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Curt Cloninger is an artist, writer, and Associate Professor of New Media at the University of North Carolina Asheville. His art undermines language as a system of meaning in order to reveal it as an embodied force in the world. His art work has been featured in the New York Times and at festivals and galleries from Korea to Brazil. Exhibition venues include Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris), Granoff Center for The Creative Arts (Brown University), Digital Art Museum [DAM] (Berlin), Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art (Chicago), Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center, and the internet. He is the recipient of several grants and awards, including commissions for the creation of new artwork from the National Endowment for the Arts (via and Austin Peay State University's Terminal Award.

Cloninger has written on a wide range of topics, including new media and internet art, installation and performance art, experimental graphic design, popular music, network culture, and continental philosophy. His articles have appeared in Intelligent Agent, Mute, Paste, Tekka, Rhizome Digest, A List Apart, and on ABC World News. He is also the author of eight books, most recently One Per Year (Link Editions). He maintains, , and in hopes of facilitating a more lively remote dialogue with the Sundry Contagions of Wonder.
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Stories from the New Aesthetic: Oct 11 at the New Museum

dear rhizome friends,

here is a recent essay that i wrote on the New Aesthetic at Mute Magazine:

Perhaps you will find it relevant to your interests.





Tue May 15, 2012 10:55 - Tue Dec 31, 2019

United States of America

A video collaboration between A. Bill Miller and Curt Cloninger. Audio by Low. Bill and Curt swapped files back and forth until the person receiving the file felt it was finished. Links to the video files in progress are included.


What is happening to rhizome?

the spam filter queue went a long way toward killing many-to-many conversation. posting used to be instantaneous. now it is a bit faster than a lantern signal chain; a bit slower than a message in a bottle. so The Medium Forerly Known As Rhizome Raw (d)evolved into a few-to-many (group blog) broadcast model (at least in practice). Rhizome editorial staff posts find their way back to the discussion forum and are occasionally footnoted with facebook-esque thumbs-up banality ("rad post, bro").

my children went to web 2.0 and all i got was this stupid vacuum,

[tosses bottle into sea]