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A Whole New World?

Let's be honest. This project meant well, but was a complete fiasco logistically.

There is no way to justify having a physical pavilion if its just going to be used as a foosball lounge for some Venice-Area leftists and their dogs....

The videos were projected on panels of painted-over-graffiti, propped up against the wall by some of the artists in the show 10 minutes before the opening "press conference"— We had close to no support from any production crew, who preferred to sit around reading newspapers and going out at night breaking fascist's arms than have anything to do with art.

I think it would be best if we all forgot that the pavilion ever existed physically, and just focus on the presentation of the work online. But, I also have problems with the idea of net-art being segregated at all... I mean, there isn't any ceramics pavilion.....



Free "Paintings"!

thats a good idea ceci wow! delivery in 12 days?!