christopher otto
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Works in New York United States of America

Chris Otto lives and works in New York City.

Activities have ranged from being accepted to speak at ICA London to helping VJ Kevlar with visuals at raves and fashion shows, to designing a website for male model Ngo [one of Ricki Lake\'s ten sexiest men:)].

His background ranges from studying at the infamous SFAI New Genres program to doing Flash for Organic to interning at Gyro Worldwide, practicioners of advertising par excellence. Past influences range from Gilbert+George to experiencing Rap+SS on the first formation tour to Hal Foster and Baudrillard. Currently he is inspired by mashups, rinseouts, freestyle skateboarding, and dangerous parties.

Amusingly, his current work is mainly large, somewhat AbEx paintings done with materials from KMart and St. Marks Place. Upcoming work will involve airbrushing.

Chris Otto is 25.
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tactical media propositions!!!

Sat Oct 12, 2002 01:00

hi i want to make three things:


basically it is mapquest but for public transportation. all of it from tokyo city to the buses of tallahassee. everything in between. i think people would be more apt to use it if it wasnt such a pain to even find out how to get somewhere [esp outside of major cities].

my concept would be a crawler that goes through transit sites [ ex. near me mta,septa,njtransit,lirr ] and connects the nodes of interchange. collaborators would make sure it didnt get stuck. possibly notes could be added to locations and moderated up. interface would be simple with a little flair.

i dont know how to do any of that stuff nor do i want to. if anyone does though i would totally use it.


I want a public moderated list of clean bathrooms in cities that i could access using my cellphone via SMS or WAP. if i am in PHL on south and 5th i want to text


and have

[must buy pizza]

come back. that would be the greatest!!!!


i want to be able to subscribe via the web to a list by city of delays. last thursday i was leaving nyc on njtransit and it turned out it was delayed from about 5p to 10p so i had to take PATH and it wasnt really that fun. if some listserv had texted my celly and i had gotten an email when the first person saw this i would have walked straight to the PATH station close to my work and not been all cranky. this site would work for all cities you can sign up for many if you are all jet set.


so i have been thinking of these since around 96 but i just realized they are tactical media and maybe people might want to work on them.

chris otto




i work on this sometimes. eventually i'll combine all mouse fx into one right now i'm at 12. its strangely anthropormorphic i think js cutnpaste are sort of like pop kinematics or functional signifiers.

that said it really reminds me of dancing at maskarave or buzz at 5am with my friends. my friend and i tested it the other night its really fun at 5a if you are kind of spun listening to cajmere.

chris otto



books are ossom.

right now i am on _the bostonians_ by henry james chosen randomly off a friends bookshelf. ok so far + i liked _the golden bowl_ as a movie so its auspicious. also working on _V_ by thomas pynchon. i have a tendency to run into people on the street thousands of miles from where we met and his books work like that so i enjoy it.

i have also been into a 1974 issue of Art in America from a used bookstore. the store has many so i'm thinking of pretending i have a subscription that arrives 28 years late at a bookstore in PHL so i can savor instead of digesting all at once.

androids are neat i have a kids book that details some of them. it also has early 20th century robots which are entertaining. one called ALPHA smoked thousands of cigars, apparently about 20 at a time. reminiscent of the mit dj robot but much more interesting. imagine a 1bit display made of cigarettes thats devious.

matta clark is excellent. i havent been to moma in newyork in years - is there a section with his and smithsons stuff as in sf?



new work >>> product of your time


for years the time 303 has resulted in spontaneous acid noises in my neck of the woods. i started extrapolating and its kind of scary. beyond the lovable 909,606, and 1200 you get into the 525i,747, and 240z. devious!!!




most of these works just sound really boring to me. who really cares if you can make algorithms that look like a bunch of people on the street? maybe for disabled people who cant experience it but ill take the roof pool on top of the holiday inn in chinatown sf anyday.

its like that dj irobot thing from MIT. i was glad to see an article in FRANK about the miserable performance it did in brooklyn battling after all the lauding from the transmediale/ars electronica crowd.

ze frank also strikes me this way. i dont understand what makes the drunken fratbrother dance style any more interesting on a webpage than in real life. why would i want to look at that online when i spend my life with ballet dancers and breakdancers?

the other issue is that most of this work is selected just because it is digital. those cyborg sex robots that are airbrushed on conversion vans and flying v guitars arent in the show but basically say the same thing.

so i guess my point is that when digital art takes on other subjects often it seems like a "wierd science" move for people who cant hang. i think other topics beuyond tech are totally valid and necessary though i think setting up algorithms to simulate them is really really boring.

as nietzche said "philosophy is to life as masturbation is to sex".

chris otto