Conor McGarrigle
Since 2004
Works in Dublin Ireland

Conor McGarrigle is a new media artist, researcher and educator working at the intersection of digital networks and real space. His work is concerned with the integration of digital technologies into the everyday, the spatial implications of location aware mobile devices, and the social, political and cultural implications of Big Data.

His work has been exhibited widely internationally in over 70 exhibitions including the 2011 Venice Biennale, The Irish Museum of Contemporary Art, Fundació Miro in Mallorca, the St. Etienne Biennale, EVA International Ireland's Biennial, the Werkleitz Biennale, SIGGRAPH, Site Santa Fe and FILE São Paulo.

An Irish native, recently relocated to Denver, he is an Assistant Professor in the Emergent Digital Practices program at the University of Denver
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WalkSpace for the iPhone

Thu Nov 04, 2010 00:00 - Thu Nov 04, 2010


WalkSpace for the iPhone

WalkSpace is an alternative walking art app for the iPhone to let you navigate the city in a new and unexpected way.

A selection of cultural and everyday routes are remapped to your current location, these routes range from cultural trails such as routes from James Joyce's Ulysses to individual daily walks. Walks can be shared with photos and route maps and users can add their own routes to the app.

WalkSpace is designed to take you places you mightn't otherwise go, to see familiar places in a new light opening a window to chance encounters and experiences. The app is inspired by the Situationist derive and acts as a locative media version of the classic experimental technique for re-enchanting the city.

WalkSpace is a locative media art project by Conor McGarrigle and is now available as a free download from the appstore.


Available from the appstore

Conor McGarrigle


Call for participation - 1000 Joyce Walks

Mon Jun 16, 2008 00:00 - Wed May 28, 2008

1000 Joyce Walks Call for participation

What: 1000 Joyce Walks

When: Bloomsday June 16th 2008

Where: Any city in the world

How: Generate a map and walk in your city

Participants are now sought for the 1000 Joyce Walks project taking
place on June 16th (Bloomsday) 2008

1000 Joyce Walks is a participatory global intervention which aims to
create a day of psychogeographical exploration with 1000 interventions
in 24 hours across the globe.

The project uses the Joyce Walks project to remap routes from James
Joyce's Ulysses to any city in the world to be used as the basis of
walks which navigate urban space in a new and unexpected way .

Based on the Situationist Dérive Joyce Walks is a participatory spatial
tool which overlays virtual layers of meaning over real space enabling
the user to create temporary location based interventions and social
spaces which tactically insert themselves into the urban environment
inscribing a new set of meanings onto the very fabric of the city.

Participation is easy.
- Use the Joyce Walks website to generate a walk in any city of your
- invite your friends and peer group to join you on your walk
- document the experience simply with some photos and/or videos
- use the Joyce Walks site to generate a googlemaps mashup of your walk
to be shared on the Joyce Walks site or embedded on any webpage
- most importantly - have fun!

1000 Joyce Walks is a project by Dublin based artist Conor McGarrigle

More information

Joyce Walks


Conor McGarrigle




The Tulca Freedom Trail

Fri Nov 09, 2007 00:00 - Thu Nov 08, 2007


Announcing the launch of The Tulca Freedom Trail a web based
psychogeographical project created for Tulca 2007 by Conor McGarrigle.

The Tulca Freedom Trail is a self guided audio tour based on a remapping of the famous Boston
Freedom Trail to Galway. Participants equipped with a map and the authentic audio guide walk
the route of the Boston Freedom Trail - commemorating the events of the American War of
Independence - which has been remapped to the streets of Galway.

The tour draws on the historic connections between Galway and Boston, explores the troubled
concept of American freedom in the contemporary political climate and encourages the user to see
Galway in a new and unexpected way.

The project is part of Cultural Tourism an ongoing body of work which seeks to facilitate a culturally
minded audience in reducing their carbon footprint by enjoying the cultural highlights of the world
without leaving their home town.

The Tulca Freedom Trail will be launched as part of Tulca 2007, Friday Nov 9th at 8pm at 1-5
Merchants Road, Galway.
On Saturday Nov 10th Conor McGarrigle invites you to join him on a guided tour of the Freedom
Trail and a free flowing conversation on freedom, art, maps, cultural tourism, situationism and the
art of getting lost. Walk starts at 3.30pm from Tulca 1-5 Merchants Road, Galway.


Celebrate Bloomsday with psychogeography

To celebrate Bloomsday I'd like to invite everyone to take part in a
Bloomsday psychogeographical event by undertaking their own Bloomsday
re-enactments in any city in the world except Dublin.

To take part generate your own Bloomsday route using Joyce Walks a web 2.0 service which generates walking maps
based on routes from Joyce's Ulysses for any city in the world. Based on
the map create your own Bloomsday event documenting it as you go and use
Joyce Walks to generate a mashup of your walk which will be saved to a
database as a permanent record of the event.

More information at

Joyce Walks is a new project by Conor McGarrigle

Joyce Walks
Because somewhere, sometimes it's always Bloomsday


Announcing Joyce Walks a new project by Conor McGarrigle


Joyce Walks a new project by Conor McGarrigle

Because somewhere, sometimes it's always Bloomsday.

Every June 16th in Dublin Joyce enthusiasts celebrate Bloomsday with
re-enactments of events from Ulysses. Unfortunately not everyone can be
in Dublin for that day but why should that stop you celebrating
Bloomsday where you want when you want .So as Bloomsday approaches we
announce Joyce Walks a web 2.0 service which will let you map routes
from Ulysses to any city in the world so that Bloomsday can be
celebrated in any place at any time.

Joyce Walks is a psychogeographical tool which generates walking maps
based on routes from James Joyce's Ulysses in any city in the world
using Google Maps. The system prints maps to be used as the basis of
walks exploring the city of your choice and generates mashups using
your pictures and videos documenting these walks to share with other users.

Inspired by the Situationist idea of the Derive Joyce Walks seeks to
provide the walker a means of exploring the urban environment which is
unique, truly random but removed from a reliance on chance. Although
based on a fixed route each map generated is unique as it is based on an
individual selection by the user of the center point of their chosen
city thus every map provides the walker a means of exploring the urban
environment which although based on routes which are predetermined
according to a strict adherence to a text is individual to them. Of
course removing these routes from Dublin removes specific spatial
relevance but they still retain an aura of association which creates a
link between the locations and Joycean Dublin.

Joyce Walks saves every map generated to a database. These walks, in
addition to being specific to their creator, form part of a continuum
where each specific walk performed by any user of the system is added to
an searchable archive of unique performative walks from around the
world. This archive over time will become a tool to explore and view
many unique walks in many cities around the world creating a veritable
web 2.0 psychogeographical rough guide.

Firefox or Safari browser , in this beta version Internet Explorer is
not supported, support for IE will be added shortly
Due to copyright issues between Google and the British Ordnance Survey
cities in the UK and Northern Ireland are not searchable, we are
working to find a solution for this.

Conor McGarrigle