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Dispatx Art Collective - Call for submissions

Fri Mar 31, 2006 03:04

Dispatx Art Collective (http://www.dispatx.com) is calling for submissions based on the current theme in exploration : The Plague of Language

The theme is underpinned by countless interconnected forms of communication, drawing on the rich history of human utterance and phonology: its consideration suggests a simultaneous reassessment of how we define language and semantics, and highlights an inherent philosophical discourse concerning how we can think about thought, or use language to explore language.

Ten projects are being developed in our work in progress section : each artist or group of artists working on a collaborative project has been assigned a space in which they can update the details of their project throughout its development using blog technology.

The final edition of The Plague of Language will be published in June 2006.

Further details on the theme and information on how to submit finished work can be found at http://www.dispatx.com/wip