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trAce/ELO event Oct 19 Games and Storytelling

Please join us in the trAce/Electronic Literature Organization chat on
Oct 19 to discover the links between games and storytelling.

In a recent article on trAce Edward Picot reviewed Ylight has no tongue
by Lewis LaCook and The Princess Murderer by geniwate and Deena Larsen.
This led to a discussion in the trAce forums about how gaming
technologies and techniques might be applied to narrative-based
projects.Y Our guest today, Tim Wright, the trAce writer in residence on
the Writers For The Future project
(, will lead a discussion about how
more storytelling might be injected into games (is storytelling a kind
of game anyway?).
Tim Wright trained as a journalist and editor on various magazines
(Which Computer?, LAN Magazine) and newspapers (The Independent, Sunday
Times). In 1995 Tim left print publishing to become one of the three
Managing Partners of NoHo Digital, one the UK's most successful
independent new media agencies. In 1999, Tim and his creative
collaborator Rob Bevan left NoHo to form XPT, with a view to finding
markets and audiences for their own original digital works. In that time
he has been the lead writer of two BAFTA-winning interactive projects -
the comedy self help disk 'MindGym' and Web & email drama 'Online
Caroline', as well as scripting the lunatic Web 'holiday' 'Mount
Kristos' and the absurd virtual gift-giving service 'IT3C'. Tim speaks
regularly at industry events & workshops. He is a Norwich City
supporter. YY
Tim Wrightis INRESIDENCE blog is at
There you will find links to his projects that have more than a little
game element in them.
About the live chat
Chats are Sundays at 9 pm UK time, 4 pm New York, 1 pm Los Angeles, 10
pm Rome, 8 am (Monday) Sydney. See 03&hour!&min=0&sec=0&p16
for the time in your timezone
Place: LinguaMOO
Feel free to arrive a half hour early for practice. You are then invited
to listen during 20 minutes of Yintroduction, statements and interview
points, then join in with questions and discussion.
How to take part in LinguaMOO
iYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Click on the LOG IN button on the left hand side
iYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Type in your name at the prompt
iYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Once in the MOO, type "@go trAcElo" to get to the
trAce/ELO chat room where this chat is taking place
sponsored by trAce <> and the Electronic
Literature Organization <>


Setting the Scene: The Message in New Media--chat August 17, worshop and course August 26 and 30

YtrAce/ELO Forumlive Chat: Sunday 17th August: Setting the Scene: The
Message in New Media
Chat time:Y 10-11 pm Barcelona/Brussels, 9-10 pm UK, 4-5 pm New York, 1-2
pm Los Angeles, Mon 6 am Sydney
Chat location: trAce chatroom at
More information on the Chat at'4

How are we creating works--is it acceptable to use found images or
\_javascript or collaborate? Where are the lines drawn in creating new
media? Are works that are not "100\%
original from the ground up" judged (analyzed, critiqued?) in different

Held in association with the 7th New Media Writers' Workshop: The Message
in New Media at Hypertext '03, Saturday 30th August (see below)
Whether or not you plan to come to the live workshop you are very welcome
to take part in the Chat and its associated discussion at

***About the Y7th New Media Writers' Workshop: The Message in New Media
at Hypertext '03:
You don't have to be an attendee at the main Hypertext Conference to come
to this one-day live face-to-face workshop on Saturday August 30th in
Nottingham, UK. See'5 and/or contact

***On Tuesday 26th August: Halfday tutorial: Is it literature? Is it art?
How artists use hypertext, hypermedia, and associative navigation to create
new avenues for \_expression
This course will examine literary uses of non-linear structures by
exploring electronic works. These works employ hypertext linking,
narrative, game theory, and other techniques discussed
in hypertext conferences and forums to form expressions and communicate in
new ways.'6 or register at


Please join the 7th New Media Writers Workshop

Mon Jun 30, 2003 10:16

Call for participation in the 7th New Media
Writers Workshop

How can a writer's message be expressed in
new media? What does new
media offer that print does not? And in an
age when new media has become
increasingly professional, howt can an
individual produce work of a high
enough standard--including text, graphics,
animation, sound,
programming etc. etc?

The 7th New Media Writers' Workshop, part
of the Hypertext 03
conference in Nottingham, will explore
these questions and more. This workshop
is also open to non-conference attendees.

When: One-day live f2f workshop: Saturday
August 30th in Nottingham, UK
The cost for this is


ELO/trAce chat invitation: How can we save works? Sunday June 15

When Sunday June 15 2003 at 9 pm UK time, 10 pm Rome, 4 pm New York, 1
pm California, and 6 am (Monday) Sydney.

What Discussion on archiving [new media] outside of institutions: what
private folks can do to preserve our creative e-legacy.

What are we talking about? While you can pick up - and read - a book
from a century ago, reading new media works from a decade ago is hard to
do, and getting harder. How can we as writers preserve our heritage of
electronic literature and art?

How to join in: Go to, log in as guest,
and type @go trAcELO.

Links Linked with the e(X)Literature Conference: Preservation,
Archiving and Dissemination of Electronic Literature co-sponsored by
Electronic Literature Organization and the Digital Cultures Project to
identify issues and solutions for archiving. Go to and read PAD participants'
responses to questions about preserving and archiving of electronic
literature. Join in the fray at the trAce by logging in to For
more information, see trAce's Forum Live at and ELO's chat at

Guests Rob Kendall has taught electronic poetry and fiction for the New
School University's online program since 1995. He runs the literary Web
site Word Circuits <> and the ELO's
Electronic Literature Directory, and is codeveloper of Word Circuits
Connection Muse, a hypertext tool for poets and fiction writers.
Nick Monfort is an author, programmer, and researcher of interactive
fictions and is co-editor of the New Media Reader (2003, MIT Press),
which compiles electronic works from before 1994.
Mary Cavill is the Information Specialist with the Writers for the
Future project at the trAce Online Writing Centre, creating an online
archive of the trAce website from 1995-2002. She worked as an arts
librarian for over 10 years and has a BA (Hons) in History of Art Design
and Film, and a Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching Visual Culture.


build electronic creative communities

If you can't come to trAce's Incubation conference
<> in person, be there in
electronic spirit!

TrAce is sponsoring a Live Chat event at Incubation in collaboration
with ISEA, Fine Art Forum & The Electronic Literature Organisation

Communicate and hobnob with your creative counterparts as part of a
series of online meetings at real life conferences to help bring
members of the creative electronic community together. We will talk
about important points in the conference and foster relationships
between online writers and artists with questions such as:

How can we use the online environment to further collaborations
between artists and writers?

How do the online environment and other new media tools modify the
relationship between writing, language, imagery, culture, and

How has online communication and coordination changed art and writing?

How are lines between art and literature blurring?

What new ways are we using to communicate with art and writing?


Monday, July 15, 2002, at 21:00 London time, 16:00 New York, 13:00
Los Angeles, and 0:600 Tuesday Sydney
For your time, see 02&hour!&min=0&sec=0&p16&month=7&year 02&hour!&min=0&sec=0&p16


To join in, go to
< <> >
Log in as guest
Type @go trAcELO at the bottom of your screen. We will help you from
there :)


ISEA (Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts)
Fine Art Forum
Electronic Literature Organisation