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two very good papers on DRM and COPYRIGHT

Microsoft Research DRM talk

Cory Doctorow


June 17, 2004

This talk was originally given to Microsoft's Research Group
and other interested parties from within the company at their
Redmond offices on June 17, 2004.

Here is the link http://craphound.com/msftdrm.txt


The Darknet and the Future of Content Distribution

Peter Biddle, Paul England, Marcus Peinado, and Bryan Willman

Microsoft Corporation[1]


We investigate the darknet - a collection of networks and technologies used=
to share digital content. The darknet is not a separate physical network =
but an application and protocol layer riding on existing networks. Example=
s of darknets are peer-to-peer file sharing, CD and DVD copying, and key or=
password sharing on email and newsgroups. The last few years have seen va=
st increases in the darknet's aggregate bandwidth, reliability, usability, =
size of shared library, and availability of search engines. In this paper =
we categorize and analyze existing and future darknets, from both the techn=
ical and legal perspectives. We speculate that there will be short-term im=
pediments to the effectiveness of the darknet as a distribution mechanism, =
but ultimately the darknet-genie will not be put back into the bottle. In =
view of this hypothesis, we examine the relevance of content protection and=
content distribution architectures.

Here is the link to the full paper: http://crypto.stanford.edu/DRM2002/dar=

david goldschmidt
san francisco, ca

+++sampling popculture is not a crime


mathematics and literautre

is math the ultimate third person narrative?

david goldschmidt


on second thought

hey all-

i have used the following analogy for awhile to describe the significance o=
f multi-media creations ("mediatrip").

radio wave/sounds/music

paper delivers the words of literature
radio waves deliver the sounds of music
internet delivers the events* of the mediatrip

recently, i decided to replace "internet" with "screen"

does this switch improve the analogy?
is it now a more accurate analogy?

go to www.mediatrips.com to see it on my site.

* An event is the occurance of media file on the timeline

david goldschmidt
san francisco, ca

+++sampling is not a crime


the most effective FUD campaign ever

FBI - WARNING Federal Law provides severe civil and criminal penalties for =
the unauthorized reproduction, distribution or exhibition of copyrighted mo=
tion pictures, video tapes or video discs. Criminal copyright infringement =
is investigated by the FBI and may constitute a felony with a maximum penal=
ty of up to 5 years and/or a $250,000 fine.

david goldschmidt
san francisco, ca

+++sampling is not a crime


Re: sampleOscar needs a logo - APOLOGIES

my email has been down for two days now. if anyone replied interested in helping to design the logo please stand by ... i will repost my request when my email is working again.


david goldschmidt

David Goldschmidt wrote:

> anyone interested in designing a logo for my upcoming festival? it
> pays a =
> little. very little ;-)
> david goldschmidt
> san francisco, ca
> www.mediatrips.com
> +++sampling is not a crime