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Hello Everyone,
I am a senior at Emerson College and for one of my finals I am doing a project dealing with Net Art. For the project to work I need people to participate. The site is based around Net Art so I figured this would be the best way of getting the word out to people that would actaully respond.
The project is called RepYourCity and it is to get people to talk about where they are from. It also asks the question of what is home and how is it identified. When someone asks you where you’re from do you tell him or her where you were born or somewhere else? How does where your from influence you? You can submit by sending an E-mail with what you would like to say to repyourcity@gmail.com. Along with this please write your name, the location you're representing, and if you would care if your e-mail is displayed in the project. You could also visit the site to see what its all about and view others submissions. Thanks.



Daniel Zinchuk