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Regarding Conceptual and Aesthetic Implications of Code in Computer-based Art

hey, that's a nice approach.

the thing is, i fundamentally disagree with your central premise. what we as programmers do with code requires a high degree of technical mastery, it's true. but this isn't something particularly special to do with code as a medium. i don't know anything about welding but i can appreciate a welded sculpture. i don't know anything about painting but i can appreciate a Renaissance painting. (in fact wasn't technique, and particular parts of technical mastery, often a jealously guarded secret in Renaissance times?)

i also disagree that the code itself is the medium. i think the /runningness/ of the program (for want of a better word) is the medium. i don't look at code-based art to see the code in its raw form, i look at code based art to experience it as running program - to experience this /runningness/.

lastly, your statement that 'creating artwork with code is, by now, nothing new... way back in 2003' kind of completely ignores the earlier history of code-based artwork. iirc there were some people already making software art in the 1970s...

just some thoughts, feel free to ignore.

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