Colleen Tully
Since 2002
Works in Boulder, Colorado United States of America

I grew up in New Orleans, a city that sits at the mouth of the largest river system in North America. Consequently, it's a place shaped by flow, drainage, sedimentation and silt, but also by the overlapping histories of different communities, caught between current and tide. I'm most interested in the resonances created by the overlapping of images and references.

As the founder of Pixel Pops! I continue to savor my role as organizer of this uniquely organic series of traveling annual digital art exhibits. I currently work as a web developer and visual artist in Boulder, CO.
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collective erasure project | call for submissions

Tue Jan 28, 2003 01:00 is accepting submissions to be included in a growing database of erasure artworks in order to form a collective narrative/work. The project will begin showing the submitted erasures on March 4, 2003.

Deadline: There is no submission deadline since works will continually be accepted and displayed as is the nature of the project. However, interested artists are encouraged to submit their erasures before March 4, 03 to be included in the initial go live date.

Click for submission guidelines and more info... is an independent, unaffiliated, online art project exploring the art of erasure (electronic and otherwise), group art and happenstance narrative.