Dimitrios Fotiou
Since 2004
Works in Athens Greece

Dimitris Fotiou was
Born in Ioannina, Greece in 1970, he studied Sculpture at the School of Fine Arts in Athens (1994-2000). He was awarded a scholarship by the State Scholarship Foundation (IKY) and in 2001 he completed his postgraduate studies in Contemporary Sculpture at
the Wimbledon School of Arts, London.
He engaged in life sculpture and projects which focus on communication through forms and shapes and aim to act as an internal language. He did research for video installations in relation to monuments and people who are heard in public today and he has produced work using video projections onto objects, casts and environments.
In his recent projects he aims is to combine sculpture and web technology. He produces digital work in combination to fine art concepts and practice. The result may take place either on the web or in the real space.
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