Conor McGarrigle
Since 2004
Works in Dublin Ireland

Conor McGarrigle is a new media artist, researcher and educator working at the intersection of digital networks and real space. His work is concerned with the integration of digital technologies into the everyday, the spatial implications of location aware mobile devices, and the social, political and cultural implications of Big Data.

His work has been exhibited widely internationally in over 70 exhibitions including the 2011 Venice Biennale, The Irish Museum of Contemporary Art, Fundació Miro in Mallorca, the St. Etienne Biennale, EVA International Ireland's Biennial, the Werkleitz Biennale, SIGGRAPH, Site Santa Fe and FILE São Paulo.

An Irish native, recently relocated to Denver, he is an Assistant Professor in the Emergent Digital Practices program at the University of Denver
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Announcing Proteus a net art project by Conor McGarrigle


The ineluctable modality of the visible - the continuing story of Artie

A Net Art Project by Conor McGarrigle

Proteus is a meditation on place which takes place as our protagonist,
Artie travels on the DART commuter train into Dublin. For a few minutes
on this journey you can see Sandymount strand, the sea and the sky
before you are plunged once again into the heart of the city. This
episode is set against the background of those few minutes and the
train's movement as Artie's thoughts in the form of images of place and
notebook sketches are made manifest.

The project is part of a non-linear episodic narrative work in progress
which follows artist Artie Doyle on his travels through Dublin, each
episode corresponds to a chapter in Joyce's Ulysses. This is the second
episode of eighteen, the first being Cyclops.

While on first appearence the scenes have a realistic look, it is soon
obvious that they are purely digital creations. The Dublin that is
presented in these narratives is an enhanced city, a city of grand
gestures and declamatory statements where the inner life of the
citizens, their thoughts, hopes and desires become manifest in the
streetscape and the fabric of the city like a contemporary take on
pathetic fallacy. As Joyce's stream of consciousness revealed the inner
lives of ordinary Dubliners these narratives seek to reveal the creative
processes of our protagonist, Artie Doyle, an artistic everyman and to
connect him to both the physical city and the iconic Joycean city where
the strands of history and culture bind us to the past.

Conor McGarrigle will be presenting both Proteus and Cyclops at the 5th
Symposium on Art and Multimedia Metanarrative(s)? at the Mediateca,
Fundacio "la Caixa", Barcelona 28th & 29th January

About Conor McGarrigle


The Net Art Open 2004 : Call for entries

The Net Art Open 2004
Call for entries

Since 2002 ran the Irish Museum of Modern Net Art
Open. Now that the is no more the Net Art
Open will continue at Stunned with the Net Art Open 2004.

As before this is an open exhibiton with no thematic constraints which
is open to all artwork which is net based or has a significant net based
element. All work that meets the criteria will be shown. This is an
ongoing call for work with no deadlines and entries will be accepted
until the end of 2004.

2004 will see a change of format, rather then a single large exhibition
as in previous editions the 2004 exhibition will adopt a revolving
format which will focus on up to four projects per month with an archive
of all entries. The exhibition will continue until the end of 2004.

More information is available at

The Irish Museum of Modern



The Haunted Art Blog


The Haunted Blog


As part of the Civil Arts Enquiry's Haunted Event at the City Arts Centre
Dublin, Net artist Conor McGarrigle has been commissioned to create a
blog based artwork.

Over the exhibition period the blog will conduct a virtual exploration of
the City Arts Centre from personal reminiscences, past exhibitions and
events placed in a context of it's location and the physical changes that
have taken place in this part of Dublin since the City Arts Centre opened.

As a regular blogger and a devotee of the blogosphere McGarrigle has always
been interested in the potential to use the blog format as an art medium.
Not just to blog about art but that the blog itself would be an artwork.
The Haunted exhibition has presented the perfect opportunity to put these
ideas into action.

The Blog runs from the 22nd September - 14 October with regular updates.
Online at and in the City Arts Centre,
Moss St Dublin.

Note: The first entry involves a substantial download, subsequent entries
will be more bandwidth friendly!

The Haunted Blog


Conor McGarrigle



Irish Museum of Modern Art



Irish Museum of Modern Art website a fake


In 2002 and 2003 the Irish Museum of Modern Art held the Net Art Open
exhibitions which many net artists participated in. Well it probably comes
as no surprise to find out that was a fake.

The site was an intervention by Irish artists Arthur X Doyle and Conor
McGarrigle conceived as an intervention to protest against IMMA's lack of
engagement with net art.

The Net Art Open exhibitions, however, were a real attempt to look at new
ways of curating net art in an institutional setting. In order for them to
succeed we obviousely couldn't come out and say that it was a fake outright
so we included many, many clues as to the real intent so that artists
submitting would know the score. While we had no qualms about conning museum
curators this was not an attempt to fool artists. From general feedback we
received the fact that it was a fake probably increased participation.

The site is now retired but has been fully archived at Stunned which includes the full background to the site,
press coverage and site referrer logs.

all the best