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selling Los Angeles

Wed Dec 01, 2010 00:00

Dear Rhizomers,

I used to follow follow Rhizome very closely about seven or eight years ago and always wish the very best for the community.

I work for LA INC. The Los Angeles Convention and Visitors Bureau, a nonprofit Destination Marketing Organization for the city of Los Angeles. And there is a project that I think will be funded (about $5,000) in December. I am not sure if its the kind of thing that the community would be interested in but wanted to share.

I work in the Sales Department and our job is to bring large conventions to Los Angeles and we compete against other major US cities. Currently, we have a 50 page bid book that we give to prospective clients that tells them all about LA and why they should bring their business to LA. But not all aspects of the bid book are given to every client. We would like to create an online/interactive version of this bid book.

If you are interested then please email me and I will send you the bid book's table of contents and a map that we would really like to improve. The map is downtown Los Angeles and it shows the hotels in relation to the Los Angeles Convention Center. Its functional but not that impressive.

Since we submit well over 500 bids a year ... the section specifically related to the client (client logo, pricing, incentive offer, etc.) must be easy to edit by sales directors with limited tech skills.

You may have to sign a confidentiality agreement. Still checking on that ...

If you are interested in pursuing this project then think mainstream designs. Our target audience is meeting planners and may not appreciate the subtleties of net.art. We will have images and videos that you can use.

Here is something I saw recently that I liked but please don't let this restrict your creativity. http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=interactive-12-events

We are accepting proposals through December 1, 2010 and estimate that the budget will be about $5,000

David Goldschmidt
Manager, Sales Operations and Revenue Strategy
LA INC The Los Angeles Convention and Visitors Bureau


"Digg"ing Rhizome's Artbase

I have not followed the RAW list in awhile so it is possible others have already discussed doing this. However, if not, I thought it would be a great idea if some of Rhizome's superusers/editors started digging their favorite art objects and then posting those diggs in raw, rare and net art news ... and encouraging others in the community to digg them as well. If it worked, I think it would benefit both the artist and Rhizome.

I think I read somewhere that it only takes like 30 or 40 "Digg"ers to get an article onto Digg's front page.

just a thought




Associate Producer - Broadband , san francisco

Sun Nov 13, 2005 03:58

... could be a pretty cool job.



We're Hiring!

CNET Networks, Inc. is a worldwide media company and creator of content environments for the interactive age. CNET Networks takes pride in being "a different kind of media company," creating richer, deeper interactive experiences by combining the wisdom and passion of users, marketers and its own expert editors. CNET Networks' leading brands - such as CNET, GameSpot, MP3.com, Webshots, and ZDNet - focus on the personal technology, entertainment, and business technology categories. The company has a strong presence in the US, Asia and Europe.

Job Description:
This person will work on shooting, editing, and posting video and audio material on the news site. This will include setting up video shoots and working with reporters to produce video to accompany text stories.

* College degree
* Practical experiernce in video production

To be considered for this position at CNET Networks, please click here.


[Fwd: Re: Creative Video/Filmmakers Wanted]

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Subject: Re: Creative Video/Filmmakers Wanted
Date: Sun, 27 Mar 2005 21:26:29 -0500
From: Dana Beck <dana.beck@gmail.com>
Reply-To: Dana Beck <dana.beck@gmail.com>
To: David Goldschmidt <david@personify.tv>
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Dear David-

Thank you for the inquiry. I apologize for taking this long to respond.

We are hiring freelance video designers who excel at making creative
and emotionally powerful pieces running approx. 90 secs, working
mainly with pre-existing images and footage.

Our clients range from multi-national corporations to non-profit
foundations. We place great importance on an ability to create videos
branded with an emotional connection to the viewer.

We are screening all applicants over the next couple of weeks. I
would like to show samples of your work, preferably in DVD format, to
the owners of the agency.

Anything with a humanitarian theme is a plus.

If you are interested, please mail to:

D.J. Harder
75 2nd Ave. #1
NY, NY 10003

Please be sure to include your contact info. along with your reel.

Best regards,
Dana Beck

On Sun, 20 Mar 2005 23:56:21 -0800, David Goldschmidt
<david@personify.tv> wrote:
> Hello-
> I have some remixing experience and I run a small blog about mashin at
> www.mediatrips.com Please send me more information and tell me where I
> can send my portfolio.
> Thanks,
> David Goldschmidt
> david@mediatrips.com
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[Fwd: [Rumori] Copyright?]

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Subject: [Rumori] Copyright?
Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2005 08:49:29 -0700
From: Ron Wild <rwild@1-900-870-6235.com>
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>When you write copy you have the right to copyright the copy you write, if
>the copy is right. If however, your copy falls over, you must right your
>copy. If you write religious services you write rite, and have the right to
>copyright the rite you write.
>Very conservative people write right copy, and have the right to copyright
>the right copy they write. A right wing cleric would write right rite, and
>has the right to copyright the right rite he has the right to write. His
>editor has the job of making the right rite copy right before the copyright
>can be right.
>Should Thom Wright decide to write right rite, then Wright would write right
>rite, which Wright has the right to copyright. Duplicating that rite would
>copy Wright right rite, and violate copyright, which Wright would have the
>right to right.

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