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Thu Aug 15, 2013 18:00

New York , New York
United States of America

CultureHub seeks interactive works, installations, performances and multi-media works that explore the manifold meanings of "regeneration". Pieces will be reviewed for consideration of acceptance in the festival through August 15th 2013. Please send three photos or a video link, a description of the work between 250-500 words, a brief artist bio and any other relevant links for consideration of your piece in the festival. Please send your assets to by August 15th.

Last year CultureHub hosted the Media Circus Festival in The Ellen Stewart Theatre at La MaMa with guest curator Ellen Pearlman of the Volumetric Society of NYC. For more information, video and photos of last year:


Arts+Tech CoLab Summer 2013

Mon Apr 22, 2013 18:00

New York, New York
United States of America

CultureHub is thrilled to introduce an exciting summer initiative for young artists ages 16-20. CoLab is a series of intensive workshops focusing on a variety of art forms and creative technologies. Each of the four modules will provide a unique and fun opportunity for young artists to connect, ideate, prototype, and pilot their own projects. Under the mentorship of a diverse team of professional artists and digital media technologists, participants will learn to create and innovate in a dynamic, hands-on environment, engaging in the creative process from inception to execution.


Module 1: Poetry, Beatmaking and Found Sounds

Module 2: Motion and Animation

Module 3: Urban Gaming

Module 4: kinect_hacks


Each CoLab module is an 8-session series of 1/2 day workshops from June 24 - July 2. CoLabs are open to emerging artists ages 16-20 and are free of cost. To be considered for admission to a CoLab module you must submit an online application. The deadline for submission is April 22nd, 2013. CultureHub welcomes students of any national or ethnic origin, gender, or sexual orientation. All are welcome and encouraged to apply.



Sun Feb 10, 2013 23:59

New York, New York
United States of America

We’re looking for performances, presentations, and workshops featuring audio of all kinds to fill our weekend-long festival in New York City, April 19-21, 2013, with our headquarters at the New School. Circuit bending / noisemaker constructions, slumber parties, free-form audio editing sessions, interactive demonstrations, experimental musical practice and theory, film with a heavy audio component, musical performances, subversive audio tours, (un-boring) lectures, and whatever else your brain births.

Firstly, think about this year’s theme: TOURISM.

Like everyone else with some smarts, the New School celebrated the centennial of John Cage’s birth in 2012 (Cage was on the faculty of the New School). In the spirit of this centennial, we mark 2013 as an opportunity to dwell on one of JC’s musings:

“What I’m proposing, to myself and other people, is what I often call the tourist attitude – that you act as though you’ve never been there before. So that you’re not supposed to know anything about it.”

Additional special consideration will be given to:

NEW ARTISTS! We like new blood. If you presented at a previous festival you might not get to present this year. Sorry this hath been decreed, but yaknow, if you presented before you can attend the whole festival this year without having to worry all about that “making people happy” crapola.
Events that invite participation and active creation among attendees, with created works to be shared on this website and maybe even at the end of the festival weekend.

Proposal types:

Session: 90- or 45-minute-long presentations, workshops, and the like by one or more presenters. We provide the venue. Megapolis features five 90-minute blocks on Saturday and Sunday during which time multiple sessions will happen at once. Presenters may be asked to repeat their session over the course of the two days.
Tour or Soundwalk: One or more presenters leading 15 or fewer attendees outside of festival venues. You choose the length of time on Saturday or Sunday. Usually these meet in front of the festival headquarters.
Performance: Performances take place either Friday, Saturday or Sunday night OR Saturday or Sunday day. The nighttime performance are usually ~45 minutes and take place inside. The daytime performances take place inside or out and take place during a 90-minute block during other events. Daytime performances can be part performance/part presentation. NO HIPPIE MANTRAS.
Installation: Self-sustaining and sound-based (obviously) pieces that stay put. Electricity or not is fine. For presentation inside festival headquarters and associated spaces. We encourage a period of ‘activation’ or interactive audience participation with your installation during the festival.
Miscellaneous (our favorite): Booths inside and outside festival venues, temporary radio stations, 1-800 numbers, crowd experiments, overnight or lunchtime gatherings, big wheel races captured through contact microphones and broadcast through giant speakers – essentially anything else mind-blowing you can think of outside of the above categories.

A few other things to keep in mind:

Check out our festival archives to make sure you don’t ape a previously selected, previously amazingly original concept.
If you have questions before or after you fill out this form, ask us at contact at megapolisfestival dot org
While not required, it helps to submit well before the deadline.
Reimbursements MAY be available to those artists providing materials to attendees during a Session; other artists should plan to account for the lions share of Session and Installation materials. If you need standard audio gear (speakers, mixers) to make your idea happen, we may be able to help — but the more self sustainable you are, the better chance it works for us.
If you are with an arts organization in the NYC area and you would like to curate an event using your artists, you can apply as an individual within an organization and just note what you want to do in the proposal. But note that your event will probably occur at one of our spaces (or start there if it’s a tour) so we don’t split up our audiences, since NYC is a big place.

If your proposal is accepted, you get:

Free entrance to all festival events
Partial reimbursement for travel expenses from outside of NYC (VERY limited, and typically only up to $50 depending on our budget)
An invite to a supaexclusive event just for presenters and Famous People

THE DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION IS 11:59PM, SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 2013. You’ll receive a response from us by March.


Media Circus / Call for Volunteers

Tue Nov 20, 2012 16:00

New York, New York
United States of America

Volunteers needed!
Nov.19-21st(set-up) + Nov. 23-25th (festival)
Ellen Stewart Theatre, 66 East 4th St, NY, NY

Build your resumé, get fed + dranked, get a weekend pass to Media Circus, do something fun and interesting!

What we need: Hands, Brains + Hearts to help us execute a most excellent Media Circus, actual duties will include:

-problem solving
-stage set up
-talking to people

We need people to volunteer for a minimum of two days in order to receive these sweet perks:

-$10 Metro Card
-Lunch+Dinner (Each Day Worked)
-Free pair of weekend passes to the Media Circus
-A CultureHub T-shirt
-A job reference

Please send your resume (a one pager suffices) and a short blurb (50 words or so) to


Call for Submissions Extended: Off the Screen [Media Circus]

Fri Sep 28, 2012 18:00

Ellen Stewart Theatre November 24th & 25th
Arts-tech playground, meeting place, networked performance space
Break out of the box and off the screen with CultureHub during this two day festival celebrating the diverse means by which we continue to push the human experience forward.

For experimental artists, tinkerers and hackers repurposing media to expand the boundaries of creative interaction. CultureHub will host OFF THE SCREEN [MEDIA CIRCUS] which will turn the Ellen Stewart Theatre at La MaMa into our arts-tech playground, meeting place and networked performance space. We want you to join us!

How can we enhance the telematic experience?
How can we push past the screen?
What is the role of architecture in telematic art and communication?
What does it mean to make art in networked environments?
How can technology allow audiences to interact and play in new and exciting ways?

Call for Entries
Artists and technologists working in all disciplines and forms of media are encouraged to apply. We are looking for new approaches that explore possibilities beyond screen-based media. This includes but is not restricted to works that combine art and technology including: video, sound, interactive, web-based, volumetric, robotics or biotechnology based artworks...

Submission Fee

Call For Entries Deadline:
September 28th, 2012
Notification of Curatorial Board Decision:
October 12th, 2012
Artwork needed for OFF THE SCREEN [MEDIA CIRCUS]
November 24th & 25th 2012

To Apply
Send the following materials of a single proposed piece.
Any proposed artwork must already be completed, functioning and exhibit ready.

1-3 images as attachments (72dpi. JPEGs only.) - or - Direct link to a specific work or video.

Text summary of the proposed artwork (500 words maximum. DOC or PDF files only.)

Brief overview of professional history. (1 page maximum. DOC or PDF files only.)

Send to : submissions[at]
We are happy to answer any questions you might have