Dirk Vekemans
Since 2005
Works in Kessel-Lo Belgium

born in 1962 in Lier, Belgium.
studied filology at Louvain, Belgium.

worked a lot in bars and restaurants before i became obsessivly addicted to producing stuff on computers.

i once won a design contest of cgi-magazine and they let me go to New York for four days, that was nice.

i think in terms of writing mostly (or programming, but those are very similar processes for me)

painting is a very different process and i'm very bad at it but i do it anyway because i like the differences it produces and i like the freshness of amateurism, i guess.

what i produce new media-wise is also very much influenced by my daily practice of webdesign and programming with its concerns of usability and the pragmatic approach it implies.

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Bob Gluck

Thanks to the latest issue of NEURAL (see http://english.neural.it ) i just
discovered some great (e-)music at http://www.electricsongs.com/ by
musician-educator Bob Gluck.

One of his max/msp-expanded instruments is an eShofar:

"The traditional shofar is an ancient instrument whose purpose is not
strictly musical. The shofar blast - in our day, mostly limited to the
Jewish High Holy Days - provides a call to reflection, an alarm, a wake-up
call ... Digital processing of the sounds allows one to listen 'inside' the
sound of the shofar. "
eShofar1 <http://www.electricsongs.com/eShofar/eshofar1_interface.html>
(2001 - 2005) is held by the right hand, enclosed within an I-Cube sensor
glove. Finger movements upon the body of the shofar thus control the
filtering and other sound processing, that is achieved by means of a custom
designed Max / MSP software interface.

eShofar2 <http://www.electricsongs.com/eShofar/eshofar2_interface.html>
(2005) uses complex algorithms to create a chaotic improvisational system
based on the live performed sounds of the shofar.

"The performer can toggle on an algorithm that tracks repeated notes
and perfect fifths, both common traditional shofar sound gestures, which
_may_ influence the system."
There's a great but tiny video of one of his performances in Vienna, i



some summer spamobilia

including a rather fascinating Self-Portrait of the Artist as a Cathedral
Bat (Using Jean-Baptiste Lully's Musick for Guidance in the Night), a 3+ mb
Flash 8 embedded video of sorts and some Ancient and Modern Quotes on our
Connectivity oder Vinculi

dv@ Neue Kathedrale des erotischen Elends

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RE: Fwd: dv and anke

forever falling night is a known Star and country to the legion of sleepers
whose tongue I toll To mourn his deluging Light through sea and soil And we
have come to know all places Dylan said i say places know me when i come and
his Soil is my Sea his Light is deluging him i will refuse to mourn or Toll
the Bells my Tongue will lick and click into the open mouth of sleepers i
know how many they are they are legio their countries fade into their
infinite their Stars twinkle they are no knight there are no knights
anywhere they have become exceedingly accomplished in the art of falling
falling forever i will pay my bills i will enact my laws i will have your
hands wanting me i will have your lips bitten with unbearable lust for me i
will swim in the tears of your eyes i will pour down on your earth from your
bladders i will be your night during day and during your night i will keep
you awake with an extremely rapid succesion of multi-dimensional splendour
none of you will ever be able to forget me your children will talk of me
because you refuse to talk to them about me i will be the dust of your world
shaping your world and your world will end now and forever falling night is
a known Star and

anke veld


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I know Anke.You're welcome.



2006/6/28, Anke Veld <anke_veld@yahoo.com>:



enlargement lyrique

d'un dust bien cuit well kinda done pour achever que sa chevelure
restera dedans pendant una minuta decisively son ame avec

por la una, principessa e causa di tutti

la s



dv@ Neue Kathedrale des erotischen Elends

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