Marco Mancuso
Since 2005
Works in Milan Italy

Marco Mancuso is a critic and curator in the field of Digital Technologies applied to Arts, Design and Contemporary Culture. Founder and Editor-In-Chief at Digicult and Digimag Journal (part of The Leonardo Affiliate Program), he teaches “Multimedia Arts Theory” at MAIND Interaction Design Master at SUPSI in Lugano, "Web 2.0 & Media Art Management" at NABA Academy in Milan, “Digital Publishing for the Arts” at Academy of Fine Art in Bergamo and is visiting professor at Transmedia-Postgraduate Program in Arts+Media+Design in Brussels.

With the Digicult Agency he curated and co-curated a number of exhibitions, round-tables, meetings and events including Mixed Media (Milan, 2006), Screen Music (Florence, 2006-2007), Otolab ‘op7’ (Bergamo, 2008), Graffiti Research Lab (Rome, 2008), Sincronie Festival (Milan, 2008-2009), Thorsten Fleisch Retrospective (Milan, 2009), The Mediagate (Lodz, 2010), he presented his screenings and productions at art and cultural events, including Dissonanze (Rome, 2006), Cimatics (Brussels, 2008), Strp (Eindhoven, 2008), Sonic Acts (Amsterdam, 2009), Nemo (Paris, 2009), Elektra (Montreal, 2010), Subtle Technologies (Toronto, 2011) and lectured - among others - at Market for Digital Arts/Elektra (Montreal 2008), Fabrica Workshops (Treviso, 2009), Laptop’r’s (Madrid, 2010), Subtle Technologies (Toronto, 2011) and Isea (Istanbul, 2012).

A short list of festivals and partners he has worked with from 2005 as curator or consultant inludes the following events: Elektra, Forum d’Avignon, Sonic Acts, Sonar, Transmedia, STRP, Todaysart, Fabrica, SUPSI, Direct Digital Exhibition, Laptops’R’Us, IUAV University, Share Festival, Otolab, Kernel, Traffic Gallery, Open World Forum, FAI Fondo Ambiente Italiano, Muv Festival, Cimatics, Audiovisiva Festival, Virtueel Platform, Toolkit, Musiques & Cultures Digitales, SEA Aeroporti Milano, CYLAND, Smart Urban Stage, Mixed Media, Festival della Creatività, Optronica Festival, Enzimi, NABA, Celeste Prize, IED, Les Rencontres Audiovisuelles, Elita, Galeria NT/Imaginarium, Sincronie, Subtle Technologies, Connecting Cultures, Signal, Creativity Day, Tecarteco, Dissonanze, Illustrative, Zero1 Biennal...

Marco Mancuso has been expertising from years on wider subjects like open communication, social networking and digital publishing and is now studying new economical Internet models for art and culture: with the project “Fracty: Trasformazioni Affini”, he theorized an online platform creating open and p2p professional links between investors, public and private, from the scientific-technological field, professionals and students in the field of technologies applied to art, design and contemporary culture. He recently developed the “Digicult Editions” open-publishing online service.

Lecturing internationally and writing critical texts for media art publications and catalogues, articles, interviews and essays for Digicult, Marco Mancuso curated for MCD-Musiques et Cultures Digitales the publication “The Open Future” - Issue 63 in 2012 and the carde-blanche “Art Industries” - Issue 74 in 2014. He was included in the publication Cultural Blogging in Europe by in 2010.
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On the Bride’s side. The civil disobedience on stage

Wed Jun 18, 2014 16:05 - Thu Jul 17, 2014

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On the Bride’s side.
The civil disobedience on stage

The Digicult interview to the most ambitious crowdfunding campaign for an indipendent documentary in Italy: "On the Bride's side", written, directed and produced by
Antonio Augugliaro, Gabriele Del Grande and Khaled Soliman Al Nassiry.

A call to the media culture international community: let's help them to produce the movie for the Venice Biennale through Indiegogo,

A film manifesto, the story of 4 days trip through European borders, to bring 5 illegal Palestinian and Syrian immigrants from Milan to Stockholm. Confusing them amongst a transnational group of guests to a fake marriage. Twenty thousand deaths in the Mediterranean. It has to stop. These people are not victims of fate or storms, but of laws. And the disobedience has to start, which is why they became traffickers for a week and helped five Syrian war refugees continue their journey inside Fortress Europe. When this film comes out, they could be sentenced to 15 years in prison for aiding and abetting illegal immigration.

They believe there is a community of people in Europe and around the Mediterranean who hope that one day this sea will stop swallowing up the lives of its travellers and go back to being a sea of peace, where all are free to travel and where human beings are no longer divided up into legal and illegal. This community exists. The people we met in our journey across Europe belong to it, and so do the people reading this page. There are many more of us than we think, and this is the film we needed.

This is the whole interview to the directors of this film manifesto: for all those who believe that travelling is not a crime, and that the real crime is averting your eyes to death by travel on our Mediterranean beaches, and deaths by war in Syria.


MCD #74 - Art Industries

Thu Jun 19, 2014 20:20 - Thu Jun 19, 2014

Paris, France

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Mag MCD #74 - Art Industries
Presentation: Thursday 19/06, 6pm, NUMA in Paris
Carte Blanche curated by Marco Mancuso, Digicult

Digicult is happy to announce that the new MCD Magazine issue #74 is finally out. The French printed version will be followed by the English digital free version, soon next July.

For this issue Marco Mancuso (Director at Digicult) curated a special section, focused on his recent researches around what he calls "Art Industries", so giving the title to the issue itself. He focused on the most valuable case studies of Open Innovation strategies in the world of media art, looking at those hidden forms of collaborations between artists, designer, scientists, practioneers, curators, critics, universities, institutions and industries in the world of ICT technologies, applied and medical sciences, open hardware and free software, computational design…

With critical texts by Marc Garrett (Furtherfield), Claudia D'Alonzo (Digicult), Caroline Heron (Metamute) Nik Hafermaas (Uebersee) and interviews to Philip Dean (Aalto Media Factory), Gerfried Stocker (Ars Electronica), Carlo Ratti (MIT Senseable City Lab), Michael John Gorman (Science Gallery), Jeffrey Huang and Alex Barchiesi (Sinlab), Joachim Sauter (ART+COM). Thanks to Donata Marletta and Giulia Baldi for the translations


For more than a decade, the economies necessary to set processes of media art and culture production have come from banks, private entrepreneurs, external sponsorships on markets that are apparently virgin but obviously ready for commercial contamination just to guarantee their own survival. The common sensation is that even these models are shortly destined to failure. We have to give place to more virtuous processes which correlate closely the research field with the production sector. I am speaking about “production” in a wide sense, and I am advocating to pay close attention to what is rather defined “cultural production”.

In a time of economical crisis and cuts to art and culture, it’s increasing, ideed, the number of international examples, cultural subjects, creative professionals (artists, designers, hackers, makers, musicians, filmmakers, graphic designers ...) and industries – ICT, science research, manufacturing processes, robotcs, biotechnologies, artificial intelligence and more - involved in the standardization of sustainable research and development models in order to activate processes of Open Research that are functional to the creation of a "cultural object".

It has been observed, over the past years, a growing phenomenon for which different cultural subjects, not necessarily institutionalized but making "value" on a new scale of socio-economic models more connected to Internet, Networks, Bottom-Up cultural production, can therefore provide guarantees by relating industrial companies with a network of universities, media & research centers, institutions, as well as creating an exchange mechanism among artists, professionals and practitioners (such as professors, former students, researchers, etc.) that may be even linked to these institutions themselves. Under the so-called "Art Industries", these new cultural players are also able at setting dynamics of diffusion and circulation of the “cultural object” produced, within exhibition and museum itineraries which industries would probably have no access to. It may be that the interest of an entire productive sector to invest in art and culture will be greater than it was in the past.

The ability of "Art Industries" is therefore to act as a catalyst and incubator of a new form of bottom-up economy and culture, linked to the use of technology, even though, to do so, it is necessary that a network of contacts is created; it is necessary to be integrated in the right professional circuits and, above all, it is necessary to know all the underworld of artists and designers who have taken an active part for about twenty years. It’s important to know the most important case studies at international level, it is necessary to draw a specific literature, between that relating to the "creative industries" and that concerning the "media art", to know also how paradigms of production of a cultural and artistic object are changing, as they are influenced by the relationship with companies and the mass production market, as meccanisms of free expression and research on the medium are changing. But the outcome is already determined.


FET-ART Final Event – ICT & Art Connect so far: elements to orient the future

Sun May 11, 2014 17:00 - Mon May 05, 2014

Brussels, Belgium

ICT & Art Connect sets out to bring together artists and technologists to explore new ways of working. Collaborative acts of co-creation, together with an open and multidisciplinary discussion will foster the blending of Art and Technology.

The coordination action FET-ART has played a crucial role in helping advance this initiative by a set of activities that allowed practitioners in technology and the Arts to meet, collaborate and discuss the future of such collaborations.

The event will close the activities of the FET-ART project and present its major achievements and policy recommendations. Launched in June 2013, FET-ART, in a few months, succeeded in organising several consultation and matchmaking events across Europe, and in supporting 18 residencies developing pilot projects centred on co-creation and citizen engagement in ICT. The projects developed through the residency programme will be presented in a show and tell exhibition curated by Black Cube Collective (BCC).

FET-ART consortium is made of Sigma Orionis (coordinator), Brunel University, Stromatolite, Waag Society and Black Cube Collective.

The event admission is free. Please register here.


// Sunday 11th May

Residencies exhibition
Location: FoAM
Time: 17:00 – 21:00

As one of the conclusions of the FET-ART project, a major exhibition will be curated by BCC. Artist & technologist partnerships from across Europe will come together to share outcomes instigated through their participation in the project and to showcase both work and ideas from their projects so far. It will offer the opportunity to meet the creators, experience some of their work and to challenge ideas and perceptions on the future connections between Art and Technology.

Reception drink: 18:00 Performances: 19:00 – 19:45

Off program: William Latham exhibition
Mutator 1 + 2: Evolutionary Art
Location: iMAL (same FoAM building)
Time: 13:00 – 18:00

Mutator 1 + 2 is Latham’s first major exhibition in Europe after his show in 2013 in Brighton (UK) in over twenty years. A retrospective of 30 years of an extraordinary diverse and creative career of a pioneer of computer art, now heavily involved in arts/sciences projects as a Professor at Goldsmiths (London).

// Monday 12th May
ICT & Art Connect so far: elements to orient the future
Location: Charlemagne Centre – Salle Jenkins
Time: 9:00 – 14:00

09:00 – 09:15 Welcome address
Roger Torrenti, Sigma Orionis CEO, FET-ART coordinator.

09:15 – 09:30 Opening address
Anne Glover, Chief Scientific Adviser to the President of the European Commission José Manuel Barroso, will present her views on connecting art and S&T during this session.

09:30 – 11:00 Tech & Art residencies
FoAM Brussels founders Maja Kuzmanovic and Nik Gaffney introduce the session together with the exhibition curators from Black Cube Collective. The protagonists of the residency program will report on their experience and project.

11:00 – 11:30 Coffee break

11: 30 – 12:30 Connecting Art and Tech: European trends and forward looking
A FET-ART panel will present the major findings of the project, delivering recommendations to the European Commission and outlining new research venues and best practices. The panel is made of: Marta Arniani (Sigma Orionis); Camille Baker (Brunel University); Lucas Evers (Waag Society); Svetlana Kondakova (Black Cube Collective); Michela Magas (Stromatolite). The session is moderated by Roger Torrenti.

12:30 – 12:45 Presentation of the ICT & Art study
Luis Girao (ArtShare) introduces the major aims and methods of the ICT & Art study just launched by the unit for ‘Digital Science’.

12:45 – 13:00 Towards a strategy for connecting ICT with the Arts
Ralph Dum (DG CONNECT, European Commission) will outline a set of activities in the European Commission, in particular DG CONNECT that will attempt to build synergies between ICT and the Arts and thereby the creative potential for Europe.

13:00 – 13:10 Closing address
Yulia Matskevich, Brunel University, Research Development Manager.

13:10 – 14:00 Lunch

15:00 – 17:00 Toy hack workshop @FoAM

Exploring Senses Toy Hacking art project involves the reuse of toys destined for landfill to make new hybrid creations.


Koolmijnenkaai 30-34
1080 Brussels

Charlemagne Building Salle Jenkins
Rue de la Loi 170
B-1000 Brussels

Please note that for security reasons only registered participants are admitted.


transmediale 2014: afterglow - The Digicult report

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afterglow: 27th transmediale, a nonlinear report
By Mario Margani

If you missed transmediale, festival for art and digital culture in Berlin, this is the chance to go back there to 'see' what happened. Commissioned works, performances, conferences, talks, and an Internet black market have spiced up afterglow, the 27th transmediale that has taken place between 29.01 and 02.02 as usual at Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin. Under the multiple meanings of the afterglow, and slogans such as “How do you feel today?” “Feel Healthy, Feel Fit”, the debate has rotated around the different approaches towards e-waste, cloud computing, surveillance, mining, big data, and whistle-blowers.

This plastic representation recalls accidentally two different approaches, which have structured the 27th transmediale core concept, the “afterglow”. The artistic director Kristoffer Gansing together with Tatiana Bazzichelli (conference programme curator) and Marcel Schwierin (screening programme curator) have namely given prominence to the strategies put into action by artists, journalists, hacktivists and critics exploiting, revaluating and revitalizing the digital and physical waste produced during the heyday of digital high-tech evolution. It’s neither possible nor interesting to comprise all the very different approaches presented during the 5-days programme into two closed and unconnected categories.



Cyberfest 2013, Panel: "Art Discourse in the Digital Age"

Sun Nov 17, 2013 12:00 - Sun Nov 17, 2013

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Cyberfest 2013
Panel: "Art Discourse in the Digital Age"
Sunday 17th of November, Noon-2pm, The WYE (Berlin)

With: Marco Mancuso, Founder of Digicult / Tatiana Bazzichelli, Curator Transmediale / Anna Frants, CoFounder CYLAND / Chatzistefanou Panagiotis, Publisher and Writer / Kate Martin, Curator and Arts Educator

Held annually since 2007, CYBERFEST is the first and biggest festival for technologically based art in Russia. Growing over years to become a massive international event, CYBERFEST 2012 included more than 80 artists who exhibited throughout St Petersburg’s top institutions. This year, CYBERFEST 2013 will be held in Berlin: it is the first time this event has been held outside St Petersburg. This significant move was designed to strengthen the cultural exchange between art and technology creatives within Russia and their international counterparts. (

On Sunday 17th of November, the last day of CYBERFEST, there will be a panel discussion on “Art Discourse in the Digital Age” in collaboration with transmediale reSource. The panel will start at 2pm in the WYE and will be led together between Sebestian Fuller, Leah Stuhltrager, and the reSource community, involving as speaker our transmediale curator Tatiana Bazzichelli, who is also part of the advisory board of the CYBERFEST festival.

Panel’s abstract:

The parameters of how art is seen, shared, discussed and archived have changed rapidly in the course of the last decade. The panel discussion between art critics and bloggers will explore the past, present and future of covering culture.

As virtual audiences online swell to provide an unprecedented girth of eyes, brick/mortar spaces and print publications are being reconfigured to keep relevant in Contemporary Art. Coverage by veteran critics with sway culminated over long careers gaining strongholds in traditional sources under echelons of editors, advertisers and media moguls is now juxtaposed with the unbridled words and power of the internet to disseminate content. Means of archiving an artwork or exhibit for prosperity has expanded from circulations of traditional news coverage, photographs, slides to files, video and global viral mediums.

Discourse about art has expended in form, function and voices. This panel will explore these realities and their implications. It will be followed by an open, earnest, face to face Q&A discussion between the critics, bloggers and the audience. (

More information about CYBERFEST and the upcoming programme can be found here:

Actively updating Facebook page can be found here: