“...wide horizons in looking for new ideas, symbols, techniques, to go on evolving in indefinite worlds, putting apart sure goals and what is important is changing learning static situations, where everything is, from prehistory up to the present, linked to the future, without limits and dimensions in a research of new relationships between forms and languages to open our mind. We have to feel alive on a planet where we want to forget our roots, meant as nationalism, elements of division but taken again as a global patrimony, and you can understand that everything is a way to express one's being, way of existing, in a continuous research of communication with other human beings with a free glance, in a direct relationship with reality, with life traces...” Domenico Olivero 1993

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Sat May 08, 2004 00:00 - Fri Apr 02, 2004

installation and new site for "Monjoie" of Domenico Olivero at the Fondazione Peano of Cuneo.

This installation takes inspiration from the alpine tradition of the Monjoie, small pyramids of stones that are created during a pilgrimage toward the mariani sanctuaries present on the alpine mountains, both to sign the way and as a votive form. The project is divided into two parts one in the outside park constituted by the sculptures that are inspired in the seven deadly sins, another one in the inside space constituted by a great installation devoted to the theological virtues. The whole project has been thought on purpose for this particular occasional exhibition. In this stage the artist faces his personal language, the relationship with faith and his own spiritual needs.

This exhibition is part of a project for the entire year of 2004 that will take place in the Cuneo area of Italy. It is a meditative crossing by the artist on the subject of being in a particular place, influenced by a particular cultural tradition, as in this case by his sub-Alpine province. These works will be created by including social and family elements seen directly by the artist towards the discovery of his original hypothesis. The new will project take on the all-inclusive name of "Resonance: the Art of Attention". This is the fifth project.

This project "Monjoie" will be done at "Fondazione Peano from 08 to 15/May/2004
in 47, Corso Francia in Cuneo. Vernissage at 06,30 p.m. - Saturday 08/05/04.

For further information contact tel: +39.0171.603649 cell: +39 328 21.595.21 @: art_resonance@hotmail.com

see new site for the photo: http://art.supereva.it/artresonance/

General program:
28/01-20/02/04 "" visual action near the Albume's space of Cuneo
12-26/02 "Source" urban intervention in the center of Cuneo.
06-20/03 "tivogliobenemakefatica" artistic action near local radio/tv.
15-30/04"27Aprile" installation near Plaid's space.
08-15/05"Monjoie" sculpture near Fondazione Peano
June "Pluch" performance in Contrada Mondovi.
July "Lippa" artistic simulation.
August "Antesna " environmental intervention.
September "There was always some dessert" sculptures.
October "Dispatches" apparent advertising.
November " Aktionen" show.
December "Ordito" project web.


net.art donation

ICC, Tokyo


Attn: Director of ICC, Tokyo

I am pleased to hereby transfer and assign to the ICC, Tokyo full<br>
interest in the following work of net.art:

Omaggio Gonzales Felix Torres - http://digilander.libero.it/omaggioGFT

By doing so I am granting all rights to display net.art in art
shows, online and offline, include net.art in cdroms, books and
flyers, as well as in phd theses and simillar academic documents.

During the time that these works of art are on display at
ICC, Tokyo, they should be credited as:

("Gift of domenico olivero").

I understand that final approval of this gift to ICC, Tokyo is
contingent upon acceptance by the ICC, Tokyo Board of Trustees.


domenico olivero

Net.art Consultants - (Acting agent)


which reality in this time?

Sat Feb 01, 2003 00:00 - Fri Jan 17, 2003

It is always more difficult, but perhaps impossible, to find the works that represent the reality, in a clear and univocal way.
That can give aesthetic substance to the world around us, to describe the universe where we live.
The tradition does not get forward a new meaning of today



Sat Feb 01, 2003 00:00 - Fri Jan 17, 2003

PassDoc (across/Through the time), Works of Domenico Olivero.

After the series of meetings performed in the different centers (25-29/04/02 Barcelona, 25-28/07/02 Berlin, 14-17/11/02 Ciudad de Mexico) I begin the development of the website. This virtual space was created following a series of proposals from the former meetings, with more than 350 persons. Visual action and dynamics, that exploit different techniques and shapes


Call for...Homage to Felix Gonzalez-Torres

Fri Dec 27, 2002 00:00 - Wed Dec 25, 2002

This project is born as a homage to Felix Gonzalez-Torres, a marvelous intimist artist. This re-creates one of his most well known projects, the photograph of his bed exhibited to the pedestrians on the streets of New York City, a project organized by Anne Unland in collaboration with MoMa, from May 16th to June 30th of 1992. It is my intention to take it as a starting point and re-create it on the world wide web, hoping to involve other persons and render it all as a work in progress. Such action would render homage to an artist I love, re-evaluate the role of the web which, the more it becomes real space that documents and renders live reality itself, the further it creates a dialogue between private and public space.

The artistic work will take as its starting point photographs contributed by the contestants which will be posted on the web for which, from 12/16/02 to 12/20/02, I have photographed my bedroom in the morning and have also inserted other photos taken from other public sites (see the list of sites below). I propose that all chance visitors send me photos of their in-the-morning beds so I can publish them starting on 12/20/02 at the appropriate websites.

All the material will then be gathered on a suitable website.

Note to the project participants:
The photos should not be larger than 50 kb or have contents that might be offensive to public morality. Participation in the project will be deemed as your acceptance for the future use of your submitted photos and for their use on other sites and for possible future showings on public sites. Further, your participation will be taken as your authorization for future photographic reproduction and/or use in other presentations by the artist, Dominco Olivero, for commercial or advertising materials. he photographs will be placed on the site with the name of the person who sent them; if you wish another form of acknowledgement please specify in your e-mail.
(traduction by William)

Mail omaggioGFT@libero.it

The project will be developed at these websites:

www.exibitart.com (forum)
www.undo.net (Carta Bianca)