Daniel Green
Since 2004
Works in Brooklyn, Nebraska United States of America

Mikon is created by Daniel Green of the Institute for Aesthetic Modulation (http://www.ifam.net), which has created visual theater, installation art, and virtual sculpture since 1993.
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Collective: Unconscious Booking Meeting

Sun Oct 31, 2004 00:00

Multi-disciplinary artist-run black box/new media/movement theater/puppetry/dance space takes proposals for shows/events/actions every Sunday at 6PM. Goto http://www.weird.org/bookings_structure/ for our rental rates. To the best of our knowledge we are one of the only institutions of its kind still surviving in lower Manhattan (New York City, NY, USA). Drop by our 279 Church St. space. Can't come by? Send a representative. We posted an announcement a while ago on rhizome and got alot of responses, so here is basically the same announcement but on the rhizome calendar.

hope to see you on a sunday soon!



Sun Oct 31, 2004 00:00 - Tue Oct 12, 2004

Bring yourself and or your children to our huanted environment. The Burlesque Red Velvet Alien Box. Alien Medical Torture in Inflatable Chamber. Hardware Salesman with Curious Tube-in-Furry-Neck. The Sleep Walking Phonographer and Her Unexpected Monster-Robot Visitor. Violent Gorilla-Man in Dimly Lit Room and Tesla Coil. Motion Activated Monster-Robot Hoist. Lost Hallucinating Wastrel Caught in Time-Loop.

Created by IFAM, the Institute for Aesthetic Modulation.

Where? Collective: Unconscious (http://www.weird.org)
279 Church St. NYNY
Call 347.245.7078 for more information.


How much?
Adults must pay $5 Dollars American Cash Money Paper Filth.
Children get in FREE.


Collective: Unconscious Call For Events from Local and International Artists


i am a co-founder and co-director of collective: unconscious, an artist-run multi media art space and production facility that has just moved into nyc/usa/tribeca, to hopefully engage in ther heretofore rather obscure task of the de-gentrification of a neighborhood in new york city.

at this point, the best way that many of the prolific members of the experimental art/media/theater community can help us is through doing a show/event at collective: unconscious. our carrying expenses are 7000 dollars a month, and we need to have a full schedule of weird, strange, shocking, experimental, original stuff going on in our space to keep us from economically crashing and burning in short order

we have karen finley http://www.karenfinley.org/ doing a run of shows in september and october, which means sizable audiences to glean for a whole slew of open 10pm slots.

a partial and by no means exhaustive pitch for our new facility:

air conditioning that actually works

a dsl line useful for webcasting, along with possible access to a t-1

a no smoking space that doesn't leave you smelling
smoky on your way out

much more noise insulation from the street than our old space

a collective of artist administrators that have busted their asses without pay for many months to keep our ongoing institutional experiment alive- we need help

the only space of its kind left in lower manhattan, in a sea of starbucked duane readed name branded cultural garbage, a barnacle of freakdom that you can help keep alive in the trying months ahead

come by any of our bookings meetings any sunday at 6pm at 279 church st., nyc, usa, and/or email scheduling@weird.org. speak to gecko or myself

we are inviting both local artists and international artists seeking to do shows/events in new york city at low cost. we want engaging original work that may not be as established as the work presented by other experimental art spaces in nyc such as the kitchen or ps122.

if you don't know about our space and you are interested in booking an event with us, check out our website http://www.weird.org

to find out about work we'e produced and presented, goto: http://www.weird.org/what_we_have_done/


Re: Looking for New Media/Installation Arts Festivals in Europe

Thu Aug 05, 2004 19:55

still looking...especially for a space in Italy...Rome, Naples, somewhere to the north or south...anywhere the Romans left their mark...we'd like to do some filming amongst ruins in monster robot costumes at the same time that we take Mikon to Europe.

Daniel Green wrote:

> We deploy a computer controlled artifical life pantyhouse and horsehoe
> crab sculpture system monthly in new york city, and we'd like to take
> it to Italy, Spain, or somewhere else over the atlantic ocean:
> http://www.ifam.net/mikon
> contact: hebdemnobad@verizon.net


Re: Mikon End of Worlds

Sun Jul 25, 2004 00:00 - Mon Jul 19, 2004

Mikon End of Worlds has been canceled for July 25, 2004

We have given up our present space due to escalating rents, but we have found a new, better, and bigger space in lower Manhattan. Stay tuned for future Mikon dates and drop us a line if you are interested in collaborating.

Daniel Green wrote:

> The last installation at our current Collective: Unconscious facility.
> A growing garden of artificial life, found robotica, and found
> objects. A computer controlled pantyhose and horseshoe crab sculpture
> system.
> When: Sun July 25, Noon-5:30PM
> Where: Collective: Unconscious, 145 Ludlow St., NYNY, USA
> For documentation and project background, surf to:
> http://www.ifam.net/mikon
> tel: 347.245.7078
> Part of the Every Last Sunday on the Lower East Side Artloop:
> http://www.elsles.org