Claudio Rivera-Seguel
Since 2009
Works in Santiago Chile

A multi-disciplinary artist, curator and consultant specializing in cultural and social initiatives that focus on the intersection of art, science and technology. His artistic mediums are; drawing, digital graphics, video, installation, and performance art. Presently he explores in the field of immersive telepresence and physical computing.
In 1999, was the recipient of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Canada’s "Millennium Grant", which produced a simultaneous international public art project spanning three countries: Canada, Chile, and France.
In 2001, he co-founded the Chilean cultural NGO “ArTeK Cultural Corporation” ( ), an umbrella organization that fosters the development of cultural initiatives in the fields of art and technology. As Executive Director of ArTeK, he has coordinated and produced many local and international projects and exhibitions, ( and has helped to establish several independent and academic networks in Chile ( ) and Latin America ( ) that promote collaboration between practitioners, researchers, and creative initiatives related to the intersection of art, science and technology.
He was Born in Prince Rupert, BC in 1965 and graduated from the School of Architecture of The University of British Columbia in 1992, specializing in public art. He has participated in more than 50 installations and exhibitions, has offered workshops and given artist talks in numerous educational and cultural institutions around the world.