David Cox
Since 2008
Works in San Francisco, California United States of America

David Cox is an award winning film-maker, digital media artist,
writer, and cultural critic who has
lived and worked in Britain, the United States and Australia. His
films include OTHERZONE,

He obtained his Masters Degree in 2003 from the Royal Melbourne
Institute of Technology
University, a Graduate Diploma in Applied Film and Television (with
Honors) in 1990 at
Melbourne's Swinburne School of Film and Television and is currently
undertaking a PhD at the
University of Technology, Queensland Centre for Cultural and Critical
Studies where his thesis
topic focuses on the history of techno-media activism.

In 1998 He formed a research collaboration with designer, curator and
architect Molly Hankwitz
called ARCHIMEDIA, examining the overlap and interplay between media,
architecture and public space.

He is currently teaching computer skills within the Interdisciplinary
Studies Program at City College in San Francisco.
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