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Re: Mesopotamia. Babylon. The Tigris and Euphrates

On Thu, 3 Apr 2003 15:43:32 -0500, "Christopher Fahey [askrom]"
<askROM@graphpaper.com> said:
> Eryk wrote:
> > So usually I wander around with indictments of
> > these people in my head. I would never say
> > anything to the guy in the gas station,
> Eryk, I profoundly disagree with your state of hopeless resignation and
> your stereotypical liberal weakness.

Most excellent. Slap those labels + attempt to guilt-trip him.
What "hopeless resignation"? Humans don't behave like stereotypes.
Stereotypes are mental categories in which it's easy to automaticlly
dress humans instead of having to address reality head on.

Which is the *real* reason why you do *react* to Eryk's post.

Because you'd *like* him to act your way. And how will you
get him there? W/cheap tricks.

> Protests are, IMHO, incredibly effective, but not in the direct way that
> many protesters hope it might be. It's not like Bush looks out of his
> window, sees protesters, and has second thoughts about waging this war.
> But, as you pointed out, it gives some people a "right on!" sensation.
> This, to me, is the critical function of outspoken protest.

Yes certainly is. Critical to piss your energy away into "feel good"
spastic masturbations in public.

> Emboldening
> others is the key to all political expression (and it is why even the
> tinyest bit of vocal opposition becomes a target for ostracism and
> suppression).

Er right. Observe your own reactions to dissenting "opinions".
Emboldening others is the key to political expression?
Quite obviously. A bit like *fashion* it makes ya feel
cool and badass.

> You mention that a lot of Americans are chock-full of opinions, and that
> we constantly express them. You also argue that the opinions of a couple
> of guys-at-the-gas-station don't affect the world. I think they do.

You can *think* all that you want. In fact, go think yourself
into a stupor. In fact, go THINK.

> I
> think that the direction of our country's policies is determined by the
> tides and currents of the street-level conversations we have - and by
> those we don't have.

Yes, wouldn't it be *nice* to tell yourself that?

> Opinions that are voiced are immeasurably more
> powerful than those that are not voiced.

Oh yes, certainly. Let all the crickets screaam.

> I'm talking about having the courage to express your opinions openly
> with conviction,

That's called mouthing off, and conviction is called buying your own
propaganda. As the adorable Wyndham Lewis would say, don't mesmerize
yourself with the passes you make.

> and to use that conviction to encourage people you meet
> to not only agree with you, but to have enough conviction in their own
> beleifs to actively express them.

Yes, *enough conviction* that they'll AGREE with YOUR OPINIONS,
which will then become THEIR CONVICTION and they'll stampede
down the street repeating the same drivel WITH CONVICTON.

Halleluja! It's sunday church. Someone pass me the mike!

> People on the left have a particular aversion to the day-to-day
> expression of their political beleifs. The appellations "liberal",
> "feminist", and "anti-war activist" are, in America, perceived as highly
> negative, even by people who actually fit those descriptions. Most
> American women have a distate for the word "feminist". No guy who wants
> to maintain their machismo wants to be called a "pacifist". From a
> purely avian standpoint, Hawks are *much* cooler than Doves. Who wants
> to be a dove!? Many liberal political positions, because of the emphasis
> on egalitarianism and peace, require one to take a position of weakness
> or softness.

Er? The above is not only cheaply knee-jerk but full of factual

> While it is easiest to have no opinion at all, it is clearly socially,
> intellectually, and even emotionally easier to be a conservative hawk
> than it is to be a liberal dove.

And how do you measure BEING? By flippant idiotic stereotypes?

Argentina is larger than Bolivia.
Females in Botsuana are far more likely to wear sarongs than those
of Maine.
The more I punctuate my writing with irrelevant data spoken
with CONVICTION the more compelling my argument.

> It is easier for two guys in a gas
> station to talk about "flattening Iraq" than it is to talk about how to
> achieve a just peace and political stability in the troubled region.
> People who disagree with the war and wish to engage in a more
> substantive debate have a lot of social pressure against getting their
> voices heard at all. At a broad level, it's clear that the media doesn't
> like to let them on the air for fear of pissing someone off somewhere.

It's *so* clear. That's *exactly* what's going on.

> But even at the grassroots level, it's hard for many people who question
> the war to bring it up in conversation - even over dinner with their
> friends, even with family.

Is it?

> You estimate (believably) that 20% of protesters are probably marching
> for stupid reasons. But the bigger picture is worse: I would estimate
> that a quarter of all Americans would be for ANY war against ANYBODY no
> matter what, because they beleive that to think otherwise is to be weak
> and unpatriotic.

Is that so?

> IMHO, 25% of us will simply always be in favor of
> America as a global bully.

And that statistic is based on what. And what global bully?
You haven't even *met* the global bullies of whom your governments
are muppets, and allow me to assure you, they don't belong to
America in particular.

>The e folks find it quite easy to express
> their opinions in this country, for the aforementioned reasons. They
> speak from the lizard parts of their brains, and I fear it will always
> be so.

It's a brain surgeon. What about those who speaak to the
draconian parts of their brains?

> I estimate that another 50% of Americans have opinions that are so
> shallow and flexible that they will simply believe whatever is in the
> general zeitgeist, what's on TV, what people are saying at the gas
> station, etc.

Yes, maybe aboout 50% of Americans will buy the above opinion.

They may be variously inclined towards liberal ideas and
> conservative ideas, but they are always flexible (currently, this group
> is in favor of the war in Iraq).
> So let's say the remaining 25% of people in this country are decisively
> opposed to the war for whatever smart/dumb reasons. Most of these
> people, in today's political climate, are still afraid to express their
> opinions (again, for fear of being labelled "a liberal" or "weak").

What's with the bloody statistics?

> won't go to protests, they won't talk about the war at work, they won't
> bring it up with their families, they won't even say anything to the
> guys at the gas station.
> The result is that the country *looks* overwhelmingly like it is in
> favor of the war, when it need not be.

Is *that* what the result is?

Not just in Gallup polls, but in
> the the spirit in the air, in the national "conversation". If Americans
> are not having war debates at the dinner table or at the gas station,
> then they won't have war debates on television or in Congress.

And that's right. You'll *look* bad.
But otherwise--you've got control of the media machine *pat down*
Mostly by opinionating with conviction.

> I encourage everyone I know (and who has what I think to be "good"
> politics!!) to be outspoken and even argumentative about their politics.
> If the 25% of us who are against the war were to lose our fear of saying
> so, and if we all encouraged others tp also have the courage to express
> themselve, maybe those in the "undecided 50%" who are willing to listen
> will change their minds.
> Don't call the White House, call your parents. Don't become a human
> sheild, just talk to folks you meet every day. There are some people
> whose pro-war opinions are so weakly held that meeting and conversing
> with an intelligent, passionate, and outspoken liberal might make them
> change their minds.

Dear, changing the mind of humanas can be done merely by looking
at them. In fact humans change their minds on average 60 times a
Can't help it, you know. The brain is not a tool which can do
anything besides reflect illusory data.

>You could be that liberal!

JUST IMAGINE! You could by into Askrom's propaganda!!!
Please note the *conviction*.

There are some who would
> change their minds if only they knew that a few of their friends or
> colleagues were against the war. We could be those friends!

And what a difference that'll make!
Changing minds--like changing the picture on the TV--of the
hallucinating dumb + senseless asleep humans: WOW!

> There are friends of yours who already agree with you but who lack the
> conviction to speak up about it anywhere.

Preach it brother! One man's zealotry is another's conviction.

Perhaps your conviction,
> expressed through your outspokenness, will embolden your friend to open
> his or her mouth and change someone else's mind.

Yes. Fucking around with ppl's *minds*.

> Your 3 suggestions (run for office, join the military, become a human
> shield) are all comically ridiculous,

Are they? Or are those your own projections?

and I think you intended them to
> be an expression of your own frustration with your seeming inability,
> and indeed the inability of the left in general, to make a difference in
> the world.

Yes, CONVICTIOn and telling people what they REALLY mean.

Your post is filled with a kind of pathetic defeatism that
> has long been the Achilles heel of liberal ideology.


I wholly reject
> your hopelessness.

And? You think you have *hope*?

I exhort you to take strength from your very beliefs
> and to try to change someone's mind this week. One person. It sounds
> corny to say that you can make a difference by changing one person's
> mind, but right-wingers do the same thing all the time by scaring
> lefties into keeping their mouths shut.

No it doesn't. It's incredibly dumb and easy to change ppl's minds.
And it doesn't achieve anything. It just changes the programme.

> Anti-war protesters are great, I love them and I am profoundly grateful
> to them.

Yes clearly. This is all aboit you. And Eryk should be about you!

They embolden me to speak out more to my friends, to
> co-workers, to my conservative extended family, and to you, right now,
> today on this mailing list.


> Peace,

What a shame that your *peace* is a programme which contributes to war.

Ah, and that cheap political idealist schlock--aint got nothing to do
with what's really going on in politics.


How about you try something real for a change?
How about you try to liberate and raise yourself
which you can perceive what is really going on
instead of getting cheap highs?

Now that'll require some true effort and courage.

CONVICTION and "changing people's minds" does not.


-IID42 Kandinskij @27+

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Re: Mesopotamia. Babylon. The Tigris and Euphrates


This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat
of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children.
This is not a way of life at all
in any true sense. Under the clouds of war, it is humanity hanging on a
cross of iron.

-- Dwight D. Eisenhower
President of the United States

What is your preferred mode of "martyrship"?

However it is "art + clever" if the activity is done by an "artist" and
*awful evil* if
it's done by a politician. One form of murder is more justified than
another. All is art!


-IID42 Kandinskij @27+

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Re: "Circuit Bending 101" presented by iKatun and The Berwick Research Institute

On Tue, 1 Apr 2003 10:49:39 -0500, "Kanarinka" <kanarinka@ikatun.com>

> Details: David Webber and Andrew Anselmo from the Berwick Research
> Institute will discuss ways that artists have incorporated hacked
> electronics into their artwork.

Try this instead. Since 1967.

No donations required at the expense of others + no cheap
"Furby" tricks passed on as a career move.


> They will then lead the group in a
> hands-on dissection and reconfiguration of some musical keyboards. Learn
> the ins and outs of electronics, how to make a Furby do what you want,
> how NOT to electrocute yourself while hacking and more.
> This eProjects workshop is presented in conjunction with the exhibit
> "info@blah: overload and organization" that runs from March 20, 2003 to
> July 6th 2003 at the Mills Gallery at the Boston Center for the Arts and
> online at:

Artists: Peddling other people's work since 1980.

Ultra "creative" profiteering + lazy thieves.

-IID42 Kandinskij @27+

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Re: Re: Prix Ars Electronica 2003 Call for Entry!

> Oh man... I thought you were gone.

Knee-jerk from self-importance. It's that one stop solution
for everything in life--not to be confused with "fast food".

> I'll have to remember to turn my filter back on.

As if, the sub-mediocre ape fancies that its posturing
means anything. You can even "do the wave"--or "do the
yawn"--if one starts yawning, everyone will start yawning.

That way you can continue peddling your shit while pretending
that it's art whose importance is sponsored by the "Minsterrrre
de la Kulturrrrrrr". Nevermind that la Ministerrre is a farce
and a joke, and your art is merely mediocre mimicry of stuff
that other "idiots" have already sold, peddled and gotten "grants"
for 5 years ago. Maybe if you posture a bit more, it won't be
obvious what you're doing. After all, everyone shares the same
blindness as you, or if you get "enraged" the other apes won't
be able to help but be enraged too, and that way you can run
around driven by bloodlust and throw stones--which is exactly
what YOU are engaging in--as is fairly obvious from the cheap
attempts at insults on your behalf which are merely repeating
what others have done.

Ach, ach, The monkey herd. Fearsome.


In Anno Dominni l'ape invented "kultur"--justified + justifiable
trampling + pissing on + thievery of that which does not, has never
and will never belong to you. What's the difference between Bush &
you? Nada. Though shalt murder for the sake of your "art". All else
is "unimportant trivia". Someone else pick up the shit after Palle,

> But before I do,

Yes before you try to get the "last word in" from the high balcony,
and wave at the "populace" which rather should be grateful to
participate in your "project" sponsored by La Ministere du Kultur.
Eins Zwei, marching band musique. Eine grande parad(is)e.

> mentioning a sponsor is done out of thanks

No, it isn't. You have no capacity to experience gratitude.
Gratitude--like art--is a characteristic attribute of conscious
awareness, something which you lack en toto.

> for the trust that they show by giving money to the arts.

Yes, that's *exactly* what's going on. They're "showing trust"
in "giving money to the arts". Do insult your audience, not only
with peddling shit at them as "art" but also giving them a tear-eyed
posturing speech while outright lying to them. It's a *tear-jerker*
ladies and gentlemen! You'd put Ms. Leni Rafenstahl to shame, madame!
No Palle, what was written was accurate and precise. The Icelandic
government is not full of sentimental fools, just like this audience--
and before someone raises its foot to speak of "emotional maaturity"
and "luv"--do investigate emotional behavior and reproductive impulses
in primates.

> Of course I wouldn't expect someone so highly evolved to understand
> such a concept.

What *concept*? Emotional tear-jerking posturing is a *concept*?
And somehow your self-important posturing and fawning are supposed
to "sway" a supposed-audience?

Yes, Palle, we are highly evolved and no amount of idiocy on your
behalf is going to alter that. But like all apes--and this is no
generalization--you're driven by self-debasing masochism, and you
just have_ to drag everyone down with you, won't you.

> It's just something
> that most of us who either don't require medication

We are sorry Palle, but none of us here "require medication."
The only one in requirement of "assistance" is you--and a heavy
dose at that, and we're not delivering it with condescension.

-neither you nor anyone else on this list is qualified to
judge whether any of us deserves medication
-if we did deserve medication this isn't something to be
"looked down on"
-medications are prescribed by doctors whose duty is to
offer assistance, not to condescend from their ego on the
patients who need help

So do us a favor and drop using "medication" as some sort of
excuse to invalidate what was written about you, which was, is,
and remains: accurate + precis.

> or take our medication when we're supposed to, do.

That's what medications do, don't they. Shut up the "inconvenient".
Is that sponsored by La Ministerre de la Kultuuuuuuuuuuuuuur Humaine?

> Although it's always nice to hear people talk about our small country,

Standard meaningless political speech phrase. That "country" is
not yours. Never has been, nor will it ever be. Not only that, but
you're completely out of touch with your "country" and there is nothing
"Icelandic" about your artwork. You're just mouthing off using
"Iceland" as a whore in a manner standard to average nationalism-
driven apes. Is La Ministere Du Die Der Kultur capable of "sponsoring"
ignorant monkey-ass mimicry of cultures it doesn't understand as
the great representative of Iceland?

Secondly, there is NO generalization in the *fact* that you're given
a grant by la Ministeeeeeeeerrrrrrre because of reasons which haven't
got anything to do with art, and 3/4 of which you're utterly unaware
But you won't tell the truth about how you got the grant, would you?

> would be even nicer if half of what was said were correct.

Actually it is. Precise and correct. And you're not offering any
to the contrary just making meaningless political-emotional gestures
and claiming "incorrect" in response to a number of factual evidences
behind you art.

Yes, your government gets its money from ALCOA who have just begun
+ destroying Europe's largest unpolluted area. Yes this is going to
your "small tear-jerk sniff" country's second largest water resource.
your country is not a full member of EU so ALCOA doesn't have to abide
the uncomfortable EU high standards with regards to pollution. Yes,
country is not a full member of EU so workers can be exploited to work
40 hrs w/o overtime pay and other such activities. That is, your
artwork is
sponsored by money acquired by allowing your country to be treated like
third world territory.

But that's all just "details" like people who point out the drivel that
Rhizome is--after all "somebody else" will handle the dirty details of
existence. However, we are "afraid"--no self-responsibility, no
no "art". Your posturing is all vanity vanitas. Meaningless gestures in
of the mirror.

To make matters even worse, you're not even *somebody*. You're simply
who your government will use as an "example" in order to manipulate
situations. Also known as a "vector" or "pawn". And you don't even know
Nor will you hear it because of your "filters".

Don't you understand that your *posturing* is impressive to APES who
never been taught anything about manners or religions, and who have
sold counterfeit idiocy for generations and not having anything else,
you perpetuate this idiocy?! The difference between us and your
is that they find you "usable and funny" and we don't. Look at
the one time in your life you're being treated *cleanly* without us
attempting to use you, or titillate all the imbecilities inside your
for our amusement, it's the ONE time you play la princessa.

The one person who will not *victimize* you, you attempt to victimize.
But the one who's *really* (pardon us) fucking you in the arse you
WILL NOT FACE and you will NOT FIGHT. You will whine and posture, and
crawl on your knees with a begging bowl for your art. Meanwhile, it,
like RHIZOME will kick you and tell you you NEED it (looking at
"enlightened" idiotas), that they are SO IMPORTANT, nay they are your
the idiotic GAME that THEY "direct" you to (including hating
--a programme so conveniently used by the vatican it makes the Pope one
of the richest men alive) because otherwise.. and meanwhile your
will run around screeching "kill daddy" because it's all daddy's fault
attempting to present "hoarding" of life resources as a power
of course the good little sonny does the hoarding + abuse of life
all on his own.. but his abuse is "simply Superior") over others as if

Vanity vanitas. My favorite sin.

Art is a PRETENSION warmed by the
TIMIDITY of the urinary basin, the hysteria born

Ideal, ideal, ideal,

Knowledge, knowledge, knowledge,
Boomboom, boomboom, boomboom,
I have given a pretty faithful version of progress, law, morality and all
other fine qualities that various highly intelligent men have discussed
in so manv books, only to conclude that after all everyone dances to his
own personal boomboom, and that the writer is entitled to his boomboom:
the satisfaction of pathological curiosity; a private bell for
inexplicable needs; a bath; pecuniary difficulties; a stomach with
repercussions in life; the authority of the mystic wand formulated as the
bouquet of a phantom orchestra made up of silent fiddle bows greased with
philtres made of chicken manure. With the blue eye-glasses of an angel
they have excavated the inner life for a dime's worth of unanimous
gratitude. If all of them are right and if all pills are Pink Pills, let
us try for once not to be right. Some people think they can explain
rationally, by thought, what they think. But that is extremely relative.
Psychoanalysis is a dangerous disease, it puts to sleep the
anti-objective impulses of men and systematizes the bourgeoisie. There is
no ultimate Truth. The dialectic is an amusing mechanism which guides us
/ in a banal kind of way / to the opinions we had in the first place.
Does anyone think that, by a minute refinement of logic, he has
demonstrated the truth and established the correctness of these opinions?
Logic imprisoned by the senses is an organic disease. To this element
philosophers always like to add: the power of observation. But actually
this magnificent quality of the mind is the proof of its impotence.

[da + da]. There's nothing we can doooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
besides consume
+ regurgitate, has been heard a brain-obsessed ape Ivan Pope as claiming.

There is nothing outside of my brain, nothing outside of my brain, and if
a female you may give birth nd then you'll start screaming "the power the




We are calling from very far away. But not for very long.

> If I generalized about you

You do. Constantly. And project. You can't even discern how many
people you're speaking to and who they are. Just like you're
*projecting* right now that we are generalizing. Your idiotic
wishful misinterpretations of reality however, haven't got
anything to do with what's going on.

> that would make you a drug addicted Christian with a southern drawl
> and a cowboy hat who's dream-come-true would be to get to witness a
> death sentence in an electric chair, tape it on your Handicam and
> then win a lawsuit against the government for exposing you to such
> a disturbing experience.

Would it really? You can't even stereotype Americans properly,
least of all any one of *us*. We are not *all* Americans,
and more than one human doesn't fit into one IMAGE regardless
of nations. IMAGIne, that's why humans exist as separate bodies,
not as a conglomeration of your prejudices. So take your projections
and shove them back where they came out of--in the filthy
consummatory asshole of your ego.

You *are* witnessing a "death sentence" and you are having your
country's government "pay" for it with your Kultur Money. This is
not a stereotype. This is not a generalization. It's a factual
occurrence as we speak. We didn't write about "any Icelanders"
we wrote about *you*. And *we* can perceive *you*. While *you*
cannot perceive *us*. We know that you just absolutely cannot
fathom the fact that in fact not everybody is equal, but there
is no such thing as equality, and you're *less* equal than others
by virtue of the fact that you are willfully "slamming the door"
to shut out reality in such a self-debasing manner.

> ps. You didn't answer my question.

There was no question: just meaningless gibberish.
Nor are you "owed" any answers.

> But I won't see it anyway because my filters back on.

And your head is stuck up your asshole.

> Best regards,

Insincere + untruthful.

> Pall or Palli (not Palle, that's Danish)

Exactly, Palle. Danish. By whom you were owned for a number of
years. One could even trace the Danish "cultural programme" in
your "Icelandic" behavior quite easily. But again you "pointificate"
without understanding. You *really* corrected us. Never give up
exploiting cultural ignorance as "eliteness" don'tcha? Only if
doctors assumed that attitude and started fucking around with
all the "sick bastards". And the next time your bank rips you off,
SMILE! It's all so... funny.. this self-inflicted misery.
And do us a favor dear, have Marc Garrett buy you a shot of whiskey.
It numbs you down while you're being owned--in style. After all,
you won't give it away.. for any less than La Minister de la Kultur!

With gratitude, no less.

-IID42 Kandinskij @27+

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