Dirk Vekemans
Since 2005
Works in Kessel-Lo Belgium

born in 1962 in Lier, Belgium.
studied filology at Louvain, Belgium.

worked a lot in bars and restaurants before i became obsessivly addicted to producing stuff on computers.

i once won a design contest of cgi-magazine and they let me go to New York for four days, that was nice.

i think in terms of writing mostly (or programming, but those are very similar processes for me)

painting is a very different process and i'm very bad at it but i do it anyway because i like the differences it produces and i like the freshness of amateurism, i guess.

what i produce new media-wise is also very much influenced by my daily practice of webdesign and programming with its concerns of usability and the pragmatic approach it implies.

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se san aa scho wea: Cathedral in need of Mass-Amputated Group Member Replacements

Dear Noisetext group members and members of this list wherever thou art or

well er since it er seems the noisetext yahoogroup apparantly ceased to be
overnight the er noisetext yahoogroup ( i really don't know why - i kinda
liked it - but as they say when these things happen for no reason known to
us, we might just as well mind our own business) i had to change the feed in
the Cathedral file http://www.vilt.net/nkdee/bjornbirth.jsp to the nietes
group also a yahoogroup but that one still being a yahoogroup, so to fill
the gap i mean but you see er the problem is there's only 3 members in that
group because well it was meant to be Dutch you know it appears the people
over here don't go wild for noise or perhaps it's my nagging that scares 'm
soit that way but of those three one is me and the only one posting there
actually so now it just looks kinda silly so if anyone feels like writing
noisetext or whatever you could join that group i made it a Finance group to
at least make sure i was in business somehow
http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/nietes/ Well you see even the
description is a Dutch annoyance (see below- it was crafted in the
anti-plagiaristic plagiarism that was considered highly neo-dada or
something at the time, but now it just reads as a tribute to Lanny Quarles
like it was always supposed to), but i figure that doesn't matter all too
much and anyway I wouldn't be making this call if it wasn't that the
Cathedral needs the feed somehow it was a kinda indispensible part of Plan
4351c of Cathedral Action 87XX2.1-5cf, no please don't ask what that was
about, i wouldn't know, as you will remember or should know i'm only
building the Thing

Gd Evenink

Ps: Oh the "se san aa scho wea" is in fact a quote from a poem by Hans Carl
Artmann entitled "A keneg fon Egibtn", i'm into thaHct artmann now cause he
wrote this on tulips in that text:

ist im stande
eine gaslaterne
mit einer tulpe
zu erschlagen -
er ist ein meister
der unglaublichsten



Deze groep bestudeert en promoot de (anti)poetica van de ruis, het
pseudo-lyrische, de literaire phantasmagorieen van boven-, onder- en
middenaardse Betreders van de N-de weg, e-mail kunst,
postkaartenkunst,po-emen,proto-emen, zinzemen, psychelica roestend in de
modder van Polders, het absurde, het tegendraadse, de radicale
democratisering van de tyrannie der alledaagsheid, de gravende visuele
uithoekstimulatoren van uitgebroede extremiteiten, het droeve verachten van
kunst, het stunken, de nihilistische productie, de anti-productie van nul,
het vernissen van waterverfschilderijen, het goed-slechtschrijven als
metier, het slecht-goedschrijven als ambacht, het cyclische van
computerscripting, het scripten van literatuur, het lineaire verhaal van
Ultra Kortegolfradioruis, het geparodieerde parodisme, het betrapte
plagiaat,het digitale schrift op de rand waar u afvalt, opkruipt of het mes
dat u splitst, de taal die u bloedt, het geslacht dat u aanricht, dat wwar u
nu aan denkt, de inval die uitvalt, het haar op zijn fijnst kaarsrecht in
het vet van de toekomst die al twintig keer onder uw raam passeerde zonder
dat u het merkte, het pureren van uw mannelijkheid, het ontvreemden van uw
vrouwelijkheid, het verdichten van uw machinaliteit, het versterken van uw
soberheid, de inbreng naast uw kruisje, het getal op uw huisje.

Neologismuslimitis ad infinitam.
Flarf voor post-flarfists
balorigheden der gemaskerde ondoden

kennis voor beginnende godsprogramma's
internetbewustzijn voor vensters
gemailde romans, gepingde emanaties, verdraaide waarheden


Wrapping it up for new people who might think this actually means anything:
if you enjoyed making your text or having your computer make it for you, be
sure to dump IT here.
Otherwise please do get into a discussion on art or carrots or something


Re: _f[unction]ormation_

> -----Oorspronkelijk bericht-----
> Van: owner-list@rhizome.org [mailto:owner-list@rhizome.org]
> Namens _vvire.us_
> Verzonden: zaterdag 17 juni 2006 23:13
> Aan: list@rhizome.org; syndicate@anart.no; thingist@bbs.thing.net
> Onderwerp: RHIZOME_RAW: _f[unction]ormation_
> -
> ____________________________________
> _f[unction]ormation_ 05:09am 15/06/2006
> ____________________________________
> 1._ben.zine.[ea]r[s]inging_
> _notational.revolvings.in.relation.2.possible.AI.f[unction]ormation_
> _if_
> variables =
> :charge separation radial ElectroMagneticPulsing
> [conceptually reversing accepta(pro)b(ab)ilites (polarities)]
> :swarm.m.pulse.functioning [as applied 2 AI
> neural.network.functioning or
> fun(gible)damental.dis(tance.e)ruption.of.swarm.manifestations]
> _then_
> conceptual.re.alignment.made.actual.via.n.tegrative.notions.of
> .trace//g_host.memory.m.plementing.in.AI.core.systems.
> [ie shifting
> idealisations.from.androidal>n.sectile>phylogenetic.m.magery]
> 2._pulse.netw[are//]or.king_
> BMP = biomagnetic.pulse
> _if_
> :harnessing.of.bio(or
> non_spiked)magnetic.output.results.in.shifting.2wards.radial.e
> _then_
> spike.reduction+.conceptual.rewiring.of.reverse.wave.status+ut
> ilisation.of.swarm.function.thru.plastic.mani(pulation)festations
> --
> >non-neural.net.concept.reliance +
> shift.in[g].worn.control.paradigm[s]
> >requires.concept//discovery.chunking.reworking.at.base.educat
> ional.lvls
> [c: _m/pending.notational.educational.movements]

Sorry for the snapping of the upper beauty, mez, but the next thing kinda
caught my eye.

So where's the open-source, un-spiked version of Sims when you need it, you
I like the "spike" thingk-term, it nails it down differently than the usual
hum. Lotsa folks goin around lately saying there's no such thing as unspiked
though. But if you try 'n drive a nail into that folksonomy sotospeak, it
turns into wishfullamale's thinking like mercury quickly, but then the
mercury gets to be the main product and the man that out-blobs it, manager
of the year, so it's unbeatably true all of a sudden.

So perhaps someone knows? Do You? Where's the open-source un-spiked version
of Sims?

Otherwise, more w/ regard to the harnessing-pulse thing, i was thinking
today its much too late but anyway what would happen if one was to make a
rather almost ready-made app that at init would re-post a few thousand
pseudo-random blog-entries each day but in reverse order, starting from a
few prefixed splitting dates with a , say three month buffer each side of
the timeline, creating a sorta measure unit, once it's running you could
track its(o)warm function, fold in the 'real'time posts untsoweiter perhaps
some rather risky sound could come out of it resembling a wholatta people
jumping up and down on a bridge with their radio's on.

Sea nder r[e][charg][en]able [d]arc-hives,


RE: dear dv

Good eveningk, good morningk, good inkgingk all,

one of the ideas i am playing around with today is of "establishing"
material links to my Cathedral. A mail address i have been writing to gave
me the idea. It isn't a real idea , it's just a collection of things or
words i noticed floating around lately.

As you now know, or should know by now, my Cathedral is something trying to
define itself in lots of ways, one of which is an Absent Cathedral located
at http://www.vilt.net/nkdee ( some folk insist on calling it virtual, i
prefer the term Absent) although it is difficult to maintain a URL is an
actual location so it is perhaps better to assume the exact location of my
Cathedral is in Kessel-lo, a small suburban area near Louvain in Belgium,

Well, er, ahum, i'm just making this up as i type but some places on the
earth globe would be kinda overcoded by the Cathedral, petitions would be
send to local authorities to recognise the place as being part of the
Globally Absent Cathedral, meaning that the area described precisely would
become officially Nomansland, not belonging to humans any more.

The only activity allowed within Nomansland is Garbage Collecting and
Processing, but since humans are not allowed within the designated area
everything would have to be automated. The Country where this Chosen Spot is
situated should publically renounce all legal claims to the exactly
described territory.Since there is no way in telling what the actual
Cathedral might look like or become or behave, no garantuees could be
offered so the only thing in return the Country in question would receive is
a Pledge of Good Faith from all of us, the humans of this planet.I'll see
what i can do to translate the words "We, the humans on planet Earth Pledge
to [the Country, goverment of] that we believe the hereby initialised but
Absent Cathedral has no intention whatsoever to harm or hurt your people in
any way. Instead we think initialising this Cathedral will be benificial for
everyone living in your Country". I would personally prefer to choose places
where the standard of living is miserable to pretty low because these places
tend to be more in need of Cathedrals then the affluent regions of our
globe. Naturally there is no-one in Charge of the Cathedral, how on earth
could you run a thing that isn't there.

Within such area something we would now call a a server center would be
established that would offer, in return for electricity and a T1 cable
connection, free access to all Garbage Processing Facilities (GPF) for all
people living within a 100 km range of the Zone (GBF might be software
running in web-interface mode, i don't know the thing will have to further
define itself, i imagine it having a lot to do with what now is called Open
Source Software, Free Art Licenced code, we'll have to see about that, i
guess it will involve a lot of that ai stuff too).
Please not that the Cathedral Zones like my Cathedral as mentioned above,
would require no religious or political interpretation but of course one
cannot forbid anybody to interpret anything the way they want. Heck i've
heard people describing my Absence as Art too, as if anybody would ever pay
to see it while everybody knows It's not there. Soit. as you know most of
the problems concerning Open source and Free stuff is that they tend to end
up being very Closed and Expensive or Unsuitable for Local needs, so perhaps
if you provide some initial pseudo magical, auratical or
whateveryoucallthelack material bonding or tangible vinculum to the thing it
might head off in a more Rapid Deployement Mode, which er, with all the
tycoons and stuff i think might be a NotSoBadIdea.

Anyway, people wanting to access the GPF from further away would have to pay
per visit to the authorities of the Country where the Cathedral is situated
in a ratio decided on the difference between the local connection cost and
the BP of the country they live in on the one hand and the local connection
cost/BP of the Hosting Country on the other hand.

In order to establish the Zones, we would need to follow this order or
sequence of events strictly ( i know this from experience, you can bs around
as much as you like but you need to get the protocol right from the start. I
call this the Cathedral Initialisation Protocol but you can call it the
Great Mickey Mouse Ticker Parade for all i care) :

- someone living in an area remote from Kessel-lo (that's where i live, here
in Belgium) would choose a small piece of land that nobody seems to want.
The area need not be greater than 50 or 100 m


Re:Re:Re:Do:RArara plusquam satis est melomelo poipoipoi



if i repeat the subject it won't pass the anti-spam things again but heck i'm not a purist so this time let's call it a clean version of if i don't r


"Two days later, Mergil found the birds he had frightened with his cry for
enlightenment. He attempted to feed the birds, but his hands were still
severely burned from his encounter with Avis. Despite the pain, he
continued. But the birds remembered Mergil, and repeatedly backed away.
"Stand still you friggin' birds!" Yelled Mergil. In response the birds took
to flight, and left Mergil with a white head-covering. Mergil touched his
finger to his head, and felt the moisture. He touched his head again, and
watched a droplet of white goo drip down his arm, and with this he was
[east requested @ Sun Jun 4 21:07:53 GMT+0200 2006 by xx.30.129.146]
"Something similar happened to me yesterday while watching Dirty Pretty
Things, a Stephen Frears movie"

[21022006 requested @ Sun Jun 4 21:00:08 GMT+0200 2006 by xx.142.249.28]

"The latin stuff is actually a very nice poem by Giordano Bruno, someone
told me Coleridge keeps it in his literary remains

[nolo requested @ Mon Jun 5 00:49:53 GMT+0200 2006 by xx.18.204.95

Daedalias vacuis plumas nectere humeris
Concupiant alii, aut vi suspendi nubium;
Alis ventorumve appetant remigium,
Aut orbitae flammantis raptari alveo,
Bellerophontisve alitem;
Avi Pyndum subdere Olympo atque Ossae studeant,
Vel (melius) peregrino advectos spiritu
Fieri irrisoris instrumentum daemonis,
Ut perdito de corpore mirabilis
Dent specimen suppositi.
Nos vero illo donati sumus Genio,
(Ut fatum intrepidi, obiectasque umbras cernimus),
Ne coeci ad lumen solis, ad perspicuas
Naturae voces surdi, ad Divum munera
Ingrato adsimus pectore.
Non curamus stultorum quid opinio
De nobis ferat, aut queis dignetur sedibus:
Alis ascendimus sursum melioribus,
Quid nubes ultra, ventorum ultra est semitas,
Vidimus quantum satis est.
Illuc conscendent plurimi, nobis ducibus,
Per scalam proprio erectam et firmam in pectore,
Quam Deus, et vegeti sors dabit ingenii,
Non mens, pluma, ignis, ventus, nubes, spiritus,
Divinantum phantasmata.
Non sensus vegetans, non me ratio arguet,
Non indoles exculti clara ingenii;
Sed perfidi sycophantae supercilium
Absque lance, statera, trutina, oculo,
Miraclum armati segete.
Versificantis grammatistae encomium,
Buglossae graecissantum et epistolia
Lectorem libri solutantum a limine,
Latrantum adversum Zoilos, Momos, Mastiges,
Hinc absint testimonia.
Procedat nudus, quem non ornant nebulae,
Sol; non conveniunt quadrupedum phalerae
Humano dorso. Porro veri species
Quaesita, inventa, et patefacta me efferat;
Et si nullus intellegat,
Si cum natura sapio et sub numine,
Id vere plusquam satis est

I'm out of faith, so i call this an act, activity, handeling, business,
the usual, the lighting of candles, the burning of incense, the words
whispered to my beloved when she is not there, a dance in the dark, a
movement without unity gaining unity through the energy of denial, a fall
upward, a jump downward, a fertility ride home, a slamming of doors, a small
step for mankind, a toreador's lash at an imagined chora, a blink of an eye
before it gets lacerated, a veterinarians reach for a bowel obstruction, a
sacred scapegoat, a parrot crying mummy you made me, the curse of the
monkey, the return of the curse of the monkey, the monkey's wrath, another
view of anthony perkins scraping a piece of my encephalic matter while the
vintage port is still burning it, the noise of a bird trapped in a room full
of people discussing art but not that noise, it's another noise, it's just
the noise, not the bird, not the people, not being trapped, just the noise
because what you are thinking of right now is not the noise of a bird
trapped in a room full of people discussing art because you believe you can
hear the noise of a bird trapped in a room full of people discussing art
because i make you read about the noise of a bird trapped in a room full of
people discussing art and you relate that to me but i'm out of faith, i was
only thinking of the noise while i was typing this you see i nearly got it
now but s*** there's o f*** it it's no use, giacometti knew, bruno knew no
matter how fast you burn you're still a shadow chasing your own shadow when
it gets real you don't feel a thing death is always the same if you're
afraid you have never been out of faith you're still hearing wings clapping
you still see hands waving girls talking earthquakes devastating the cities
you lost your virginity in or the deluge of your mother's breast or your
malehood falling off you can't be afraid of death if you're out of faith or
you wouldn't act, you wouldn't indulge in all this activity, this handeling,
this business, the usual heat going through your near lame limbs, the
shivering in your aching spine, the business of complaining how your back
aches, how miserable your family is, how lonely you are, how much you want
to cry when you hear her coming again, how easy it is for you to imagine
your hands are young again, how easy you can come up with something like a
very particular noise and still pretend it's something entirely different
while in fact you only want to hear that noise but it's never coming
probably because it was there, here all the time and if nobody understands
well it's enough that it is true to be true, you don't need it, nobody
needs you to be telling anybody they need it except that if you stop
pretending you are making the actual noise you're not making the required
noise any more and nobody can do that, you see, nobody in the frigging world
can ever stop doing that because it takes faith to be doing that and nobody
has any cause if you had you wouldn't be doing this, nobody would, so
everybody always makes the exact amount of required noise at the exact
moment it is required that is why you are reading this crap anyway you see
once you're in it you can only imagine getting out of it but having an
inside does not necessarily include having an outside, so sure i'm pulling
your leg who the f* do you think i am anyway? damn you, here i'll give you
something to look out to anyway, i'll give you an ending see here you go enj