Marco Mancuso
Since 2005
Works in Milan Italy

Marco Mancuso is a critic and curator in the field of Digital Technologies applied to Arts, Design and Contemporary Culture. Founder and Editor-In-Chief at Digicult and Digimag Journal (part of The Leonardo Affiliate Program), he teaches “Multimedia Arts Theory” at MAIND Interaction Design Master at SUPSI in Lugano, "Web 2.0 & Media Art Management" at NABA Academy in Milan, “Digital Publishing for the Arts” at Academy of Fine Art in Bergamo and is visiting professor at Transmedia-Postgraduate Program in Arts+Media+Design in Brussels.

With the Digicult Agency he curated and co-curated a number of exhibitions, round-tables, meetings and events including Mixed Media (Milan, 2006), Screen Music (Florence, 2006-2007), Otolab ‘op7’ (Bergamo, 2008), Graffiti Research Lab (Rome, 2008), Sincronie Festival (Milan, 2008-2009), Thorsten Fleisch Retrospective (Milan, 2009), The Mediagate (Lodz, 2010), he presented his screenings and productions at art and cultural events, including Dissonanze (Rome, 2006), Cimatics (Brussels, 2008), Strp (Eindhoven, 2008), Sonic Acts (Amsterdam, 2009), Nemo (Paris, 2009), Elektra (Montreal, 2010), Subtle Technologies (Toronto, 2011) and lectured - among others - at Market for Digital Arts/Elektra (Montreal 2008), Fabrica Workshops (Treviso, 2009), Laptop’r’s (Madrid, 2010), Subtle Technologies (Toronto, 2011) and Isea (Istanbul, 2012).

A short list of festivals and partners he has worked with from 2005 as curator or consultant inludes the following events: Elektra, Forum d’Avignon, Sonic Acts, Sonar, Transmedia, STRP, Todaysart, Fabrica, SUPSI, Direct Digital Exhibition, Laptops’R’Us, IUAV University, Share Festival, Otolab, Kernel, Traffic Gallery, Open World Forum, FAI Fondo Ambiente Italiano, Muv Festival, Cimatics, Audiovisiva Festival, Virtueel Platform, Toolkit, Musiques & Cultures Digitales, SEA Aeroporti Milano, CYLAND, Smart Urban Stage, Mixed Media, Festival della Creatività, Optronica Festival, Enzimi, NABA, Celeste Prize, IED, Les Rencontres Audiovisuelles, Elita, Galeria NT/Imaginarium, Sincronie, Subtle Technologies, Connecting Cultures, Signal, Creativity Day, Tecarteco, Dissonanze, Illustrative, Zero1 Biennal...

Marco Mancuso has been expertising from years on wider subjects like open communication, social networking and digital publishing and is now studying new economical Internet models for art and culture: with the project “Fracty: Trasformazioni Affini”, he theorized an online platform creating open and p2p professional links between investors, public and private, from the scientific-technological field, professionals and students in the field of technologies applied to art, design and contemporary culture. He recently developed the “Digicult Editions” open-publishing online service.

Lecturing internationally and writing critical texts for media art publications and catalogues, articles, interviews and essays for Digicult, Marco Mancuso curated for MCD-Musiques et Cultures Digitales the publication “The Open Future” - Issue 63 in 2012 and the carde-blanche “Art Industries” - Issue 74 in 2014. He was included in the publication Cultural Blogging in Europe by in 2010.
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Digicult Agency - Audiovisual Art, Performance and Design

Wed Oct 24, 2012 17:20 - Tue Dec 31, 2019

Digicult presents:


Artists: Kimchi & Chips, Mylicon/En, Motomichi Nakamura, Otolab, Squidsoup, Teatrino Elettrico, Telcosystems, Lucas Werthein

The Digicult Agency is back!!!

The Digicult Agency was born in the summer 2008 as a Digicult side project. Today it ovelooks the digital art and culture market with a wide spectrum of artists, performers and designers creating audiovisual immersive systems (performances and installations) focused on the relationship among sound, visual and space. The Digicult Agency wants to promote original work by selected contemporary artists, encouraging their activities via this online platforms, art festivals participations, cultural events invitations, art fairs and selected exhibitions.

Digicult Agency supports and encourages new artistic productions and collaborations between artists and experts. Supporting research, innovation and the ongoing distribution of our productions, Digicult Agency aims to make a significant contribution to the development of new ways of making, presenting and experiencing contemporary and digital art.

Working as an agency, Digicult promotes and organizes the work of these artists, presenting their art pieces within some important festivals, galleries, exhibition, events and cultural centers in Europe and worldwide. The cross-artform projects that Digicult promotes, are characterised by powerful new ideas, high production values and technical innovation on the border among Live Media concerts, Live Cinema experiments, Audiovisual Environmental Installations and Screenings. Often these qualities result from the unique nature of Digicult’s collaboration with the artists, developing their projects over extended periods of time.

For more informations please contact
Miss Lorena Parada:


The Digicult Agency develops various projects for festivals, galleries, events and cultural centers in Europe and worldwide. Encompassing exhibitions, concerts, performances, films, public art works, publications, Digicult’s Agency programs are presented in collaboration with major/renowned digital art, art-science, audiovisual and music festivals and events worldwide.

Productions and promotions are developed through close and often long-term relationships with some of today’s most interesting artists, theorists, curators, critics, researchers and are supported through a wide range of technical, scientific and artistic collaborations that Digicult Agency facilitates.

The professional people that represent the Digicult Network of journalists, curators, artists, theorists, practitioners and critics, are also involved in the theoretical and practical seminars and classes, lectures and round tables in cultural events, festivals but also universities, academies and art/design schools worldwide.

Thanks to all these collaborations, Digicult Agency has been also having the possibility to develop both commissioned curatorships and also its own specific cultural and artistic projects, that become like formats that were replied in many festivals and exhibitions and become an example of Digicult Agency eclectic curatorial activity.

Digicult Agency acts as a bridge between artists, practitioners and organisations within the business and cultural sector. We have respectable experience in commissioning works and projects for both the art sector and in the creative business, count with the expertise knowledge of academic researchers interested in the field of Audiovisual, Digital Art and Design and more than everything, we love digital culture. We work on different levels with our partners, according to their individual needs and visions on shared practices, aesthetic experimentations, technological researches and applied sciences.

If you are following a concrete theme for an upcoming event, we can help you to find experts who are dealing with the topic of your interest or your institution opts to organize an exhibition involving digital/media art. We can link you with an expert on media art/experienced media art curator. We develop different kind of event/project/exhibition/talk/seminar/workshops that can be included in your event that will certainly attract: more audiences, match your theme, give international visibility, bring in well established artists/practitioners/researchers/curators and add.


Kimchi & Chips - Lit Tree

A conversation between tree and people through 3D light patterns using the tree’s leaves as voxels. The tree invites viewers with a choreographed cloud of light that can respond visitors motion. As visitors approach, they can explore the immediate and cryptic nature of this reaction.

Mylcon/En - Dark Star

One single location, crazy special effect and 4 actors for a peculiar travel into deep space and a reflection on the relation between man and thecnologies. Mylicon/en likes to play on the same coordinates: deep space and concrete landscape depicted by “hand made” effects.

Motomichi Nakamura

His characters seem to represent the perfect union of opposing forces like good and evil, darkness and light. Using only black, red and white graphic elements, jolts of razor sharp editing, combined with a minimalist approach to design Motomichi yields maximum impact. With these elements he creates powerful visual statements about the world we live in.

Otolab - Bleeding

A synaesthetic and synchronic live performance. It is based on the phenomena of retinal persistence and uses sound up to 400 bpm. Bleeding uses two screens, one of which is painted with phosphorescent pigments.

Teatrino Elettrico - Work!

Little machine made of home electric appliance parts, little speakers, cathodic tubes, audio and video signal mixed togheter. Sick and anti-economical circuit light-on a mini-landscape populated of strange characters. Result is a raw and rough ambient of analogic origin.

Squidsoup - Scapes

Tuned software and specifically designed sounds are used to generate a series of abstract landscapes visualised on a bespoke room-sized 3D grid of lights controlled in real time. As the sounds are played through speakers and picked up with microphones.

Telcosystems - Thrift / Semaphore

Complex decisive processes activated by machines, both in live performances and installations, based on the collective behavior of used systems, for a new form of audiovisual production, perhaps for the first time ever in this area it is much closer to the language of films, video or sound.

Lucas Werthein - Boom Shakalaka

A a game and installation allowing visitors to engage with a game using physical interfaces. A machine that has a life of its own, but can be manipulated and altered as people begin to play and exert their actions into the fantasy world


Digicult Membership - Find out Benefits

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Digicult Presents:

Find out the Benefits

Digicult is a project totally free since 2005. As many who have known us in the past years, Digicult is an ambitious project, offering a complete and dynamic critical, informational and communication online service, and requiring a daily and constant commitment. Without any help from institutions or private investors, Digicult is in constant need of support from the members of its community, its readership and its fans.

Digicult membership will allow you to deepen your knowledge of new media art and connect you more closely to the field. Membership comes with tools and resources as well as the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve lent a great measure of support to an indipendent organization.


- Digimag Pdf past issues archive (from issue 51 until issue 72)


- Digimag Pdf past issues archive (from issue 51 until issue 72)
- Monthly membership to the new magazine and journal Digimag (e-book format). For more informations, visit our online store and the new online library


- Digimag Pdf past issues archive (from issue 51 until issue 72)
- Monthly membership to the new magazine and journal Digimag (e-book format). For more informations, visit our online store and the new online library
- Lessons (Pdf format) archive + artists critical index from the class “Digital Art, Design & Culture: the Digicult critical overview”
- Updates regarding professional calls sent to Digicult on a regularly basis
- Pass and discounts to festivals, museums and institutions that have established partnership with Digicult

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Since 2005, Digicult has been a cultural platform that examines the impact of digital technologies and sciences on art, design, culture and contemporary society.

As many who have known us in the past years, Digicult is an ambitious project, offering a complete and dynamic critical, informational and communication online service, and requiring a daily and constant commitment. Without any help from institutions or private investors, Digicult is in constant need of support from the members of its community, its readership and its fans.

We need a concrete help that will assist us in facing administration expenses and the daily labour required to take care of our future, our successive steps, the projects to come. Our aim is to offer to you an increasingly exciting platform and an instrument of analysis and research progressively more effective and up-to-date.

Make a contribution to help us reach our 5,000 Euro goal, which is essential to cover all the expenses we have had to develop the new platform and services, and to support also our operation over the next year!

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What is the Campaign for

Nowadays, Digicult is based on the active participation of over 50 professionals that represent an national and international wide Network of journalists, critics, curators, artists, theorists, and professionals. Digicult is a Cultural Association in the field of contemporary creativity and cultural avant-gardes, dedicated to the research at the crossroad between technologies, sciences and tactical use of media.

Digicult has just initiated the development of a new sustainable economy based on web 2.0 and networking strategies, operating independently and autonomously from any form of institutional or private support. To reach this target, in the last 6 months we have developed a brand new online platform, for a deeper online navigation experience within all our contents. More than 2000 articles produced in recent years by Digicult, are collected in its archive section and ex former Digimag part of the website ( interviews to the protagonists of the arts scene, reports from the most significant events and critical and theoretical in-depth articles related to the impact of digital technologies on the arts, design and contemporary society.

And, this is not the only news! We have also worked increasing our inner structure: a new Board is now working side by side with the Editorial Staff (, managing and developing web portal contents , the new Digimag Journal ( critical subjects and the daily newspaper (

Parallely, we have launched the last branch of the Digicult world: the Digicult Publishing whose goal is to be more active in the publication of the Digimag magazine, critical and theoretical essays, university theses, publications edited in collaboration with other publishers, artists' books as well as peer-reviewed publications. In our online store, developed together with Flows (, you will be able to buy our past and future issues of Digimag in e-book format. In the new online library, developed through Issuu online system (, you will be able to browse and download and share all Digimag Issues past and future Pdf files. And finally, the newborn Digicult Editions service, developed on Lulu online platform (, is our dream of self-publication and print on demand philosophy.

Let’s also check out all our past communication activities and services. Now listed in a specific side of the website called “Services”, you’ll find out all media partnerships, press office opportunities, social networking strategies, newsletter services. It was created with the purpose to make clear to our partners all the Digicult online communication potentialities, to support partner’s marketing, communication and networking activities. And, do not forget to follow our curatorial projects. The Digicult Agency is come back, let’s check out the Italian and International artists included ( In the same section, you will find also a list of our past curatorships, productions, lectures and education activities

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Digicult membership will allow you to deepen your knowledge of new media art and connect you more closely to the field. Membership comes with tools and resources as well as the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve lent a great measure of support to an independent organization.

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Like any cultural association, Digicult offers the possibility to become a member. Once the transaction is done, the new member of the association will receive an e-mail containing a copy of the regulation with the date of subscription.

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Thank you for your continued support. 

Marco Mancuso (Digicult founder and director)


"The Open Future" - Digicult special publication for MCD magazine

Mon Sep 17, 2012 14:30 - Mon Dec 31, 2012

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Digicult presents:

A Digicult special publication in partnership with MCD Magazine, Paris
The open culture revolution applied to internet, society, audiovisual, music, architecture, design & science

Chief Editor Invited: Marco Mancuso
Editorial Editor: Anne-Cécile Warms
Chief Editor: Laurent Diouf

Section Curators (selected authors from Digicult Network): Bertram Niessen (internet & society), Claudia D'Alonzo & Marco Mancuso (video & audiovideo), Elena Biserna (music & sound), Sabina Barcucci (design & architecture), Alessandro Delfanti (art & science)

Invited Guests: Lev Manovich, Michel Bauwens, Steve Kurtz (CAE), Kenneth Goldsmith, Adam Ardvisson, Marc Fornes, Joanna Demers, Norbert Palz, Geert Lovink, Daniel Dendra, Julien Ottavi (Apo33), Mattin, Eric Deibel, Marc Dusselier, Sara Tocchetti, Sonia Campanini, Luciano Palumbo, Pasquale Napolitano

Marco Mancuso & Bertram Niessen will present the publication at the next Open World Forum 2012
For more informations about the publication, please contact:


The time we are living is the stage for continuous transformations in the ways we think about art, science, design and culture. It's a time of collaboration and sharing. The progressive de-institutionalization of the forms of production, management and consumption of material and immaterial goods brought by new technologies is reshaping the way we conceive culture, giving more importance to bottom-up taxonomies of reality and questioning traditional powers, thanks to unforeseen paths of change.

Some of the keywords that are going to be crucial in mass developments during the next years are already known, because they are the ones that have shaped, addressed and influenced cutting-edge practices and communities in the last decade.

Computational design is becoming a disruptive approach to define a methodological, conceptual, and technical set of instruments to re-materialize complexity in the physical world. Digital manufacturing - the practice to directly produce customized material goods and architectural elements - is going to reshape the buildings and cities in which we live.

The rise of open collaboration in science will blur the boundaries between scientific experts and lay citizens: a problem of power and a transformation of science expert epistemology. The walls of science’s ivory towers are not firm anymore, and citizens are more and more commenting, discussing, deliberating and producing scientific knowledge. Do-It-Yourself science is going to revolutionise the relationships between nature and culture as we know them.

The multiplicity of information ecologies (and the consequent fragmentation of values and symbolic systems) suggests that we are entering a phase that calls for the ability of letting meanings and practices emerge from complexity itself, questioning the ideology of individual creativity and evaluating in a new way the social innovation nurtured by peer-to-peer networks. New communities will arise, the existent ones will be strengthen and they will search for new forms of organization and communication. Traditional knowledge hierarchies will increasingly shift toward folksonomies: user-driven ways to connect elements of reality. Digital commons - free and open source kinds of production and distribution phenomena - will expand their influence on the cultural and artistic practices in a broad sense.

Digital technologies, free software and open platforms will standardize and extend the processes of sound experimentation established in the second half of the 20th century, setting the stage for broader and collective sharing and collaboration that redefine the ways as well as the formal and institutional frames for music and sound production, distribution and reception.

It's clear that such phenomena are already acting, both horizontally and vertically. Horizontally, they are blurring the boundaries between different fields and disciplines, merging methodologies, languages, tacit and explicit know-hows. Vertically, they are affecting the distinction between “high”, academic approaches and “low”, ingenue ones. This cross-pollination creates enthusiasms and skepticisms at the same time. On the one hand it's perceived as an unforeseen expansion that will led to continuous innovation. On the other hand it's seen as a menace for stability, quality and fairness.

This monographic issue will explore this panorama according to six curators specialized in five different fields. Firstly, Bertram Niessen will investigate the social ambiguity of digital creativity, the chances given by bottom-up co-production and the challenges offered by web-based practices of creative sharing. Secondly, Claudia D’Alonzo and Marco Mancuso will focus on the changes taking place in relation to creation practice, dissemination and fruition of audio-visual artistic contents. Thirdly, Elena Biserna will provide an overview on musical artistic practices and, at the same time, show the significance of this scenario in the sphere of cultural and everyday practices. Fourth, Sabina Barcucci will investigate reasons, state of the art and developments of the relationships between design, education and complexity, looking at new cognitive forms as the output of such phenomenon. Finally, Alessandro Delfanti will examine the problem of the transformation of science expert epistemology, focusing on the political, artistic and cultural dimensions of biohacking and DIYbio.


Digimag Journal
Digimag has changed, from a Magazine it has been changed in a scientific Journal. The Call for papers closed the last end of August. More than 20 papers have been collected. A good successes for a newcome Journal. We are now completing the selections and we will be out the next half-end of October. More informations will follow

Digicult Publishing
The next 1st of October, the new Digicult Publishing platform will be lanuched. Born with the aim to follow digital and paper publication of the Digimag magazine past issues, it will focus on the publication of the new Digimag Journal & special publications developed with international partners. We invite you to follow the new Digicult Online Store (developed with Flows -, the Online Library (on Issue http://issuu.c- om/digicultlibrary) and the Digicult Editions (on Lulu -

Digicult Agency
The Digicult art agency is coming back. After a break during 2011 and 2012, the digital art & design agency is coming back with a new bunch of artists, designers, critics, curators, professionals and comunication tools for media partnerships and social networking. We are now completing all presentation files and contracts and we will launch the Agency the next 1st of October. More informations will follow


Digimag Journal: "Places & Spaces". Call Deadline: Friday 31 August

Fri Aug 31, 2012 00:00


More than 10 papers are already in our musical box. Waiting for the last ones, deadline is almost here. Friday 31, August 2012 to be part of the new Digimag Journal


The birth, growth and development of spaces open to the creative and experimental use of Media and Digital technologies have affected the production and dissemination of contents, have enriched the art system and its boundaries, have provided new methodologies of production, modes of art display and creative practices (and the daily work of individuals engaged in the field).