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>Elated Shiites, on Pilgrimage, Want U.S. Out
>ARBALA, Iraq, April 21


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>review of the Preston h3o performance posted on Irdial Discs'
>Blogger page,
>written by a guy called Ben Green.
>I don't know much about the Hafler Trio, but I had the honour
>recently of
>experiencing a Hafler Trio event in my home town [Preston,
>Lacashire]. Best
>thing I've been to in a long time. Lasted about 4 hours
>Arrived at the Arts Centre. Exchanged a piece of paper with faces
>on it for
>a piece of paper with a three-eared 'rabbit' on it. Bottom corner
>77/222. Inside an old church, the centre of which contains a
>collection of
>instruments and objects, set-up in anticipation to be played. At
>either end
>of the central open space were two screens, both displayed an
>area of
>ground covered in white tarpauline. One screen showed soil being
>thrown off
>[film was reversed] three egg-shaped objects sat in a simple
>black frame
>construction. The soil was being replaced back onto the ground on
>the other
>screen. Sound was of the film backwards. Film[s] end.
>A performer walks into the middle of a room and swithches on a
>crank, at the same time placing an egg into a pan. The end of
>stretches and releases a small upright bellows. It wheezes. And
>is left to
>play on it's own for a while. Looking up to the walls above the
>open space, a video projection of a [possibly - memory is fuzzy]
>opens and contracts like a sphincter. Other layers of video are
>added later
>on. A performer enters the space, sits and slowly begins to
>electronically the sound of the small bellows. A while later, 3
>performers enter, play along and gradually a drone builds. The
>2 harmoniums [I think] and one bass [unneccesary IMHO]. This
>continued for
>quite some, and 'this' was "Breath".
>A bearded man dressed as a chef informs the audience they are now
>to follow
>the 2 other chefs [with umbrellas] to the next location. We all
>walking along the streets of Preston's student 'district',
>following these
>two chefs, who are by now camping it up lordily twirling
>umbrella's and
>skipping merrily. We arrive at a small cafe and cram inside. Near
>the door
>sit the three egg-shaped objects in the frame as seen in the
>film. We are
>given the following text:
>the transition of one part of the flood to another mode of
>previous speech made manifest through numerical significance as
>bodily functions become prominent.
>precursors of angels.
>a fan moves past a dagger.
>the sun is used for divination.
>emerald and flecked gold.
>blue and emerald green.
>sky blue and bright pale yellow.
>the point.
>Playing through a speaker in the cafe is a h30 drone. Also the
>sound of a
>space, people moving objects and talking. I assume this is live
>from the
>Arts Centre, setting up for the next stage. We sit and chat to
>our friends
>for about half an hour and the windows fill with condensation.
>The 2 chefs gesture us to leave and follow them. They don't speak
>to us. We
>walk back thorugh the same 2 streets to the Arts Centre. As we
>get near to
>the centre we hear a drone sound being broadcast from somewhere.
>quite judge where, but we continue into the church.
>Inside the church, the central space has been arranged with
>tables and blue
>chairs. There is a low drone playing and the smell of toast. We
>sit at the
>tables. At the alter end of the space is a screen projected ontio
>which is
>'to be contd.', and two small blue circles, one light blue and
>the other darker blue and crisp. On the opposing wall above the
>entrance is
>projected the time. The drone develops slowly and increases in
>intensity/volume throughout the next 45 minutes. Slowly, very,
>very slowly,
>waiters move towards the tables holding pots of tea. We are
>served tea,
>poured using very slight movements. This continues, at the same
>pace, until we all have tea, toast, and finally blue mints. At
>one stage
>the music cuts, 'stop', then 'continue', and things proceed.
>Whilst this is
>going on, the main chef with the beard [Andrew McKenzie]
>throws bags of flour at the floor.
>Again we are asked to follow the chefs with umbrellas. We leave
>and return
>to the same cafe. Again the drone, and again a text:
>holding, and the absorbtion.
>young women that help those at sea.
>half a body, illuminated by reflection from another.
>the possibility of the coming into being.
>the third being made manifest by means of the duplicity.
>a receptacle for something, with the imitation of the holy.
>the smell of one of the gifts.
>the substance that was the answer.
>removal of dust.
>the relation.
>We are not in the cafe long before we are asked to follow again.
>This time
>we take a different route and go up the hill and towards a pub,
>Theory", which has a chimney-like tower near to it. The time, in
>the same
>clock-face is projected onto the tower. As we approach the pub we
>hear the
>drone sound again, but only for a short moment, and due to the
>effect we assumed it came from the car that drove past.
>We enter the pub into the room at the right side of the bar.
>There are a
>few locals drinking in there but they move out to the bar area.
>The room
>lights are off and the bearded chef hands a cd to the bar man,
>which is
>then played over the pub sound system. The 2 chef guides gesture
>us to
>drink. There are windows down one side of the room which look out
>onto a
>car parking space between the pub and tower. The area is brightly
>lit and
>our 2 chef guides start to dance, a la 'singing in the rain',
>whilst they
>are showered with water from a sprinkler pointed at them by the
>chef. We stand there, in the pub, drink in hand, looking at this
>scene as
>if it were a large screen. When the dancing ends, all three stand
>and stare up at the tower, onto which changing geometric designs
>are being
>projected. Some of us stand outside to get a better view.
>Then back to the cafe. No paper this time. Sounds from speaker.
>Sit for a
>while. And then we leave.
>Then off on another route. This takes us to a different building.
>We wait
>outside for a while then walk into pitch blackness, a tunnell of
>cloth which gradually opens out into a smallish room which smells
>incense/josticks. A pleasant smell. The lighting is somewhat
>orange and
>muslin is draped roughly from the ceiling. There is sound
>playing. On the
>floor is a small old white porcelain sink. It is tilted slightly
>and filled
>with soil. Two eggs rest on the soil in the bottom two corners.
>In front on
>a piece of tissue is the pelvis and leg bones [joined] of a bird.
>On the
>floor at the other end of the room are a pile of clothes. We
>gradually sit
>down as the bearded chef standing behind [not playing] the grand
>adjusts the sound. Projectors from around the room display
>orange/red colours onto the muslin. Suddenly, a nude male and
>female walk
>confidently into the space where the clothes are piled. Slowly
>they begin
>to dress each other in each other's clothes. This takes time and
>with the
>absolutely stunning sound together with the general ambience in
>the room is
>an intense and rather beautiful experience. Once they are both
>dressed they
>embrace, then exit the room. At one stage the sound quietens and
>as it does
>the projector reels rapidly rotate from slide to slide causing
>there on
>inherent rhythms. The light dims somewhat and the bearded chef
>goes over to
>the sink, buries the two eggs using a spade, then buries the
>skeleton. At
>one point the sound jumps greatly in volume, a stimulating noise.
>The time
>is projected onto the ceiling.
>We leave and return to the cafe. Pass the parcel. Some lucky
>leaves with the cdrs of material constructed/used for the
>evening. Never to
>be released. None of the people I'm with win, but my friend
>leaves Preston
>after his first visit believing it to be the cultural capital of
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Es handelt sich dabei um eine abstrakte,
universale Rechenmaschine, die unter dem ........
Namen TURING-MASCHINE bekannt geworden ..........
ist: Man muss sich vorstellen, dass durch .......
diese Maschine ein unendlich langes Band ........
lauft, das in Quadrate eingeteilt ist, von ......
denen jedes entweder eines aus einer ............
bestimmten Anzahl von Symbolen tragt oder .......
leer ist. Die Maschine kann nur jeweils .........
ein Quadrat abtasten und das Band um ein ........
Quadrat vor oder zuruckschieben. Sie kann .......
ein Symbol loschen und drucken. Allein mit ......
dieser einfachen Operation zeigt Turing, ........
das seine universale Maschine jede beliebige ....
Anzahl von Programmen im Binrcode von Nullen ....
und Einsen zum Ausdruck bringen kann. ...........

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Re: Monday special on the net - TRASH!!

........are you collecting garbage?......


who is the liar????.........

99.99% of humans.

...................do we really loose our natural environment?..

Better ask what is "natural".

is birth controll mere luxury??...............

But birth is always controlled. You are all wallowing in luxury,
and barely dragging out your existences like bastards.

..............................what will do the Pope next year?.........

Why do you care?

The Pope shall marry a princess.

..............drinking Champagne?....................

Not in your company.

...................blowing poison in the air??

You are.


Nonsense and not of the Dadaist kind,
before you label your stupidity as such.

The children enjoy meaningless dreams,
delusions + fantasies because life requires
work. Hence the "infantilism" ov..
the "world owes me".

Funny that trees don't protest about being "elite"
and mistreated by "fascists". Must be because of
their stupidity so let'z! Use our influence!

Esp. if our influence allowz us to employ millions
of humans energetic attentions to serve our
selfish + petty purposes, mozt of which stem from
unresolved internal imbalances! Let'z!

Oh yes, and if anyone darez to point out my stupidity,
I'll use my influence further! The world is my playground!
It's my part and I'll cry if I want to,

cry if I want to

cry if I want to!

Cry if I want to! It'z art!

(And don't forget, I have "special rights" as an artist
and more freedom than others because underneath my
salaryman uniform, beats dze heart of a savior")

Now if I could only remember my wife's name..

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Biting the hook again, are ya?

The "punk kontroversial" awards for net.art this year should go to Bush.

Also Ars Electronica's net.excellence awards--after all "he" has spawned
so much "artwork" it's not even funny. All eyes on Bush!

Any wonder the boy's got lights in his eyes.

He certainly is the "star" in Marc Garrett's current universe, seeing as
like or dislike dear, it's the same leash.

But this kind of slavery dearest, is self-inflicted.

So keep lending Mr. Bush your energy. I'm sure he'll need it to walk his

-IID42 Kandinskij @27+

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