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Re: [thingist] Cult CPA Performance This Saturday - The Point in The Bronx

On Wed, 5 Feb 2003, joseph (yes=no & yes<>no) wrote:

> Our ultimate goal is to inspire our audience do this for themselves,
> without shamans or intermediaries.

Best of luck, but this is simply not a possibility.
And if one understood what a shaman is, one wouldn't
be so egotistically knee-jerking against them.

A point that cannot be "proven".

And you will invite the audience to do as you do.

As if you're any manner of authority, or even in the capacity
to take responsibility what will happen to those humans
(o, but for which a shaman would).

Be "open" my dearest.

After all, there's always the opportunity to cleanse
onself from any and all seeds of consciousness.
It's not like there isn't anyone out there who'd
just *love* to take advantage of such "open" humans.

After all, consciousness : the most expensive energie.

It's so "cool" and "rebelious against authority" to play
with "cultism" and take advantage of and exploit potential
audience stupidity.

That would be part of the ritual of self-cleansing,
one assumes.

Crass con-men.


Re: Re: [thingist] Cult CPA Performance This Saturday - The Point in The Bronx

Comme vous voulez, senoras. Comme vous voulez.
Los anjelitos estaban des serviteurs des votre voleurs.
Waltz + tango. Reformacion.




On Tue, 4 Feb 2003, Rachel Greene wrote:

> interesting... does anyone know of new media artists from south africa?



Re: Your role in stopping the war against Iraq

On Sat, 1 Feb 2003, Dyske Suematsu wrote:

> "Yes, run." Here you express your wish for me to be in the state that you
> describe. Though I do not know what this state is,

The state of a catatonic rabbit with no will, tail in the air,
eyes and ass wide-open (for suggestion), so it's more comfortable
for him to feed.

His entire modus operandi is "competitive" power posturing,
even though he has none, as well as cheap techniques which
"paralyze" humans from self-defense such as attempting to
induce fright, misinformation, authority posturing (again
he has none), abuse of state of blindness (you aren't seeing
what I am doing, you misunderstand) (btw, it's not necessary
to "see" him or "understand" him in order to act accordingly,
as the latter are cheap mesmeric techniques anyhow), as well
as disbalance / undermining attempts via either data overload,
emotional bleating.

What a shame that it's not Joseph doing it even.
But that ego always makes one feel so "tough".
For 5 minutes. Until you need another hit.
On and on, until you die in the ditches like a
rotting piece of human flesh.

A fate to die--and murder for. But the former
demands the latter. A necessity.

Why do humans murder?

`, . ` `k a r e i' ? ' D42