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Re: Karei & Neosim

On Wed, 1 Jan 2003, marc.garrett wrote:

> Now we are establishing that they lack the imagination

No babycheeks. We are not the wishful derogatory projections in your

> to do something more creative,

You have no awareness of creativity, murderous simpleton idiota.

> like sod off! We can safely predict

You cannot "predict" anything babycheeks.
"Predictability" = the programmatic knee-jerk of western-middle
class conditioned apes.

> that they will be playing the same old boring record

No babycheeks. Wea re not the wishful projections inside your brain.

> & we can all sit comfortably watching them continue
> spewing out their contempt;

We are not spewing out any contempt : you however are.
Avoid projecting your idiotic ego at us.

> knowing

No, babycheeks. You have no capacity to know.

> that they are nothing but immature

No babycheeks. We are not the wishful projections inside your brain.
The only one immature here is you.

> contrary-ites

We are not contrary, dearest.

> caught in the flux of their own shite.

The only one caught in the flux of their own shite (and malice,
hatred, jealousy, murderous idiotism, and egotism) is you, babycheeks.

The very unlaughable standard blind middle-class ape, who projects
(externalizes) its own idiot state on other + proceeds to feel "simply
Superior" (condescension knee-jerk).

The "record" babycheeks is you.
Reflected accurately + precisely, the bloated symphony of
mediocre egotist marc.garrett (and hence your pissiness + attacks).


Re: Karei & Neosim & Ninja Burger

On Wed, 1 Jan 2003, marc.garrett wrote:

> Yep, the picture is getting clearer by the minute - juveniles.

No babycheeks. The "picture" is not getting "clearer" at all.
No matter how much you wish to project your wishful self-debasing
idiocy, you remind blind.

> Pratts acting like frats,

Speaking about yourself, babycheeks.

> counseling is probably the best solution for them.

Speaking about yourself, babycheeks.

And your own mediocre middle-class programming.


Re: Karei & Neosim

On Wed, 1 Jan 2003, marc.garrett wrote:

> Neosit - Ninja - kittenz of the delusory nihilist sect/


> In fact - your preseumption of my class

No dearest. There was no "presumption".

> - is your own ego slackness.

Not in the least.

> I am actually working class & proud of it,

Which is exactly what we observed.

> hence able to deal with little urchins like your self.

The only urchin here is you, dearest.
And no, you can't "deal" with anything.

> Coming from a tough working class background where part of
> the social norm was to greet people with a thump on the nose instead of
> mutual communication; has prepared me for ugliness such as yourselves.

The only one ugly here is you dearest.
Brutality is not "toughness".
It's murderous ape behavior.
And it isn't dealing. It's knee-jerking.

> You are so hung up on ego-stuff,

We are not hung up on anything.
Keep your projections to yourself.

> make love with each other instead,

You're not capable of love, dearest.

> it might help you (honest),

We don't need help.

> I make love a lot,

You're not capable of love.

> a very nourishing experience.

We are sure it is.

> It is a soulful experience

Sex isn't about souls. Nor do you have a soul.

> - go on, explore your mutual flesh, instead of trying to
> hurt all of the time. I bet you can't...

We are not hurting or trying to hurt, babycheeks.
You are.


Re: say no to BABYCHEEKS

On Wed, 1 Jan 2003, NATALIE MYERS wrote:

More meaningless drivel in order to avoid self-responsibility.


Re: Karei & Neosim

On Wed, 1 Jan 2003, marc.garrett wrote:

> Your answers are all wrong

No babycheeks, they are not.

> and do not relate to me at all

Actually they do.

> - therefore I know
> that you are talking bollocks.

No babycheeks. We present you as you are.
Not as you wish to tell yourself you are :)

> As usual...

No dearest. Not 'as usual".

> get a life

Meaningless attempt at jab.

> & do something more rewarding for yourself

Another one.

>- if you've got the imaginations that is.

Meaningless jab using a word-concept it doesn't understand.

> For your own sake and your own (in)sanity & everyone
> else's.

Keep your patronizing egotism to yourself :)

Let's see you do it again ; "knee-jerk from self-importance" +
"spew forth self-pity". With imagination.