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exhibition:_Darko_Fritz:_Archives_in_Progress_ (projects_1987_

Croatian Artist Association . Ring Gallery . Zagreb


Darko Fritz: Archives in Progress (projects 1987 - 2007)

9. - 21. 10 . 2007.

Opening Tuesday 9th 2007. 20 - 22 h.

The exhibition presents Darko Fritz's artistic projects created from
1987 to 2007. Some of them lasted for as long as five years.

The exhibition explores the possibilities of use of archival media
(audio-visual media) for art purposes and “pure information” as an
art form, so that in a gallery display it is conceived as a “film in

Twelve units, which are independent audio-visual displays, present
all together ten individual and two group art projects by Darko
Fritz. Through the presentation by means of audio-visual archives,
all in all more than two hundred art objects, gallery installations,
art installations in public space, contextual projects, video works,
photographs, Internet projects, and other art forms and formats are

Audio-visual displays on projects contain photo and video
documentation material collected since 1987, now adapted for gallery
set-up. Audio-visual displays use the video medium in the hybrid form
of documentary film (with a voice of professional narrator), art
documentation, film animation, and video art. The photo documentation
and video material originally stored in diverse video formats, some
of which are today difficult to access (for example U-matic video),
are digitalised and re-formatted.

Audio-visual displays enable the insight into the context of
particular projects, which is sometimes not discernible from a single
segment of a work. Particular project segments have been constructed
to function as separate works of art, e.g. one of the photographs
from the “End of the Message” series. The context of the work is
broadened with the insight into a series of photographs, and by
further insight into the story - which works had preceded this
segment before and followed it through the entire five-year project -
the context is uncovered, which is a work in itself. This kind of
context can be presented through different forms, like printed and
electronic publications, Internet documents or video. It is precisely
this kind of video work that this exhibition consists of. On the
other hand, many particular works had their material manifestation in
the passage of time, so that it is not possible to display them in
their original context again, as for example art works in flower
installation form in public areas of Amsterdam, Linz, Zadar, Zagreb
and Fuerteventura.

The exhibition will be accompanied with the catalogue and a DVD
edition by the end of 2007. The catalogue editors are Silva Kalcic
and Darko Fritz. Texts by: Goran Blagus, Natasa Ilic, Silva
Kalcic, Leonida Kovac, Eric Kluitenberg, Geert Lovink, Vesna
Madzorski, Zvonko Makovic i Inka Schube.

The exhibition presents the following projects:

The Imitation of Life Studio [1987 - 1990]
Cathedral [1988]
3 x Moscow Intershadow [1992]
Theatre Time [1994]
Keep the Frequency Clear [1994 - 1995]
Error Reports [1995 - 1997]
End of the Message [1995 - 2000]
XXX [body . technology . desire . porno] [1997 -->]
space=space [1998 - 2003.]
time=money=time= [2000 - 2001.]
Internet Error Messages [2001 -->]
Migrant Navigator [2001 -->]

Group projects:
The Imitation of Life Studio: Darko Fritz, Zeljko Serdarevic
Cathedral: Bakal, Fritz, Juzbasic, Marusic, Premec
space=space, 1999: Fritz, Arapovic
p.sound remix [part of the XXX project]: network art

January 2008 the exhibition will be on display at the Museum of
Modern and Contemporary Art in Rijeka.

Thanks to: Sarah Cook and The BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art,

More information on the work of Darko Fritz: http://darkofritz.net

Croatian Artist Association: http://www.hdlu.hr


gray) (area . Korcula ::: Old and depressive anonymous is looking for a permanent display place in some nice new art museum space

gray) (area

space of contemporary and media art . Korcula . Croatia

. presents
. Old and depressive anonymous is looking for a permanent display
place in some nice new art museum space

. posters in public space and mail-art action

. start 21. 09 . 2007

Final event of 2007 gray) (area program is the public action 'Old and
depressive anonymous is looking for a permanent display place in some
nice new art museum space'.

gray) (area is going out of the gallery's to pubic space of printed
communication, announcing its 2008 program that will expand to the
public spaces of Korcula.

For this event a poster was displayed that reads: ‘Old and
depressive anonymous is looking for a permanent display place in some
nice new art museum space’. Cutting off words from the text an
additional series of seven posters are made that reads: 'OLD IS
posters were displayed around the city of Korcula, at both at the
legal public billboards and illegal advertising places where
different kind of posters are usually shown in the public spaces
(because of lack of advertising spaces in Korcula). End of the action
is when posters will be covered with new ones.

Additional mail-art action is made addressing the printed postcard
with mentioned text-design to major art museums and art institutions
around the world. Both actions were made anonymously, with no sign of
neither author's name or gray) (area. The only glue is knowledge of
artists' work or post stamp of Korcula's post office at the level of
objects and press release informations that are distributed

Thanks to Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb for the address database
and Ministry of Culture of Croatia for supporting gray) (area 2007
program. No thanks to City of Korcula for not answering and hiding
2007 program application (that was sent in time and never answered).

More info and pictures: http://darkofritz.net/korcula/


gray) (area 2007 program realized
_ Slaven Tolj (Dubrovnik, CRO): Globalization + Lighter (performance)
_ Changing Climate [video art from Central Asia] . curator: Stefan
Rusu (Moldavia / Romania) . artists: Abilsait Atabekov (Kazakhstan)
Veaceslav Ahunov, (Uzbekistan), Ulan Djaparov, Alexandr Ugay
_ PRO.BA production (Center for contemporary art, Sarajevo) video
(post)production . selector: Dunja Blazevic . artists: Enes Zlatar i
Faruk Loncarevic
_ Josko Bace (Dubrovnik - Zagreb, CRO): Lighthouse, site-specific
_ Radioqalia (Adam Hyde, Honnor Hager, New Zeland): Radioastronomy,
sound installation, radio program, internet audio streaming
_ Gem Sqash (Adam Hyde i Ntsikelelo Ntshingila): Polar Islands, sound
_ Alban Muja (Pristina, Kosovo): Free Your Mind, presented by Ana
Peraica (Split, CRO)
_ Old and depressive.., intervention in the urban space

gray) (area is an initiative by Darko Fritz . darko@darkofritz.net .
tel +385 [0] 91.5800193


gray) (area ::: Korcula ::: Alban Muja: I-scream / Free Your Mind

gray) (area

space of contemporary and media art . Korcula . Croatia

presents .
Alban Muja: I-scream / Free Your Mind
guest curator: Ana Peraica



gray) (area ::: r a d i o q u a l i a: Radio-astronomy and Gem Sqash: Polar Islands

gray) (area

space of contemporary and media art . Korcula . Croatia

r a d i o q u a l i a (Adam Hyde i Honor Hager, Novi Zeland): Radio
zvucna instalacija, radio program, internet prijenos zvuka

14. - 21. 8. 2007.

. opening . Tuesday 14. 8. 22 - 24 h
radio broadcast: 14th August . 11 - 11. 30 h Radio Korcula FM 107.5,
live audio stream http://www.radio-korcula.hr

r a d i o q u a l i a from New Zealand (Adam Hyde and Honor Hager)
presents the sound installation Radio Astronomy for one week under
the stars in front of the gallery space gray) (area.

This project links radio as broadcast medium for sound with radio
astronomy. The signals being received by radio telescopes in Hawaii,
Latvia, and other locations throughout the world are converted to
sound in real time and transmitted on line and on the airwaves,
thereby casting into high relief the nature of the cosmos as a
dynamic information site in which the planets and stars are
ceaselessly generating sound.

more info: http://www.radio-astronomy.net.

Open daily until 21 August 22 - 23 h.


Gem Sqash (Adam Hyde and Ntsikelelo Ntshingila): Polar Islands
live sound performance

13 . 8 . 23 h . Festival Istruga, Korcula
15 . 8 . 22h . Ghetto Gallery Splitu u 22h



r a d i o q u a l i a: http://www.radioqualia.net
Radioastronomy: http://www.radio-astronomy.net
Radio Korcula: http://www.radio-korcula.hr
Festivala Istruga: http://www.festivala-istruga.com


gray) (area . Korcula . Croatia presents pro.ba . Sarajevo

gray) (area

space of contemporary and media art . Korcula . Croatia

presents . pro.ba . Sarajevo
a selection of video post.production by pro.ba . Sarajevo selected by
Dunja Blazevic

Enes Zlatar: Thailand
Mum 'n' Dad

. 31 . 07 - 06 . 08 . 2007
. opening . Tuesday 31st . 20.30 h

pro.ba is the multimedia production of the Sarajevo Center for
Contemporary Art - SCCA. pro.ba produces original work in new media,
encourages students and others to realize their own projects using
digital technology, and provides assistance to artists in creating
works in new media. pro.ba offers equipment that enables work and
experimentation in video, Internet, multimedia, sound and 2-D and 3-D
graphics and animation.
pro.ba is open weekdays from 10am to 6pm.
Apart from its non-commercial projects, pro.ba has a commercial
video, audio, web and graphic production. In order to accumulate
funds for artistic and educational projects, pro.ba ventures into
commercial production.


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Enes Zlatar: Thailand
2001, 9.40, dv, color
Asistent rezije: Timur Makarevic
The authors did not travel to Thailand, they just made documentary
about Thailand.
Enes Zlatar is coordinator for new media at the Center for
Contemporary Arts Sarajevo, multimedia lab pro.ba.
Filmography- 24 hours with Bure, 1993
- 4saved the Amazon, serija kratkih filmova, 1993
- Video magazin, 1994
- Stinky Spider, 1998
- Only god, 1999
- Telepathy, 1999


Mum 'n' Dad
Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2006, colour, 35 mm, 65 min.

Cast:Zagorka Borota, Vjekoslav Ramljak, Sabina Bambur
Producers:Amra Baksic Camo, Faruk Loncarevic
Executive Production:Amra Baksic Camo, Adnan Cuhara, Amela
Cuhara, Ognjen Dzinic
Costume Designer:Lejla Graho
Set Designer:Osman Arslanagic
Graficki dizajn:Enes Huseincehajic
Sound Design and Music:Igor Camo
Editor:Faruk Loncarevic
Director of Photography:Almir Dikoli
Screenplay:Faruk Loncarevic
Director:Faruk Loncarevic
Production Company:SCCA/pro.ba in collaboration with PRIME TIME

The year is two thousand and something. An elderly couple live alone
in a flat in Sarajevo, with their own rituals: drinking coffee,
playing cards, watching TV. The husband (Dad) has had a stroke and
although he is still physically strong, he has difficulties in
communication. The wife (Mum) is a lively elderly lady who is, after
50 years, now using the husbands disability to change the things
around in this old-fashioned, patriarchal family. Dad must not allow
that and he opposes it in the only way he can, with physical force.

Faruk Loncarevic was born in 1975. He graduated from the film and TV
directing department of the Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo in
2000. He has worked in theatre, on TV and film. He has made several
shorts, and his first feature film is "JUDGMENT DAY - PREVIEW”,
documentary about tsunami in Southeast Asia.

2006 - Mama i tata
2006 - JUDGMENT DAY - PREVIEW, documentary
2001 - Pauza za kafu, short
1999 - Lice, short
This film is a story of an elderly couple - the husband suffers a
stroke, and the wife uses that to pay him back for fifty years of
life of deceit, stubbornness, violence and everything else that
happens ’behind closed doors’. This need to show their intimacy
dictated the form, i.e. the reality-show style, as notoriously
voyeuristic, the last cry of the magic box - television, which has
become the altar of a new religion. Our heroes are closed inside the
box, they cannot get out, but unlike what we normally see in such
programs, they are not young, pretty, ambitious and ready for any
kind of romantic adventure. They are, in fact, real people, our
parents, our grandparents, maybe even we ourselves, people whose
foundations are slipping, and without such foundations all that we
have always taken for granted, the kindness, morality and love of our
lives crumble down, and all that is left hatred, violence and
instincts. I want to trap viewers with the box as the bait, and then,
just for a short while, offer them something different from what the
box normally gives them.


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gray) (area is located 10 meters by the sea in the basement of The
Memorial Collection of Maksimilijan Vanka [http://www.hazu.hr/ENG/
MemColl\_M\_Vanka.html] . Put sv. Nikole 7 . Korcula

open daily 19. 30 - 21.30 h or by appointment

gray) (area is an initiative by Darko Fritz . darko@darkofritz.net .
tel +385 [0] 91.5800193