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Curt Cloninger is an artist, writer, and Assistant Professor of New Media at the University of North Carolina Asheville (US). His art undermines language as a system of meaning in order to reveal it as an embodied force in the world. By layering, restructuring, hashing, eroding, exhausting, and (dis)splaying language, he causes language to perform itself until its "meaning" has less to do with what it denotes and more to do with how it behaves. His work has been featured in the New York Times and at festivals and galleries from Korea to Brazil. Exhibition venues include Digital Art Museum [DAM] Berlin, L'Instituto de México à Paris, Living Arts of Tulsa, and The Art Gallery of Knoxville.

Cloninger has written on a wide range of topics, including new media and internet art, installation and performance art, experimental graphic design, popular music, network culture, and continental philosophy. His articles have appeared in Intelligent Agent, Mute, Paste, Tekka, Rhizome Digest, A List Apart, and on ABC World News. He is also the author of seven books, most recently "Fresher Styles for Web Designers" (New Riders). He maintains, , and in hopes of facilitating a more lively remote dialogue with the Sundry Contagions of Wonder.
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A Dull Roar

To fail does not mean to represent successfully existential failures or existential meaninglessness; it means to fail to represent (either meaninglessness or meaning).


The European Graduate School [under erasure]

Mon Jan 03, 2011 00:00 - Mon Jan 03, 2011


The European Graduate School [under erasure] places a representative sample of contemporary [continental] philosophy under erasure. By simply applying a small piece of code to the following texts, philosophy itself is called into question (yet again)! Just click on a philosopher (or artist) and let the erasure begin. It's deconstruct-o-matic!


TOM (an instrumental rock opera remix in four parts)

Thu Jan 06, 2011 00:00 - Thu Jan 06, 2011

United States of America

TOM (an instrumental rock opera remix in four parts)

1. See Me
2. Feel Me
3. Touch Me
4. Hear Me