Daniel Ivan (born June 20th 1972, Mexico City, Mexico) is a multifaceted artist that defines himself as a multimedia artist, photographer and designer focused on video-art, performing arts and the creation of multimedia environments. In his works he mixes photography, illustration, 2D & 3D animation, design, experimental hypertext and net-art. His works are developed in digital environments and with a main focus on the use of new media and of the new technologies of information and communication as a central part of his artwork.

His works have been exhibited in festivals, museums and contemporary art facilities from around the world, among which are: B.A.N.G Barcelona Art Moving Festival (Barcelona, Spain), Digital Graffiti Festival (Alys Beach, Florida, USA), the International Digital Art Festival of the National Academy of Art (Sofia, Bulgaria), Screens program at La Clínica Mundana (Valencia, Spain) –among others–. His videos also have been featured on several modern art focused websites. Most of his works are published under Creative Commons licences and can be downloaded, exhibited and broadcasted freely for non-commercial purposes.

Since year 2010 he takes part on the collaborative art space “Panz4 Troupé” along with the Argentinean sound artist & sound designer Sol Rezza, delivering the multimedia art project “Matar al Gato”.