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WikiPedia as Art?

Kind of in response to Paul Thayer - but also in general:

Why is it special - It's not - any more than anything else - except for that it is happening, and in such a way that is is causing some degree of debate and discussion, some degree of questioning. You could argue that that is happening everywhere - we might as well include some debate on a celebrity blog as worthy and interesting art. How Silly! Or the old story everyone's heard - what make it art - of the person off the street going to the museum and seeing a big blue canvas ( or what ever artwork you like - insert) and saying why the heck is that art - I could do that - my kid could do that! ) but they didn't. The artist did. But some one else will come along and as '
Blue' & 'Square' ah yes - profound.

In this case what I find interesting is precisely the intervention on the notion of encyclopedic in general - as well as the current manifestation in our contemporary context of the virtual encyclopedic, collaboratively edited, by some but not all, ever changing yet static (by the rules of insertion and inclusion ) repository of what is - Wikipedia Truth. Just like the blue square painting suggest for some a meditation on basic visual parameters of general ocular experience truth - the wiki art pedic act seems to raise questions, among others, of the purpose and necessarily? dogmatic need for encyclopedic repositories, and/or how that repository is maintained, and by whom. What kinds of people do the work of maintaining this service to our collective society. Well in this case apparently some of them who have little patience for exercises in art (their prerogative in their given task - yes agreed), and in the interesting case of the finger that finally pulled the trigger on Wikipedia Art - an 18 year old kid who disdains democracy.

Thats interesting! If it makes people begin to dig, to question what are we preserving in our attempted encyclopedic knowledge and our organization of virtual repository projects of knowledge Data. For what purpose does Knowledge data serve if not to provide us with insight upon which to act more skillfully in the present moment. To reflect and then Act - 'More Better'

Does The Wikipedia Art project do that? For all of us? I don't know.. apparently for me yes.
But I guess in the end, for it to matter we have to have some consensus - in which case if we do it will be ART cause WE decided to make it matter, and then WE will include it in an Encyclopedia somewhere as a reference - How Fun!