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"Massive Change"- Australasia_2008 C-M.TV: Media Arts Network

Sat Mar 15, 2008 00:00

New Zealand

Call for proposals are as follows:

Australasia_2008 C-M.TV: Media Arts Network ; is a curated new media web site in the context of global change. Proposal Australasia_2008 is ‘glocal’ responses to events that are happening around the world. From a ‘local’ viewpoint to a ‘global’ distribution feed.

Current issues around forms of change that are effecting the planet: carbon counting, climate change, social networking, weather and ‘live’ data aesthetics…
The arena of Massive Change- since environmental tipping points are interconnected with other spheres that may have ramifications beyond the environment, into social and political systems- we open up that dialogue with you to interpret and make a proposal.

The intent is to seek permission to upload to C-M.TV for broadcasting around the world. We either link back to your web sites where work is already uploaded or have you upload to our server. The artists have total IP/ownership over their own work on C-M.TV. We act as a curated site, as another venue for the access, as a networking membrane and a collective with a similar context.

Go to: http://www.critical-mas.tv/indexSPRING.php to the play archive of previously launched cities: New York, Paris, London

Specs: 5mb -320 x 240 Quicktime; ‘live’ data or generative content (self contained root folders); Flash; any other media that is sustainable on play.

We review your proposals online or via DVD format.
Send us links to review proposals via email: info@critical-mas.tv

Or Send DVD’s to:
Marcia Lyons: Producer: C-M.TV
Programme Director; Digital Media Design; School of Design; Victoria University of Wellington; New Zealand
t. 64 4 463 6278