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The New Copyright Law

(all facts personally verified by god)

The congress recently passed legislation to extend by twenty years copyright protection for works that would otherwise have gone into the public domain as per preexisting law. Today the Supreme Court has taken up this issue as certain individuals have challenged the new law. The argument for overturning the law is that these artists are dead and that keeping their work protected will likely offer them no incentive to produce more art. The argument against is essentially the


Deep Fried Crime

Spanish moss hangs from immemorial oaks.1
Uneven porches, white planks race nowhere.
Gin is silver, still without the yoke.
Trading life for sugar, back from Rome,
A fleet of soft beignets are docked.
Hurricanes come to undress boats.
Everything down liberated throats.
Black magic born of balmy island air
Makes one man sick, while another turns and heads for home.
Hurricanes, uncorked fury in the street,
Look the other way for Jean Laffite.
Behind a veil green oysters keep their secret locked.

The oldest room in the country.

1 'immemorial' stolen from Emerson, Poe and Eliot.



thanks for the feedback. that's generally what i've gotten so far from friends. they say, 'hey, those are some good images. now go and make it into a poem.' ha! it's true. i have no training. i took one poetry class in college, but i think i spent more time checking out the girl sitting across from me than the poems. i think that can be said for the rest of my college experience as well. what a waste. or not. depends. anyway. you have the images. they might mean more to someone familiar with the essence of New Orleans or more constantly aware of the effects of slavery as part of that history. but such excuses obviously fall in the 'my writing doesn't suck, you do' category, and surely, great art does not depend on reader familiarity. so no excuses. i need to some day make a poem out of it. how can i do this without training? how can i get serious training without going back to school (i mean real school, for writing, like Iowa). how could that happen what with my supposed real job and my unwillingness to risk being lectured to by someone who 'has it all wrong.' i propose that you [go back to school for me] and then fix my poem and then give it back to me. and i say i did it, or we could split it 50/50. how can one pursue a dream without pursuing it? and get rich while they're at.

- bacon


Re: possible solutions

> there are two possible solutions to this problem that i can see.

1. don't have the posts sent to your email (which i don't because i already accept that a forum without noise is a pipe dream and i get enough junk mail already)

2. attempt to create a forum without noise, the pipe dream, your dream. this can be done with a moderator who can and will delete uninteresting posts with impunity. what defines uninteresting is a challenge. i would suggest that repeat offenders should be sent emails saying, 'your post sucked.' i think a few of those emails and i know i would stop doing it.

but the generalized complaining about the noise will be as teardrops in rain. i fear.

- bacon