christopher otto
Since the beginning
Works in New York United States of America

Chris Otto lives and works in New York City.

Activities have ranged from being accepted to speak at ICA London to helping VJ Kevlar with visuals at raves and fashion shows, to designing a website for male model Ngo [one of Ricki Lake\'s ten sexiest men:)].

His background ranges from studying at the infamous SFAI New Genres program to doing Flash for Organic to interning at Gyro Worldwide, practicioners of advertising par excellence. Past influences range from Gilbert+George to experiencing Rap+SS on the first formation tour to Hal Foster and Baudrillard. Currently he is inspired by mashups, rinseouts, freestyle skateboarding, and dangerous parties.

Amusingly, his current work is mainly large, somewhat AbEx paintings done with materials from KMart and St. Marks Place. Upcoming work will involve airbrushing.

Chris Otto is 25.
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again, it sounds like you've got the secret knowledge [decoder ring] we all lack. Might someone understand Pollock and still not like him? Is the reason most people dislike contemporary art


but i think you drop the same thing ALL THE TIME. i have no idea what you are talking about when you relate art to 70s progrock -- it is just as irrelevant to me as pollock may be to someone else. your assumptions are HUGE as to what others have felt or experienced.


re> 2 process articles

so i sort of agree with you on these as odi said "skillz do matter" i mean
what can you really say about scratching the godzilla screech over

but the wierd thing is i have completely opposite emotional reactions. for
me conceptual pieces relate far more closely to my dance experiences.
mostly concerning tightness and synchronics. i think it is the humor
aspect jon rubin once said he thought humor in visual art was the bassline
or something like that i agree.

my experience viewing a piece by MTAA is far more akin to seeing francois
k or jumpingjackfrost than anything you mentioned. i also think that whole
scene is over like 5 years ago or more at least for me. in 97 i made a
piece that culled webcams and randomly composited them using director
since i knew vectors were inhernetly nonrandom coming from the cpu clock +
they have a bad laplacian feel. the only way to get more pushed into
global flux is to aim outside like d+g's introductions maybe. SGI did this
in 93 with the lava lamp random number generator. my projects back
then came out of going to fever and listening to feelgood, scott henry and
rap+ss btw.

i also firmly believe that auto art with computers is an attempt to
control seduction using rationality. the only way to make art with it is
to detroy and make it stupid. time as color primarily about this. war
dialing wittgensteins _tractaco logico philosophicus_ is this at my highest most
cracked out in sf level [well actually the upcoming sex scene morse code
translations maybe more:)]. for me time as color is the same feeling as
when the acid hits the roof in "higher state of consciousnes" by josh wink
and the 909 starts pounding. that instant or numerous others. junglist
anthem comes to mind also fugees or not all that stuff.

autogenerated computer art is the female oracle on the hill away from the
city trapped by phallic columns for conultations by the greek senate in
contemporary terms.

also it is probably cultural. the only net art that rocked for me so far
was the pavu one witht he beat besides aforementioned MTAA. otherwise
compared to seeing frankie bones or howard fried or ldouble or imitation
of christ its extremely boring. its like watching someone use microsoft
excel over their shoulder. house music isnt like this and doesnt have a
huge relation to it. a large part of it is being together and dancing the
music is a part of a larger focus of activity and toegetherness. wow maybe
i should start a new career writing PLUR text for goa flyers:>

but anyways i think it isnt all this mumbo jumbo anymore its all about
rocking it. check out I ro NY by [products page] or
scotto/db/zeta-gs flyers for n.a.s.a. at or checkout the new
marky movement mix. when he drops shyFX shake ur body out of kerb krawler
by edrush+optical its intense. a segway and edit of course.

so i guess it is about the mix relating to the semiotics of the mixed more
than just being whatever. if i wanted to see randomness i could watch
leaves fall.

cheers chris otto



Wed Oct 30, 2002 01:00

thats a great idea i am always thinking of posting for help but then i am like um i dont know then i dont.

if anyone wants to make

# flash loader conversion of "thousand" by moby
# anaglyph transcoder for html [for use w 3d glasses]
# transcoder to read webpages horoscopes and sun signs and
determine compatibility.
# calvin pissing mouse trail effect
# wittgenstein tractaco logico philosophicus war dialer
# iterate through beethoven's 5 midi pushing each instrument
one stp clockwise around the symphony with each note.
called "roll over beethoven"

[the war dialer is in generative art 2002 in milan but doesnt work really. this is the 3rd thing its been accepted to maybe it is the charm? your would get credit or it could be shown as a work of some collective name. my choice would be TKO - TOTAL KNOCK OFF]

drop me a line or something. i have no interest in producing them myself whatsoever i am concentrating on dance and music. despite my resume my programming and design skills are really dodgy so i might be more of a help with critiques and such.

chris otto



i think a fee is fine i would totally pay.

the thing though is that [for me at least] the old site was alot better. i feel like artkrush is starting to fill the void left it would be cool if there was less moderated content and more thoughtful stuff.

honestly i am not interested in supporting commissions, digest, nor netartnews financially.

i think it would be much more interesting to have a monthly/quarterly shows of artbase work curated by a diverse crowd with advertising in frieze/sleazenation etc. maybe an offline component or object like in parkett each time too. it would be neat to have new media shows curated by chris burden, hal foster, jay jopling, larry tee, karen finley, barry mcgee and much more lively.

chris otto



isnt Roy Ascott hooking shamans up to the internet or something? i think that was mentioned at the telematic connections show last year or whenever.

speaking of the shaman i recently brought out my copy of "in gorbachev we trust". it's MDMA-zing:)

chris otto