Since 2006

Christina Della Giustina

born in Schffhausen, Switzerland, Italian and Swiss Nationality
lives and works in Amsterdam, Netherlands


- Award of Honor, Majdanek Int. Art Triennale 2004, Lublin Poland, Oct. 2003
- Academy Prize, Jan van Eyck Akademie, Maastricht, Netherlands, June 1999
- Annual Publication Prize, Neuer Aachener KV, Aachen, Germany, Aug. 1998


- Basis Stipendium, Fonds beeldende Kunsten, Amsterdam, NL, June 2005
- ExStream Residency, Hull Time Based Arts, Hull, UK, June 2004
- Basis Stipendium, Fonds beeldende Kunsten, Amsterdam, NL, Dec. 2000
- Nuffic Grant, 1996 - 1999
- Artest, Bundesamt für Kultur, Bern, Switzerland, 1995

Education and Work Experience

- 1984 - 1990Philosophy, Art History, Linguistics, Universität Zürich, CH
- 1996 - 1998Jan van Eyck Akademie, Maastricht, Netherlands
Laureate MA Fine Art
- 1998 - 1999Jan van Eyck Akademie, Maastricht, Netherlands
Laureate MA Political Theory
- since 2000 docent for Digital Media, HKU, Utrecht, Netherlands:
faculty of Visual Arts and Design and faculty of Art, Media, and Technology
- since 2002assistant of Nan Hoover, artist, USA/NL/GER

main solo exhibitions (selection)

- Febr. 2007- 'Bäume', punt WG, Amsterdam, NL
- Oct. 2006- 'oog in oog', t. w. Pauline Wirtz; punt WG, Amsterdam, NL
- Sept. 2006- 'c connections', double dvd release Grasland studios, NL
- June 2005- 'on interactivity', lecturing residency and exhibition
Academy of Fine Arts, Guangzhou, Canton, China
- June 2004- 'you are the water', 'exStream' Hull Time Based Arts, UK
- May 2003- 'inner cities', Galérie La Centrale, Montréal, Canada
- Febr. 2003- 'Präsentation', Kunsthalle Zürich, Switzerland
- Aug. 2001- 'this is the Rhein | this is the recording of the Rhein'
interactive light installation, power station Schaffhausen, CH
- 'this is time | this is the recording of time'
Kulturzentrum Kammgarn, Schaffhausen, CH

main group exhibitions (selection)

- Nov. 2006- 'water diary 03', II International Videopoetry Festival 2006
Buenos Aires, Argentina
- 'the soaring garden', Oosterkerk, Amsterdam, Netherlands
- Sept.-Oct 2006- 'green birth' | 'ij light', Shanghai Contemporary Art
Museum/University of Shanghai, China
- Sept. 2006- 'green birth', in the frame of: Pixelpops!Praha\_06\_
C2C Gallery, Prague, CR
- Aug. / Sept.- 'revolte', Kunsthalle Arbon, Arbon, Switzerland
- June 2006- 'green birth', music cd, in the frame of 'belly of the whale',
Darla Records, CA, USA
- 'green birth', D-NEFF, New European Film Festival
- 'green birth', Centro Cultural, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain
- March 2006- 'terra incognita', Atelier WG, Amsterdam, Netherlands
- Aug. 2005- 'green birth', 2005WorldExposition, EXPO 2005, Aichi, Japan
- Nov. 2004- 'feed back', Kunsthaus Baselland, Muttenz, CH
- May-Sept. 2004- 'inner cities', Majdanek, Int. Art Triennial 2004, Poland
- Nov. 2003- 'luminance map #02', Netherlands Media Art Institute,
Montevideo, Amsterdam, NL
- Oct. 2002- 'you don’t know what these people are like ... -
release index #02', Austrian Cultural Forum, London, UK
- June-Oct. 2002- 'casual - release index #01', la nuova Agorà
Fondazione Pistoletto, Cittadellarte, Biella, Italy