Cristina Miranda de Almeida
Since 2008
Works in GETXO Spain

Cristina Miranda de Almeida, artist (University of the Basque Country, UPV-EHU, Spain / and architect (USU, Rio de Janeiro /, lives and works is Spain. She holds a European PhD in Arts (UPV-EHU, see abstract in; a Postdoctorate Degree as Advanced Research Associate at the Planetary Collegium, University of Plymouth, U.K (2005/06,, a Master in Industrial Design (DZ-BAI Berrikuntza Agentzia - Agencia de Innovación/ and is specialized in Territorial Planning (Fundicot, Universidad de Valencia, Feder, Spain / and in Town Planning (IBAM, Brazilian Institute of Municipal Administration, Rio de Janeiro /
Since 2007 she is a W-Fellow in the MPCT (, University of Toronto, Canadá collaborating in different projects. She is currently teaching at the Department of Painting (Audiovisuals /, at the University of the Basque Country, Spain and has had different individual and collective art exhibitions either in Spain, Brazil, Belgium, Tailand or Germany. She focus her interest, on the one hand, on the intersection of art and science, and on the other, on the interaction of transsensoriality, intersubjectivity, multidimensionality, identity, cocreation, creativity and transdisciplinarity (ver entrevista con la artista en Now she is working on the projects WiredBook & Electronic Margin and Global Art.