Chun-chi Wang
Since 2002
Works in Chungho City Taiwan, Province of China

Born in Taiwan, she has been living in New York since 1992. She received a B.F.A from the Pratt Institute and an M.A from the New York Institute of Technology. In 1997 she start created virtual reality environments as an exploration into the perceptual and emotional aspects of real-time 3d technology. In 2000 she created the virtual actor, Hiakru, whose first assignment was broadcasting the latest art news, with information drawn from databases. Her works have been shown widely on the net and in international exhibitions throughout Europe, USA and Asia. She has also published two books, the Futurists Guide to the Web in 2002 and Softimage Design Guide in 2001. She has been teaching at the Film and Television in Chinese Culture University in Taipei. She was visiting lecturer at BIFT Fast-track Culture Curriculum, Bei-Jing China. She received the Grand Prize Winners of Taipei Digital Art Festival 2007 and selected in Taipei Fine Arts Award 2008. Now based in Berlin/ Taipei, she is continuing to explore connections between people and technology, how each affects the other.