Damiano Gulluni
Since 2007
Works in Mammola Italy

Damiano Gulluni was born to Mammola (RC) - Italy, the 19/09/1960, has studied to the Artistic Grammar school of Siderno and therefore to the Polytechnic of Turin, where it has achieved the bachelor in Architecture; successively to Reggio Calabria it has achieved the qualification to the instruction of artistic education, design and history of the art.
It carries out the activity of “architect LSU” with the Calabria Region near the Municipality of Mammola (RC), let alone of artist painter.


Abstract compositions, informall, conceptual, op art.


Mixed technique, tempera and acrylic on paper.


8.12.2002, Palace of the Conferences - Salsomaggiore Terme (PR), 26° National Painting Competition and Diagram “Cristoforo Marzaroli” - Medal Terme di Salsomaggiore, Graphical Section;

From the 11 to 22 January 2003, Gallery of Modigliani art, Milan - New Conceptual Figuration - anthological Extension of the Tourism;

21.2.2003 - Award 2003,

From 06 August to the 5 september 2004 - “Signs, colors, images: exposures, encounter, comparison” - Communal Palace - Mammola (RC).


Salvatore Perdicaro, Gianni Latronico, Carla Marino, Elena Scarfò, Vilma Torselli, Carla Ferraris, Nicodemo Rinaldis.


The elite, selection Italian Art the 2003 - the Voice of the Kellerana - Echo of the Luminosity - Boè

I have written book reviews for the artists:

Christophe Gulluni, Nicodemo Rinaldis, Biundo, Marino, Giovinazzo, Verderosa, Vicari