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Re: Karei & Neosim

> He's on my block list. His postings have no redeeming value to any of my
> interests.

Bleat. Yet you "comment" continuously.
The "value" ofa nything or anybody does not revolve around your ego,
and you will never perceive any such until you step out of its
gravitational pull.

> A blunt instrument indeed. Heavy plodding for me, but not unrewarding.

More murderous knee-jerks.

> Block him. Consider it a sort of vaccination.

An act of cowardice, closer to reality.

> If he attacks my posts, I have no knowledge of that. Out of mind, out of
> reaction.

And you can talk crap without reaction too, thusly securing
the catatronic safety of your deluded brain.

> Don't know about that. Ignorance is a blissing in this instance.

Absolument! And soulful fucking :)

Tell us if you saw Jesus last time, and how creative
asleep reproductive LATERAL knee-jerking is.

Oh, and do TELL Us how anyone who dares to evolve
"vertically" and develop discernment and ability to perceive
must be attacked, attacked, attacked and murdered, murdered, murdered.

That's because you're NOT A SHEEP :)


partial answer to Eryk's question about "organized" religion


May wish to observe specifically:

Contemporary culture requires automatons. And people are undoubtedly
losing their acquired habits of independence and turning into automatons,
into parts of machines.. (bleat, "we"). Man is becoming a willing slave.
He no longer needs chains. He begins to grow fond of his slavery, to be
proud of it. And this is the most terrible thing that can happen to a man."

You no longer have "organized religion".

You have kitsch religion, cultism, the repeated appearances of
"charismatic personas" (consider Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, the continuous
outcries for such). You have COMMODIFICATION of the human being.
This hasn't got anything to do with "objects' as objects were produced
by humans many centuries before. It's a change of RELATION to production
(resentment of work, poor work conditions, appearance of
working class (and proudly), attempts to reduce artwork to working glass
labor (consider the degeneration of the museum to yet another gallery)
, populism, consummerism, instead of proper relation, kitsch vegetarianism
instead of proper feeding (and no restriction is not the solution), etc.)

Non-coincidentally this can be rephrased as "reducing to passive object"
(misinterpretation of the notion of BEING) which we addressed as mass
"yin-ification" of humans (the appearance of refined sugar 18c, one of
the major "sedatives" of humans). The imprinting of the "persona"
happens much faster with the massive media presence (and in general most
humans are "killed" before they are even capable of building defenses).
Nor is being "strong" encouraged or "politically correct" or being taught.
(No, militant pugilism is not what we refer to).

Juzt relax + be flattened.

You are a "yin" "suggestible" plastik doll.

Traces of the beginning of this "process" can be found with the
Reformation / Enlightenment and industrial revolution (appearances of
machines). May wish to reconsider previous conversation about
RECENT appearance of "kitsch".

Humanitarian Atheism originated "along" with Enlightenment, by the way,
and it's not "yours" though we are not writing this to attack you.

However like most humans (east or west, male or female) you're TOLD
what you are. And that "nice icon" that you've been TOLD since birth, and
trained to (believe) + perpetuate is not_ you_.

Our posts have been an attempt to reveal the mechanisms of the "doll".
And it is the "doll"-princessa that rules you (with an iron fist no less

Those who wish to self-observe, may begin dismantling (if they have the
courage :). But we consider doing so in public a precarious affair as
most humans will try to destroy you without the "faux-defenses" of the ego
and prior to actual understanding of how to deal being built up.

The rest is being considered (apropos symbolism).


Re: say no to BABYCHEEKS

On Wed, 1 Jan 2003, marc.garrett wrote:

> I am thinking of submitting you to the Yawn of the millennium club, right
> next the dome in the UK, another failure.

The only failure here is you babycheeks.
We are not a 'yawn' no matter how much you project,
wishfully + everso desirously.

It must be "soulful lv" again.


Re: say no to BABYCHEEKS

On Tue, 31 Dec 2002, NATALIE MYERS wrote:

> suggestion is not dictation.....

You weren't suggesting. You were dictating.
And yes, it is.

> You may want to consider,

We do not "consider".

> Perhaps you have not thought of,

We do not "think".

> It would interesting if you, and thanks please come agian.......

No, natalie, you didn't do any of the above.
You did what you did.

>.boring boring boring

The only one boring here is you, babycheeks.
Boredom is a self-initiated knee-jerk, and only you_ are responsible for

> babycheeks lacks the guts and integrity of the dail-log ha be that as it
> may really that is great i can see your point and ohhh that is really
> remarkable i do not care it does not really matter and this ....WE do

Meaningless empty self-inflated drivel.
Avoid attempting to dictate our behavior Natalie.
There are no "explanations' and "justifications".
You may wish to play idiotic mindfuck games with yourself
but you're solo there.


Re: To Bush

On Mon, 30 Dec 2002, marc.garrett wrote:

> To Civilian Killerz

Like yourself?

> Truth will come to light; murder cannot be hid long

Ah. Are you the infamous Aunt Polly?