Conor McGarrigle
Since 2004
Works in Dublin Ireland

Conor McGarrigle is a new media artist, researcher and educator working at the intersection of digital networks and real space. His work is concerned with the integration of digital technologies into the everyday, the spatial implications of location aware mobile devices, and the social, political and cultural implications of Big Data.

His work has been exhibited widely internationally in over 70 exhibitions including the 2011 Venice Biennale, The Irish Museum of Contemporary Art, Fundació Miro in Mallorca, the St. Etienne Biennale, EVA International Ireland's Biennial, the Werkleitz Biennale, SIGGRAPH, Site Santa Fe and FILE São Paulo.

An Irish native, recently relocated to Denver, he is an Assistant Professor in the Emergent Digital Practices program at the University of Denver
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Re: Re: Membership fee

> > 3. You won't lose many members by charging a membership fee- especially
> > sliding scale. You should, however, make the payment process as easy as
> > possible.
> All my experience of the net tells me this is totally untrue. You will
> certainly lose a majority and possibly a large majority of your members by
> introducing a fee.

I've got to agree with Ivan, i get worried when I hear calculations like
19,000 members at $5 a head - if only 1% gave a donation increasing this
donation rate to 25 % would be quite a feat but would it be enough? Then you
have to remember that Rhizome's importance comes from it's 19,000 members
and the artbase, what effect would a drastic reduction in this membership
have on other income sources? Before you go ahead with this you need to know
what percentage of your membership can you afford to lose.

>The issue will not necessarily be the fee itself, but the
> perceived effort needed to pay it. Imposing a fee immediately raises the
> question in the mind of the user: what is the value of this service to me?
> Would I care if I didnt have access? And a lot of people will from that
> point drift off elsewhere.

I also think it'd be foolish to underestimate the reluctance of people to
pay any membership whatever the price. In some ways i think you can
attribute the fact that the web is still essentially free to this point
blank refusal to pay anything, however reasonable. Remember Napster?

> So what is the value of Rhizome to most individuals? Well, to me its
> all the list. And to be honest, I dont feel that has much value these
> The web site is conceptually interesting, but I dont really use if much.
> course, there is value in the collection of works on the site, but to some
> degree this is just a directory (as most of the works would continue to
> exist even if not cloned on Rhizome). The events etc information is
> interesting, but I get it all elsewhere.

I think I'd pay but that'd be more because I've been a member for years
rather then the fact that I couldn't do without it.

all the best




Announcing the Stunned Net.Art Blog

Announcing the Stunned Net.Art Blog self publishing system

Stunned announces the launch of the Stunned Net.Art Blog .

It seems that there is so much new these days that it's really hard
to keep up with what's happening so this system arises from a personal
desire to harness the immediacy of blogging to help keep in touch with new
net art.

The Net.Art Blog uses Moveable Type blogging system which will let artists
post information about new work themselves without any editorial input or
delays and will automatically ping popular weblog tracking systems like and MIT's Blogdex with each new post.

The system will be restricted to new work announcements, requests for
feedback on works in progress and recommendations so we hope it'll become a
quick stopping off point whenever you want to check out some new project

While we felt this would be a useful tool we can't say we're 100% sure so
this is a trial run, if it proves useful we'll keep it, if not it'll go the
way of so many other bad ideas.

all the best



Stunned Net.Art Blog


Re: What's your enmity quotient?

Good points Michael, here's some related links of interest

Denis Halliday The former head of the U.N.'s humanitarian program in Iraq
says an American invasion would be an international crime -- and would make
the U.S. even less safe.

From The Independent
-Mr Rumsfeld was actually in Baghdad on the day the United Nations first
reported Iraqi use of chemical weapons, but chose to remain silent, as did
the rest of the US establishment. Five years later, he cited his ability to
make friends with Saddam Hussein as one of his qualifications for a possible
run at the presidency.-

Former British Minister and key player in the Northern Ireland peace process
Mo Mowlam argues that Iraq is no threat but that Bush wants war to keep US
control of the region and that the real goal is the seizure of Saudi oil.,3604,786180,00.html

> < Schroeder barely won, in part
> because one of his ministers compared Bush to
> Hitler.>
> Schroeder won ( against initial predictions) precisely
> because he had the political nous to campaign against
> what here in Europe is an incredibly unpopular war (
> 80% of the German population oppose it as still do a
> clear majority of the UK population despite a massive
> pro war propaganda campaign)
> Everything still to play for - here there will be a
> massive anti war demonstration in London this coming
> Saturday with not only the usual suspects but
> substantial sections of organized labour marching ( it
> departs Embankment 12.30 any Brits reading this).
> Its straightforward surely - don't we all know this is
> a war not about justice , or weapons of mass
> destruction ( of which the US and the UK both have
> stacks, with the US of course refusing independent
> inspection of its biological arsenal ) but oil -and
> oil isn't worth killing or dying for.
> Nor is it a question of waiting for ,or trusting, the
> UN - the UN has murdered 500,000 children in Iraq in
> the last 10 years with its sanctions.
> I would like to see more artists come out against this
> barbarism too Max - but not *because* we're artists
> though; but neither are we excused speaking out
> because we are, which is why this list is an
> appropriate place as any to raise the question.
> Michael
> ps i enjoyed the quiz though.
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Get your war on

Get your War on


Stunned Weblog


Arthouse website saved and back on line

On 12th July Arthouse Multimedia Centre for the Arts in Dublin closed down
unexpectedly after ten years in operation.

Last weekend the Arthouse website was shut down as the contents of the
building were auctioned off. The servers contained an archive of digital art
produced in Arthouse and an important record of digital art practise in

As an Irish digital artist and a former artist in residence at Arthouse I
was concerned about the fate of this archive and so took the precaution of
downloading everything before the servers were shut down in case this work
was lost for ever.

Now that the Arthouse website has gone the artistic programme archive is now
available on as a resource for all.

I don't see this as permanent but rather as a temporary measure until a
more permanent solution can be found.

all the best