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Don Relyea graduated from the Meadows School of the Arts in 1992 where he was a print making major and a merit scholarship student. He also obtained an management of information systems degree from Cox School of Business. Upon graduation he jumped into the multimedia software industry producing video, games and interactive content for publishers and clients. In the multimedia industry he developed a love for programming graphics and now produces art in several media.

Relyea's tools are script editing windows and compilers. Relyea's background in traditional print making left him with a strong consideration for the process of image creation. Rather than creating algorithms as art in their own right, he strives to write algorithms that simulate the creative process. He breaks down the process of designing, enlarging, and rendering an image on paper or canvas and translates the processes into software.

Relyea's experience in music significantly influenced his art. He stumbled into generative art by accident while writing programs to generate live visuals for several of the bands he contributed to during the 90's. Relyea was using live generative visuals as early as 1998 for electronic projects Jump Rope Girls, Ropelab and Evilcomputergenius. Performances were marked by stacks of old telivisions and video projection displaying live mash ups of recent generative works by Relyea.
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Systemic Abstractors vs. Pubic Hair Particles

Systemic Abstractors vs. Pubic Hair Particles
I have been experimenting with the idea of conflict within a generative wor=
k. For a long time in my painting I had a tough time letting go of figurati=
ve elements, there was always a battle going on in my head and on the canva=
s or paper. I would push and pull the image this way and that until I got i=
t where I wanted it. Sometimes I never got the image where I wanted it. Wit=
h programmatic or generative art it is unusual to capture that essence of s=
truggle in a work. This is the beginning of an exploration of struggle with=
in a generative art work.

In systemic abstractors vs pubic realists I have set up a variety of progra=
m objects that battle on the image area for dominance in the image. There a=
re systemic abstractors which abstract what is being drawn by the pubic rea=
lists and other abstractors. There are other objects that erase. The pubic =
realists are based on the hair particle drawing routine I did earlier where=
hair grows into an image. The page includes small shockwave prototypes of =
the larger experiments.

The project page for Systemic Abstractors vs. Pubic Particles: http://donre=

Don Relyea


Big Hairy Bush -- Hair particle system drawing project updated

Hair particle system drawing project updated
Big Hairy Bush a generative portrait of President George Bush (big jpeg 330=
k) :

I went ahead and rendered a larger hair particle portrait of President Bush=
and created a project page for the hair particle system drawing project. Y=
ou need to zoom in on the Big Hairy Bush to see how truly creepy these hair=
particle images look. The page includes small shockwave prototypes of the =
larger experiments.

The project page for hair particle system drawing project : http://www.donr=

Don Relyea


WC68-69 Series Prints Generative Art

Exploration in Warm and Cool Colors WC68-69 series was created in a customi=
zed version of my space filling curve art generator.

The overall designs and color themes of this series were generated by a com=
puter program created in Director using lingo (keeping it old school) that =
is based on the Hilbert space filling curve algorithm.

Exploration in Warm and Cool Colors WC68-69 series

Space Filling Curve Art Generator


Re: Re: Re: New on

First off looks cool and I have book marked it for further r=

annie abrahams wrote:
> I am against blogs
> I am for lists

I am for both. In the context of encouraging discussion, Annie is right tho=
ugh, lists still win over blogs hands down. To me blogs and lists serve two=
different purposes. In my mind, blogs are for publishing thoughts and vari=
ous stuff like music, new projects and so on. My blog is sort of my persona=
l podium. Comments make blogs a little more interactive but its a pain to k=
eep up with the spammers. Lists seem more ripe for discussion. I think it =
is that way entirely because you have to make a conscious decision to go to=
a blog to experience it, with email lists the discussion lands in your ema=
il box.

Just a thought... it would probably not be too tough to make RAW discussio=
ns both. A moderator/super user could flag certain threads as "discussion" =
and a script could plop them into a blog format. Comments could then be sen=
t back to RAW. Then we would get the www search and syndicated benefits of=
blogs with the email delivery of lists. I guess it is already sort of this=
way with the searchable text objects and RAW post form. Hmmm.

Jim Andrews wrote:
> what are the urls of blogs you visit fairly often?

Chris Ashley's Blog

Tom Moody's Blog

Thinking About Art Blog

Wooster Collective (street art)

Generator Blog (fun generators)

Patently Silly (bizarre patents, very funny)

and of course my personal blog about art, my projects, my music and my kids=

Don Relyea=


Electric Monkeys Series

Electric Monkeys Series
The Electric Monkeys series was created in a customized version of my space=
filling curve art generator. It employs both fractal and generative proces=
ses in the creation of the images. This series marks a change in direction =
from complexity towards simplicity. Previous output was heading towards gre=
ater resolution and extreme complexity, so much so that output began to loo=
k like non repeating wallpaper. I realized I was totally overlooking the re=
ally nice things happening in these generative works at a smaller scale. So=
I decided to render out some very small space filling curve images with a =
greatly reduced subset of points. This small series turned out very nice an=
d I am pursuing this direction further. The series also makes a nice animat=

Series URL:


Don Relyea