Claudio Parodi
Since 2002
Works in Chiavari Italy

Claudio Parodi has a classical training and played jazz. He joined the improvisers' scene after meeting Barre Phillips. Since some years he plays cheap electronics alongside his piano. He organized contemporary art exhibition Intersezioni. He played and recorded with Barre Phillips, Serge Pesce, Patrick Vaillant, Migueù Montanaro, Alain Joule, Edoardo Ricci, Eugenio Sanna, Guylaine Renaud, dancer Laura Banfi, Steve Piccolo, Nino Locatelli, Filippo Monico, Bilux, Roy Paci, DJ Jimmy, DJ Squamo, painter, bass and drums player and vocalist Patrizia Oliva, Giuseppe Ielasi, Cathy Heyden, Jake Kaluna, Roberto Laria, Echo Logico, Roberto Agosta, Mira Calix, poet Marino Ramingo Giusti, Bruno Dorella, Stefania Pedretti, Eleonora Papapietro, Saitoh Tetsu, Bruno Gussoni, Alberto Belli, poet Serge Pey, Riccardo Molpurgo, Paolo Porfiri, Martin O'Loughlin, Marco Cinque, poet Lance Henson, Knarf, Pop, Saalschutz, Suonatori di Sogni, Ron Anderson, Carla Bozulich, Leyna Papach, djwjm, Anna Troisi, Nels Cline, Lullo Mosso, poet Enzo Minarelli, Maramao, Lello Colombo, Claudia Cancellotti, Anna Zecca, Pierpaolo Cimino, Le Quan Ninh, Martine Altenburger, dancer Valerie Metivier, La Fanfare de la Touffe, Ababacar (Abdou) M'Becke, Federick Colombie, Dudu Kouate, DBPIT, Lendormin, Agente Orange, CRAMS Improvisation Collective, Adam Bohnam, Adrian Northover, The Feral Choir (conducted by Phil Minton), Anatrofobia, Sybille Kunz, dancer Cristina Negro, Massaccesi, poet John Clarke, Petri Huurinainen, Jan Mclachalan, Paul Hubweber, Xabier Iriondo, dancer Antonella Morassutti, Laura Catrani, Tomaso Olivari, Anne-Liis Poll, Anto Pett, performer Maria Montiani. He played under the direction of dancer Julyen Hamilton. He opened for Ufomammut Otolab He played in Prauxparodie, musical poetry duo with former Voci Atroci Luca Albrecht Praussello. Among his projects, Half Clouds, improvisation duo with wonderful virtuoso Michel Doneda on soprano sax; Duopoly, improvisation duo with Jon Dobie (founder and tour manager of B-Shops for the Poor and Sonicphonics; he runs the No Wave label) on guitar and sax. He intensely played with Alessandro Buzzi (drums, electronics) as a duo, in La Protezione – with Luigi Valenziano (dubmaster, CD player, tapes) – and in Burzi Snack Bar – with Riccardo Kalb (electric bass, electronics); the duo played in Arrivano le Streghe!, street theatre piece by Teatro del Piccione. He is the author of the music for the videos Malegantus (directed by Alberto Ghiara) and Frammenti Sonori (directed by Francesco Bianchi and Claudio Rossi), second prize in 1998 at VIII videodance international festival Il Coreografo Elettronico and mentioned at the second edition of Genova Film Festival. He played in Manoeuvre Directe with Michel Doneda, Ly Thanh Tien (dance, poetry, trumpet, diapoems) and Maki (guitar, tapes). He played in Sun Circle Moon, a project led by Jacopo Andreini (sax, drums, bass) and Harlan Lyman (drums). He played in a multi-media project with Mirella Carbone (diapositives). He organized Seminario sulla Libera Improvvisazione Saitoh Tetsu & Michel Doneda, with partial financial help from Centro della Creatività Comune di Genova. He plays in Taliban project by poet Alberto Masala, playing with Fabiola Ledda, Maurizio Carbone, Riccardo Pittau. He played in Macchina Disorganizzata n° 6 (a project by Cane Capovolto) playing with Massimo Bressan, Luca Pagani, Simone Perna. His new project is de Manincor/Rispoli/Parodi, improvisation trio with actresses Anna de Manincor and Anna Rispoli on voice. He resulted among the most accomplished musicians on piano (Improvisation Special Mention) and among the accomplished musicians on feedback (electronics) at 2002 Ibla Grand Prize. Under the name rabbia he runs an activity of recordings releasing and events organisation: with Alessandro Buzzi he runs the rabbia series, booking Anatrofobia, Giancarlo Locatelli. He played in Animates with Pascale Moret-Astier (improvised dance), Ly Thanh Tien and Roland Ossart (mélisson). He played in Isola (conversation), a project by Carlo Natoli (concept for video and audio, live electronics) for Fabrica Musica, with Gaetano Santoro (tenor and baritone sax). The performance Rifl-Esso (Francesco Calandrino, computer visuals; Luca Pagani, computer visuals; Claudio Parodi, cheap electronics) was selected for the Selected Artist exhibition at Chiangmai First New Media Art Festival (Thailand), performed online at CMU Faculty of Architecture and twice at CMU Art Museum and performed live at PEAM '03 Pescara Electronic Artists Meeting The Cdrom of the performance was presented at The Performance Open during Performance Art Festival + Archives (Cleveland, Ohio, USA) He plays piano and feedback in a trio with Mat Pogo (vocals, megaphone) and s.drò (electric guitar, objects). He played tarogato (Turkish clarinet) in the performance senza smàni (a pag. 777 di teleVideo) with Francesco Calandrino (performance coordinator, alto sax, acoustic guitar, electric bass) and Luca Pagani (acoustic guitar, electric bass). His records Loneliness and 11'39"+5'00"=20'00" were broadcast at le placard 6 last 72 hrs His own version CD of The Madness (for Clarinet, Bass Clarinet and four Pianos) was played during I suoni della narrazione/iXem incontra Roma festival His piece Ti bàttan… (per Elena) was played during Electrolune His piece Autres Miroirs edited version 1 for raita (Tunisian reed) and eight channels diffusion tape took part to Les Maitres Sonneurs during 34e Festival International des Musiques et Créations Electroniques Synthèse His performance feedback solo + video was presented at YouAreHere Festival 2004 in Nottingham His work La Morte – The Death was diffused during the MAF 05_FEB opening event He plays feedback in Fete Foreign a project by Barre Phillips featuring Barre Phillips on conduction and doublebass plus 24 musicians. Fete Foreign had its world premiere at Angelica Festival Internazionale di Musica quindicesima edizione 2005 and was presented at Festival des Musiques Insolentes 2006 He plays Turkish clarinet, raita (Tunisian reeds) and shon (Thailand mouthorgan) in trio with Manuela Barile (voice) and Alessandro Buzzi (snare drum). His work Mu edited version 2 has been diffused at Festival Synthese 2005 He played during the laboratorio/meeting of PX Piombino_eXperimenta, playing with Pietro Riparbelli, _dies, DBPIT, les champs magnétiques, Domenico Sciajno, kinetix. His piece Outside my Window takes part to the studios coordinates by Frederic Nogray at the Art School of Blois. His piece …sorry you can't get through… was diffused during Zeppelin 2005 His piece Mu took part to Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin to XI Festival Primavera en La Habana 2006 and to IMMarts TechArt06 Exhibition He plays Turkish clarinet and feedback in Dono Celeste, along with Alessandro Buzzi (drums), Enrico Ghezzi (keyboards), Anthony Millner (voice), Giampaolo Piras (electric bass), Carlo Segalerba (keyboards), Diego Zappia (electric guitar). His piece jm2lbmojh,+2wwffr;vj;gy;pi; (from a text by Ly Thanh Tien) for Piano was performed by Rodney Waschka II during Arts Now Series at North Carolina State University. He played Turkish clarinet in … Open…, led in 2004 by Jean-Marc Montera and in 2006 by Jean-Marc Montera and choreograph and dancer Michèle Riccozzi (featuring Lelio Giannetto on doublebass) He played feedback in I, Norton, Opera Conduction by Gino Robair (featuring Fabrizio Spera on drums). He was invited presenter at First International Society for Improvised Music Conference 2006 where he was guest at Thomas Buckner presentation (performing The Producer Speaks by Robert Ashley and an improvisation – article at ) and had Thomas Buckner as a guest at his own presentation. He played Turkish clarinet in Un Bel Gioco Dura l'Oco by Lorenzo Capello (featuring Claudio Lugo on curved soprano sax). He played feedback in a conduction prepared for two days by Tristan Honsinger, then for one day and conducted by Fabrizio Puglisi He was interviewed by Radio Calolzio His piece I Fiori di Piombino for solo feedback was exhibited at FILE 2007 He was invited presenter at ISIM Second Annual Conference where he presented his project solo Turkish clarinet and performed in Patterns of Living and Sounding by Marc Jensen (featuring Viv Corringham on voice). He played selected percussion in the performance Artista Discaricato (with Maria Rosa Montiani, performer) during Notte della Poesia in the frame of Parole Spalancate 2010! XVI Festival Internazionale di Poesia di Genova The performance was kindly hosted by Collettivo Discaricart His CD The Mother of All Feedback (Extreme XCD 067) has been exhibited at the one-month exhibition FILE 2010 FILE 10
Festival Internacional de Linguagem Eletronica His piece JCN 11k had its World Premiere at Sguardi Sonori 2010 2011 Infinite Spaces Alongside with dancer Antonella Morassutti he played piano at Coreografia d'Arte 2010 His piece The things that are missing has been presented in FILE Hypersonica Participants at FILE 2011 - Electronic Language International Festival exhibition Video cerva biche doe [music by Claudio Parodi (SACEM)] took part to Premio Cinematografico Palena 2012 His piece Vitesse and video cerva biche doe [music by Claudio Parodi (SACEM)] took part to Sguardi Sonori 2012 His piece 1 - A tree, at night 6'17" (SACEM) featuring Luigi Marangoni and Bobby Soul has been broadcasted on WGDR , on "The Connect" Radio Station , on DFM and on KUNM His piece 2 – il Sediosauro 5'59" (SACEM) featuring Luigi Marangoni and Bobby Soul has been broadcasted on WGDR and on KUMN His piece 3 – corridoio, la Donna Bicipite 5’32” (SACEM) featuring Luigi Marangoni and Bobby Soul has been broadcasted on WGDR and on KUNM His piece 4 – scale, Foglia rinsecchita 5’09” (SACEM) featuring Luigi Marangoni and Bobby Soul has been broadcasted on WGDR His piece 5 – Sutra di Guscio di Lumaca 6’56” (SACEM) featuring Luigi Marangoni and Bobby Soul has been broadcasted on WGDR His work A tree, at night 48’25” (SACEM) featuring Luigi Marangoni and Bobby Soul has been broadcasted on WGDR His CD Heavy Nichel (Creative Sources Cs251) has been broadcasted on WGDR and on CJSR His piece 4 – scale, Foglia rinsecchita 5’09” (SACEM) was presented by Brandon LaBelle at Errant Bodies in the frame of The Stranger that is next to me. His CD Heavy Nichel (Creative Sources Cs251) has been broadcasted on Radio Beograd 3 His piece Right Error part 5 3’41” (SACEM) took part to Sguardi Sonori 2014 His piece al penè 7’31” (SACEM) took part to ICMC | SMC 2014 video cervabiche doe [music by Claudio Parodi (SACEM) took part to The Drift Thomas Buckner & Claudio Parodi Taken From A True Story (Extreme XCD 071) has been broadcasted on Radio Beograd 3 His piece 4 – scale, Foglia rinsecchita 5’09” (SACEM) was presented by Toni Dimitrov at Автономен Културно Социјален Центар in the frame of World Radio Day His piece 4 – scale, Foglia rinsecchita 5’09” (SACEM) was broadcasted in the frame of Radiophrenia His CD Prima del terzo (Unfathomless U26) has been broadcasted on Resonance104.4fm in the frame of A Duck in a Tree. His CDs A Ritual Which is Incomprehensible (to the smile of Pauline Oliveros) (Extreme XCD 062), The Mother of All Feedback (Extreme XCD 067), Thomas Buckner & Claudio Parodi: Taken From A True Story (Extreme XCD 071) and Prima del terzo (Unfathomless U26) have been broadcasted on IEM 207. His piece Right Error part 1 9’37” (SACEM) has been broadcasted on Radio Libertaire (89.4FM) and in streaming on the web in the frame of EPSILONIA. His piece al penè 7’31” (SACEM) took part to Sguardi Sonori 2015

OvO: Assassine (Bar la Muerte 2001)
Loneliness (collector's item CDr)
11'39"+5'00"=20'00" (CDr rabbia)
Loneliness on Frammenti, sonorità in-tagli… (CDr + artbook Musica Moderna Records)
Enzo Minarelli/Luca Pagani/Claudio Parodi: Musicamimica Musicamimica (ovvero far musica
con la mano nella lingua dell'antico Egitto) nuova versione (miniCDr rabbia)
D.B.P.I.T.: The Outstanding Story of Mr. Mallory (Sweet Farewell 2004)
free download at
La Morte – The Death mp3 at Tamara Lai: sacrifier le Sacrifice sacrificing selected for FILE 05/06, Web Biennal 05, ART TECH
MEDIA 06 and Eighth International Digital Art Exhibit
Notturno Inquieto mp3 at
Francesco Calandrino/Claudio Parodi: Sovietica pian piàno on Setola di Maiale Samples (Setola di Maiale SM800-810-820-830 2005)
Claudio Parodi/Francesco Calandrino: Parodia del dito (Setola di Maiale SM890 2006)
Life Goes On… on ISIM International Society for Improvised Music Compilation CD 1, Spring 2006
I Fiori di Piombino (Radical Matters - Editions/Label - Web editions series - RMWE021 - 2006)
I Fiori (Sound Sources) (Radical Matters - Editions/Label - Web editions series - RMWE015 - 2006)
Per vent'anni pellegrino
Spostandomi ad est, ad ovest.
Tornato a Seken
Non mi son mosso d'un pollice.
SEIKEN-CHIJU private edition available only at the concerts
Silent Movie on Bend it like Beckett Sound Works (Art Trail/Sound Works 2006)
Horizontal Mover (homage to Alvin Lucier) (Extreme XCD 056 2006)
Vanja on Vanessa Van Basten: La Stanza di Swedenborg (Cold Current – Radiotarab – Noise Cult – Eibon
Records/CC-C0005 – RT004 – VAN068 – 2006)
Mu edited version 2 on ISIM compilation CD volume 2
Of Flesh We Are Made private edition available only at the concerts
A Ritual which is incomprehensible on Various Artists Extreme Sampler XLTD 010
A Ritual Which is Incomprehensible (to the smile of Pauline Oliveros) (Extreme XCD 062 2008)
1999 Enzo Minarelli Millennium Poem DVD (3ViTre Pol510001003 2009)
The Mother of All Feedback (Extreme XCD 067 2009)
Heavy Nichel (Creative Sources Cs251 2014)
Thomas Buckner & Claudio Parodi: Taken From A True Story (Extreme XCD 071 2014)
al penè on metaphysical drome (Ifar Label 2015)
Prima del terzo (Unfathomless U26 2015)

parola per parola.jpg on Sguardi Sonori 2008 festival of media and time based art
parola per parola.jpg donation to Contemporary Art Museum Casoria (NA)

Feedback at
Sguardi Sonori 2015 on Sguardi Sonori 2015

Prof. Maria Rosa Montiani, Claudio Parodi: Masterclass: Music and Figurative Arts: relationships and cross pollinations. A historical overview. A Margaret Dumont project.
Prof. Maria Rosa Montiani, Claudio Parodi: Masterclass: Music and Figurative Arts: relationships and cross pollinations. 18th and 19th centuries.

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new release: Claudio Parodi Heavy Nichel Creative Sources Cs251

Tue Mar 11, 2014 11:15 - Tue Mar 11, 2014

Claudio Parodi Heavy Nichel Creative Sources Cs251

listen to first track at

buy CD: 15 euro via PayPal to
bulk purchase: 8 euro per copy via PayPal to

Claudio Parodi
Heavy Nichel

Sound is my shelter Book One
solo Turkish clarinet improvisation

Claudio Parodi Turkish clarinet

1 – Heavy Nichel 1 17’54”
2 – Heavy Nichel 2 11’48”
3 – Heavy Nichel 3 17’19”
4 – Heavy Nichel 4 14’34”

total running time 61’35”

all music by Claudio Parodi (SACEM)

Sound is my shelter is an ongoing series of recordings of solo improvisations, in which I will employ one by one all the instruments I can play. Who knows me personally knows that I’m continuously buying instruments, in order to find new tools to express my own music. To give you an example, on the same day of the editing and mastering of this CD, I bought a soprano saxophone. Likely, this series will never see an end. The only rule I will follow is to record when the kairos (ancient Greek for “the right moment”) has come, in terms of practising and reflecting.

Heavy Nichel is the complete recording of a performance in studio. Tracks were put in order to have a more comfortable listening; anyway, as there is no pause in between the tracks, continuous listening is possible.

A special thanks to Thomas Buckner, who suggested the title of this CD long time before it was even thought about.

In memory of Nadia Ongarato.

Claudio Parodi, July the 19th, 2012

Recorded by Paolo Valenti at Loud Music, Genova, Italia on June the 9th, 2012. Violet “the dolly”, Schoeps CMC6 MK4, two Oktava 012, direct to hard-disk.
Editing and mastering by Claudio Parodi and Paolo Valenti at Loud Music on July the 18th, 2012.



new release

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Claudio Parodi (SACEM) Mu edited version 2 4'59


concerts July 07

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Saturday, July the 14th h. 18.30
Sound Metak
Piazzale Segrino, 1
20159 Milano

Claudio Parodi Turkish clarinet
Xabier Iriondo Mahai Metak, electronics

Wednesday, July the 25th h. 21.00
Giardino Buzzati 2007
Villa Buzzati
Via Visome 18
32100 Belluno

Antonella Morassutti dance
Claudio Parodi Turkish clarinet

only 90 seats available, reservation suggested

Claudio Parodi
Via Trieste 46/23
16043 Chiavari (GE)
tel. +39 0185307740
mobile +39 3290276077

"We rise, drop our faces
in cold water, and face the prospects
of a day like the last one from which we
have not recovered."
-Philip Levine

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concerts March

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John Clarke vocals/jazz poetry
Alessandro Buzzi surrounded snare drum
Petri Huurinainen electric guitar/soundscapes & loops
Claudio Parodi Turkish clarinet

Tuesday, March the 6th
Open mic at the Mitre, London

Wednesday, March the 7th
Passing Clouds, London

Thursday, March the 8th
Nunhead, London

Tuesday, March the 13th


workshop Tristan Honsinger

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Sunday, February the 18th h. 21.00
Scuola Popolare di Musica Ivan Illich
Via Giuriolo 7
40129 Bologna

final concert of the workshop led by Tristan Honsinger

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