Dan Shavit

Dan Shavit, author, literary editor and artist, lives in kibbutz kfar Szold, at the north of Israel. He had published several books (novels, novellas and stories) in some of the leading publishing houses in Israel and serves as a senior editor in one of them, Hakibburz Hameuchad publishing house.
Shavit is also an artist (painter and sculptor). He had presented several solo exhibitions as well as group exhibitions in Tel Aviv, and other major cities in Israel in various galleries and museums. Lately his is concerned in creating assemblages of recycled metals such as stainless steel, copper, etc.
Shavit believes that art is used, among other things, to express philosophical, social and personal truth. Therefor, the materials and forms that he uses and creates are willing to
establish a unique artistic language, that tries to serve this belief.