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Culturehub is a shared space for creative growth where artists from diverse disciplines and cultures collaborate, explore emerging mediums and produce works of art that engage technology.
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Refest Art & Technology Festival

Fri Nov 21, 2014 19:00 - Sun Nov 23, 2014

New York, New York
United States of America

Refest is CultureHub’s annual art and technology festival celebrating the innovative work of our dynamic community. This year we dissolve the divide between audience and artist. We are pulling the curtain back, exposing the interface and encouraging festival-goers to participate and play with the art. At this year’s festival, you’ll see artists implement, subvert, and modify technological tools and frameworks. Refest celebrates CultureHub’s
mission of connecting creators from diverse disciplines and cultures and supporting artists with an environment to collaborate, experiment and explore.


7:00 Opening Reception for Exhibitions, La MaMa Galleria
▪ Nicholas Kiray, Menglong Wu, Frances Wang
▪ Luis Hernandez Galvan
▪ Kent Sheely
▪ Ivaylo Getov
▪ Sue Jeong Ka
▪ Su Hyun Nam
▪ Emilio Vavarella and Daniel Belquer
▪ Ava Ansari
▪ Yousha Bashir
▪ Mandy Mandelstein
▪ Mez Breeze and Andy Campbell

The Invisible View curated by Anna Barsan
▪ Grayson Earle
▪ Diva Helmy
▪ Ryan Raffa
▪ Matt Whitman
▪ Carmel Pryor and Jonathan Federico

8:00 WordHack, Performances and Readings from
▪ Todd Anderson
▪ Jonas Jongegan
▪ A special performance of <legend> </legend>
with Carla Gannis, Eric Rieper, Justin
Petropoulous, and Rafia Santana.

9:00 Close-up, OMTA & LeeSaar The Company

9:30 MOORI, Bubblyfish


11:00 Family-Friendly Workshop & Kids Arcade

4:00 Artist Talk and Drone Demo, Daniel Belquer and Emilio Vavarella

4:30 Artist Talk, Yousha Bashir

5:00 Surveillance Salon curated by Anna Barsan
▪ The Illuminator (Grayson Earle & Kyle Depew)
▪ exHOTic Other
▪ Students from SUNY Empire State
▪ Miki Foster

7:00 Artist Talk, INTACT Project

7:30 foci + loci performance

8:00 ArtCade curated by This Near Future


7:00 Meeting Table, Performance, Or Zubalsky

7:30 Performance, Daniel Belquer

8:00 Audio-visual Speed Dating, curated by Eric Barry Drasin
▪ Chris Botta
▪ Dylan Neely
▪ Eric Barry Drasin
▪ Beth Wexler
▪ Collin Crowe
▪ Nick Fox-Gieg
▪ Nate Crepeault

9:00 Performance, HD XD

This program is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.


CultureHub Micro-residency 2013

Fri Dec 12, 2014 00:00

New York, New York
United States of America

The micro-residency program supports artists and technologists interested in experimenting in a fully reconfigurable studio environment. Up to two individuals will be selected for one-week micro-residencies taking place in February 2015 at CultureHub. The program seeks to incubate new artistic projects and investigate creative implementation of technology. Residents will have the opportunity to present their work during CultureHub’s Fall 2015 season.

In addition to a stipend and workspace, residents will receive technical and materials support. Residents will have full use of our studio space, theatrical lighting and grid, AV equipment, and assistance from CultureHub technicians.


To apply to please submit a copy of your resumé or CV, links to portfolio or work samples, a proposal of no more than 500 words, and a short biography. The application deadline is December 12th, 2014.

For more information and a full list of available resources please contact


Game Art in the Knowable Space

Fri Nov 07, 2014 19:00 - Fri Nov 07, 2014

New York, New York
United States of America

$10 General Ticket
$5 Artists and Students

The aesthetics of video games are rerouted to create works of art, music, and cinema that subvert game mechanics and the experience of play. Game artist and machinima maker Chris Burke curates a showcase of artists who are using games beyond their intended purpose, as tools for making art. The exhibited works explore the finite, or “knowable,” potential of the programmed game environment.

With artwork from Alex Myers, Notendo, Rosa Menckman, Kieran Nolan, Luis Hernandez, Victor Morales, Kent Sheely, Jim Munroe, and Tom7

Performances by Tamara Yadao and Skot Deeming


FutureMapper 1.0

Sun Oct 19, 2014 12:00 - Sun Oct 19, 2014

New York, New York
United States of America

October 19, 12-6pm

Projection Mapping is a technique for projecting onto three dimensional surfaces. It creates illusions of deconstruction and redefines physical shapes by moving away from flat projection screens. Artist and educator CHiKa will lead this comprehensive introduction to creating projection mapping for beginners. Students will learn how to make animations using various techniques and software, and how to map the three-dimensional surfaces. This workshop is intended for the students who want to learn how to develop projection mapping projects for future events, art installations, and performances.

About the instructor:
CHiKA is an interactive visual artist and an educator. She creates a minimalist geometric visual narrative in sync with the sounds of live music performance in addition to interactive projection mapping installations that explore the relationship between visual, light, sound and public audience. She is a creator of a projection mapping workshop marathon, Mappathon, that teaches projection mapping technique to create site specific installations. She has been a resident researcher at Eyebeam, ITP, New York University and an IAC Teaching and Research Fellow for Vimeo


Cipher: Refraction

Fri Oct 17, 2014 19:00 - Fri Oct 17, 2014

New York, New York
United States of America

Cipher: Refraction
47 Great Jones St, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10012

General Tickets $10
Student and Artist Tickets $5

Cipher: Refraction is curated by Giselle Zatonyl and comprised of a screening in two parts, a post-screening discussion, and an after party with projections and live music from Opal Onyx and HD XD. During the evening Zatonyl will premiere a new work created as part of her residency at CultureHub earlier in 2014.

Refraction, the first installment of the screening, was first shown as part of Discrete Systems, Zatonyl’s solo show at Brooklyn’s Transfer Gallery. Each of the nine artists takes a distinct approach to making video art taking WebGL, Processing, and 3D modeling programs as their tools of choice. The artists featured in Refraction fragment and distort the fluidity of visual language.
Refraction showcases work from Eva Papamargariti, V5MT, A Bill Miller, Carrie Gates, Erik H Zepka,
Mattie Hillock, Mark Pieterson, Faith Holland, and Hector Llanquin.

The second screening, Cipher, is a continuation of Refraction with videos from Morehshin Allahyari, Jenifer Juniper Stratford, Mattie Hillock, Jeremy Couillard, Johnny Woods, Erik H Zepka, Sabrina Ratté, Nicholas O’Brien, and Giselle Zatonyl. Cipher explores the same visual fragmentation as Refraction but also navigates the how language follows this fragmentation. Cipher focuses on how linear narrative is utilized in experimental video.

Cipher will see the premiere of Optimal Health Technologies Institute, conceived during Giselle's residency at CultureHub. OHTI uses the format of a Public Service Announcement that promotes public health programs in a futuristic society and follows a narrative thread from the artist's earlier work about a hyper-commercial future. The video tours a medical facility in a fictitious future, where bodies are reconditioned in body scanners. During her CultureHub residency, Zatonyl incorporated real world data from motion-capture and facial tracking software into 3D rendered, fictional worlds. Following the video presentation, Zatonyl will lead a discussion on the role of open source and commercial software in artmaking, addressing the challenges of communicating in digital mediums and introducing the viewer to particular tools and perspectives.

Argentina born artist Giselle Zatonyl is a Brooklyn-based multi-disciplinary artist and curator. Her work explores new technologies to create immersive digital environments with video and sculpture. Zatonyl moved to the United States in 1999, and received a BFA in Photography and Art History from New World School of Arts in Miami, FL. Since 2008 she has lived and worked in New York City – in 2014 she was awarded a micro-residency at CultureHub to continue exploring her interests in systems, mechanisms, interaction and utilizing science and technology in art.

CultureHub is an incubator for creativity focused on the intersection of art and technology founded by La Mama and the Seoul Institute of the Arts in 2009. We connect artists from diverse disciplines and cultures and provide them with environments in which to collaborate, experiment and explore. We serve local and global communities by providing an open space for creative research, artistic exchange and learning.

CultureHub’s micro-residency program supports innovative projects from artists and technologists with materials, equipment, technical guidance, and financial support. For more information about
CultureHub residencies, please contact