Dirk Vekemans
Since 2005
Works in Kessel-Lo Belgium

born in 1962 in Lier, Belgium.
studied filology at Louvain, Belgium.

worked a lot in bars and restaurants before i became obsessivly addicted to producing stuff on computers.

i once won a design contest of cgi-magazine and they let me go to New York for four days, that was nice.

i think in terms of writing mostly (or programming, but those are very similar processes for me)

painting is a very different process and i'm very bad at it but i do it anyway because i like the differences it produces and i like the freshness of amateurism, i guess.

what i produce new media-wise is also very much influenced by my daily practice of webdesign and programming with its concerns of usability and the pragmatic approach it implies.

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hiding art's eggs


There's no doing in heidegg er oh

All his doing is extension of being

Which er is wrapping the fallacy

Around yet another illusionary
dimension the thing is the thing

Is the thing but its an interesting

Read yes he kinda shits pearls the

Dust of some stars/satyrbones

Getting stuck in the greasy parts

Over time equals the revelation
of art's eggs breeding under
art's wings taking another swing

At learning how to walk before

It can sing the air that's in there.


Boxing the Cathedral

Notes on boxing the Cathedral

To whom it might interest: all files used in the Neue Kathedrale des
erotischen Elends, my on-going search & build process mistakenly identified
as an art object in Rhizome's database


art is now in our namespace (Second Cathedral Spring Message, a bit early i know

but well er you know the climate-change and all, so I thought perhaps and

A terrible beauty untsoweiter (somebody pl. finish the title)

To Whom it May Concern:

BBB (beware be bought be ware) in ITS OLLY NAME!

My fellow netizens, there is a time to blabla untsoweiter (somebody pl.
finish the intro)

. so we finally decided this radical actions had become unavoidable.

Of course we blabla ( somebody pl. add some really nice French or Russian
quotes here to cover up the dictatorial move).

Art is now in the NKdeE namespace.

It's schema file is available at it's namespace
http://www.vilt.net/nkdee/data/art.xsd but this is for historical research
purposes only! Any use of the namespace is explicitly forbidden by its
author, dv @ the same ViLTNET.

Idem ditto for the example xml file, showing art's recursive ass-ence :
http://www.vilt.net/nkdee/data/art. <http://www.vilt.net/nkdee/data/art.xml>

It is told and Rumour Even Has It

. that art will be released on the Cathedral's tenth birthday
(that's 8 years from now, or Is IT Seven Already?!) However, Make NO Mistake
(somebody pl. add some serious warnings here to the effect that no
guarantees are given that the given period will suffice untsoweiter).

. that art will then be sold to the highest bidder and the profit of
the sale will, after tax deduction by the Belgian Government, go for 95 % to
the institute selling it (that 'll be Guanteme-Bay or U Suck TM by then, I
guess), 4,78 % to dv@vilt.net and the rest to the salvation of some
continent in need of salvation then, heck that might be North America or
good ol' Europe here by then. dv@vilt.net will then doubtlessly become the
richest email address ever!

. What's more: it doesn't even seem to care.

. The outrage will increase in size exponentially making Moore's
Book of Laws look like What Do They Look Like Anyway Except some statistical
crap with which you could proof that the size of your BEEP exceeds that of
anything known to BEEP (somebody pl. downgrade the use of offensive
language and ensure eternal SPAMBOT Approval - BBB in ITS OLLY NAME ENT IRE
LY) (huh?)

. Anybody using the word art in public will be liable for
persecution for breaking the laws of ( somebody pl. wrap up the legal crap
here, it should be very strict, so merely thinking about using the word in
public might already lose you your pants for the rest of your lifetime)

However we shouldn't always belief Rumour's keepings. (Somebody pl. finish
the extro. Use "Make NO Mistake " a lot, that seems to do rather well these

(End with some Ancient Balinese Saying on blondes I mean women possessing
the True Pincode for Procreation).

Thnxs Whom,
sea ya & BBB


(somebody pl. take care of the translations)

This is the end.



Re: Using Games to Collect Semantic Data

> -----Original Message-----
> From: owner-list@rhizome.org [mailto:owner-list@rhizome.org] On Behalf
> Of Vijay Pattisapu
> Sent: zondag 14 januari 2007 9:01
> To: Rhizome
> Subject: RHIZOME_RAW: Using Games to Collect Semantic Data
> Hi Rhizome
> Check out this cool 45 min talk on human computation:
> http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-
> 8246463980976635143&q=Google+EngEdu
> Vijay

OK, thanks, here's my entry:

"It's 51 minutes and the guy's name is Luis instead of Louise. He doesn't
want to talk about other languages because that would breech his NDA."

Human Computation alternatives/hints in the Cathedral:
Graphting @ http://www.vilt.net/nkdee/graphting.jsp
Cathedral Mobil Avea @ http://www.vilt.net/nkdee/kn2.jsp
Some Issues @ http://www.vilt.net/nkdee/kids.jsp
An ufcurse ze cathedral itself is algorised @ ze east gate

How many points would that be in the artgame?

dv @ Neue Kathedrale des erotischen Elends


Public Orange Ltd

These last days, and rather in spite of myself being extremely busy with the
acquisition of Christmas presents for My Family (for the total sum of i
think one or two African Villages, - indeed, i gather that any of these days
now we, the Belgian Population, with what we spent on congratulating each
other untsoweiter) and All, i have been noticing the following:

"The service of Ars Publica has been discontinued for obvious reasons."

"Confessions of a net artist"
http://noemata.net/confessions/index.html (

Apparantly, there's a book too: ISBN
<http://www.google.com/search?&q=ISBN+82%2D92428%2D22%2D4> 82-92428-22-4

This has nothing to do with the recent tragic loss of the word ingetinge.
The late ingetinge was a Swedish word in Our Vocabulary, all of this seems
to be Norwegian in Origin.

Thank you,

dv @ Neue Kathedrale des erotischen Elends