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Re: Re: Net Art documentation

Hi Jason,
I appreciate the term’s abrupt, perhaps even contradictory. I have used it here to describe the area where the issues of a how a text is read, would be important for its (mis)understanding by a reader.



Jason Van Anden wrote:

> It sounds like something I would like to see when it is done.
> At the risk of stating the obvious, the first place I would start is
> with Rachel Greene's recent book: "Internet Art". It's the first of
> it's kind, and super thorough.
> I have some other thoughts, but I am not clear about what you mean by
> "the boundaries (or no :) between net art and the documentation of net
> art". Specifically, what do you mean by boundaries?
> Jason Van Anden
> www.smileproject.com


Net Art documentation


I am currently in the process of finishing my masters, and one of the issues I want to explore are the boundaries (or no :) between net art and the documentation of net art. The main area of the work I am currently researching, is in regard to textual narratives in online communities, but I don’t really want to produce a static text documenting my research. Given the area of my research I thought it would be more rewarding to produce an artwork that explored the intertextual boundaries between net art and documentation.

I’d be really grateful if anyone could point me in the direction of artworks/practitioners/critical writings that explore this theme?

Many thanks



Re: Re: netbehaviour: Democracy

Perhaps it is? But then maybe its a call to the rest of us to promote the i=
ssues closer to home?
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Another USA-centric project.
Where do USAmerican artists assume that the world revolves around their n=
ational issues?
This is an international forum -- get international.
I'm bored of this chronic US-this US-that obsessiveness by USAmerican art=
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Subject: netbehaviour: Democracy


Use this form to email the President of the United States with a person=
al message about what you think this country needs...


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