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CultureHub Live-Wired Presents: Tze Chun / Daniel Iglesia /Ursula Kwong-Brown

Thu Dec 15, 2011 20:30 - Thu Dec 15, 2011

Admission Free / Limited space available / Please RSVP via Link Below

Join us for Live-Wired with Tze Chun, Daniel Iglesia and Ursula Kwong-Brown. There will be a performance of the multi-media piece Phase Vidcoder, and a performance by Datalore. The pieces will be followed by a discussion of the work open to questions from the audience.

Phase Vidcoder is an audio-video collaboration between choreographer Tze Chun and composer Daniel Iglesia. This multi-media performance piece incorporates live video, layers of projected images, and the use of delay replay, simultaneous recording and playback to investigate movement's relationship to time and space.

Datalore is a duo consisting of Game Boy sound synthesis, vocoder, guitar, toy keyboard, and drum pad. It's robo-circuits are controlled by Daniel Iglesia and Ursula Kwong-Brown.


Verbally Challenged / Digital Dialogues

Wed Dec 14, 2011 14:30 - Wed Dec 14, 2011

Admission Free / Limited space available / RSVP via link below

CultureHub teams up with Contact Theatre in Manchester, UK to present staged readings of new works in process.

Verbally Challenged is a regular script-writing competition held at Contact Theatre / Manchester, UK. In collaboration with CultureHub, Digital Dialogues is a special event in which both sides will be connected via telepresence technology. The writers follow a set brief and two teams of performers and directors come together through the virtual space.

After each of the four 10 minute performances, there will be an informal Q&A session where the audience can provide the writers with feedback, challenge them with questions and discuss the pieces they have just seen. In the end the audience will decide who wins the ultimate cash prize!

Verbally Challenged is an opportunity to see brand new work, hot off the press from New York and Manchester's best emerging writers.

This event will be LIVE-STREAMED.


Audio Visual Meditations

Sun Sep 25, 2011 21:00 - Sun Sep 25, 2011

New York, New York
United States of America

Join us September 25th for Audio Visual Meditations. Master musicians in both New York City and South Korea perform together via telepresence, sharing compositions and fusing disparate traditions. The performance will be followed by Q&A, linking artists and audience in both locations.

Culturehub Live-Wired series presents:
Admission FREE / Limited space available / Please RSVP at

Steve Gorn (Bansuri), Yukio Tsuji (Guitar, Percussion), Kang Eun-il (Haegum)
Ralph Samuleson (Shakuhachi), Kim Young-dong (DaeGeum), Haegum Plus (Guitar, Percussion)

Park Sook-ja


Mixed Movement / Digital Duets

Sat Jun 04, 2011 17:00 - Sat Jun 04, 2011

NYC, New York
United States of America

Culturehub SeoulArts/LaMaMa

In Collaboration with: 
The La MaMa Moves Dance Festival and The Mixed Movement Festival 
Culturehub and Contact present:
Mixed Movement / Digital Duets


Mediated Motion; Dance + Tech +Artspace

Mon Apr 04, 2011 00:00

New York City , New York
United States of America

Deadline Extended until April 4!
Culturehub is seeking submissions for a week long Dance and Technology
Art Exhibit that will take place May 24-28th, 2011 at the La MaMa Galleria.
are looking for projects or works of art that capture compelling
aspects of movement/dance and that utilize, engage or intersect with new
media technology. Entries may include multi-media projects,
interactive games, websites, networked performances, installations or
any other work that incorporates elements of dance in a digital media
Submissions will be reviewed by a multi-disciplinary
panel including new media artists and dance practitioners. The admitted
works will be shown at the La Mama Galleria during the week long
exhibit and when applicable displayed on the Culturehub website for the
duration of the La MaMa Moves Dance Festival.  
works will be judged on the effective and unconventional use of the
medium, the incorporation of new ideas, overall playfulness and the
artists ability to actively engage the viewer.