressions can run freely on canvas, transcend language barriers and can be enjoyed for generations to come. Art is a shared sentiment..a shared movement..Looking at one of my paintings, you can envision a different world…a different self...a love for the universe. I regard colors as an engaging part of life, a wonderful journey into one's imagination.

Major movements that influenced my artistic life were, to mention a few: Impressionism, Abstract Expressionism, The Bauhaus School and The Italian Renaissance.

Art defeat ignorance ..