Danny Jeroense
Since 2007
Works in Enschede Netherlands

Danny Jeroense is a multimedia artist who explores the relation between everyday forms of communication, populair culture and urban space.
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interactive animations for mobile phones

Tue Nov 30, 2010 00:00


Open Call
As of 1 october 2010 the E-art on Air open call will start. Until November 30th 2010 everybody can send us their interactive animation for mobile phones. When selected it will be available to order via our E-art sms text service for the rest of 2010.*

E-art on Air
E-art on Air is MobileVideoNet's most recent experiment on public art and popular culture. Artists, vj's and designers are invited to create interactive animations for mobile phones. Using a Flash Lite template the animation reacts to battery power, signal strenght and / or the time of day!

Please visit our website or facebookpage for more information about MobileVideoNet and a template file to make your own interactive artwork for mobile phones!

MobileVideoNet is an artists initiative from the Netherlands that focuses on the possibilities of art, handheld media and alternative distribution.

website - http://www.mobilevideonet.com/_site/index.php?id=318
Facebook -http://www.facebook.com/pages/MobileVideoNet/146882015330924"> http://www.facebook.com/pages/MobileVideoNet/146882015330924>

*E-art on Air animations are only available via our sms text service in The Netherlands, €3 each. (On average 1,50 is paid to the user's provider and 1 euro to the author of the animated file).


E-art on AIR

Sat Sep 19, 2009 00:00 - Sat Sep 19, 2009


E-art on AIR: Interactive artworks for mobile phones offered through a sms service

E-art on Air is MobileVideoNet's latest exercise in public art and popular culture. For one year, artists, designers and vj's will create interactive images for mobile phones and handheld media on a monthly base. These animated backgrounds will react to unique characteristics of the media its viewed on, like battery strenght, signal reach or the time of day.

The launch of E-art on Air took place at the Twente Biennale in Hengelo, 17-20 september 2009. For this event MobileVideoNet's crew - artists Gerco Lindeboom and Danny Jeroense - created the first two works. During the next year these interactive artworks, and many others, are distributed by our MobileVideoNet sms service 2211. October 20th the next interactive animations will be posted at our website.

More information about E-art on AIR or how to obtain the artworks, please visit our website at www.mobilevideonet.com

E-ART on AIR is powered by the City of Enschede (NL).

MobileVideoNet is a Dutch platform dealing with art, public space and alternative forms of distribution.