christopher otto
Since the beginning
Works in New York United States of America

Chris Otto lives and works in New York City.

Activities have ranged from being accepted to speak at ICA London to helping VJ Kevlar with visuals at raves and fashion shows, to designing a website for male model Ngo [one of Ricki Lake\'s ten sexiest men:)].

His background ranges from studying at the infamous SFAI New Genres program to doing Flash for Organic to interning at Gyro Worldwide, practicioners of advertising par excellence. Past influences range from Gilbert+George to experiencing Rap+SS on the first formation tour to Hal Foster and Baudrillard. Currently he is inspired by mashups, rinseouts, freestyle skateboarding, and dangerous parties.

Amusingly, his current work is mainly large, somewhat AbEx paintings done with materials from KMart and St. Marks Place. Upcoming work will involve airbrushing.

Chris Otto is 25.
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Re: paypal exploits

paypal is bad news!

if you read the agreement they are absolved of all credit fraud and you [ as the seller ] are required to pursue the case through international courts.

my friend was ripped off for about $1k from someone in moscow - payment went through - 2weeks later paypal said it was a fraud [no explanation of course] and auto-withdrew from his account.

the only way to use paypal is to setup another bankaccount exclusively for it and immediately withdraw after a transaction.

my friend is taking them to court ill let you know if anything comes of it.

also checkout


Re: artbase

yeah i tried to get happytrails in too but it wasn't accepted so they arent taking _everything_, especially not 12 mouse trails combined:)

i rarely even look at it anymore i havent been excited about many of the new additions for about a year so i usuallly look other places.




someone i knew at sfai actually did this piece by accident two years ago , unfortunately with a canon GL1. he left it on the metro and the city bomb squad blew it up and then called the school after examining the shards of camera. without thinking i think he did a far better piece than this!!!

i feel like art is moving away from that sort of thing as it has percolated and now you might as well just watch the JACKASS movie you know???

there is a nice book by tom finkelpearl about public art - vito acconci gives some great ideas. i love his building in
sf with skateboard ramps [ of course deactivated by the city ]. there is the serra story too of course maybe some meryl ukeles who i think is very successful in public art.

i also like the work of harrell fletcher and jon rubin. their large portraits along the highway of townspeople are incredible.


Re: google


bigup to jack+ginger!

googles project is nice i enjoy it. i care what is there as it is "everything" coming through google which is a nice framing. it is more interesting to me than the favorite numbers project as the frame of "everything" is often viable and interesting.

what i find missing in the personal rocknroll art rhetoric is a comprehension of the medium. googles project is cool since it is so banal it just is searches. i think personal net art dialogues often assume that there is nothing inherently wrong with the medium, ie that code is a materialistic, production oriented, military language. using more traditional means does not break OUT of it, but confines artistic or seductive lines to the military aesthetic.

in a similar way i find adbusters/BLF work dissapointing. what is detrimental in ad copy is the narrowcasting of language to taglines, and the reductivism. it is similar to deborah tannen's ideas on genderlects - copy is like a "capitalect" that pervades thought. subverting while using the same "capitalect" is still being trapped.

to me a good vibe to follow is the intro to thousand plateaus in terms of creating horizons or tangents out of rational systems. thats what i thought was interesting and funny in valery's self-portrait and why i responded with my "other portrait".

but anyways i am at work and sort of meandering.

chris otto



<... should make their texts as easy to read as possible without sacrificing the meaning they are
trying to convey...>
excellent! -it should be a kind of hippocratic oath
for artists , philosophers and politicians.
..and how easy to encapsulate thusly and how difficult
to do!

no way!!!

then everything would read like ad copy!!!!

christopher otto